Warid Launches its LTE Services in Sialkot

After the successful launch of LTE services in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala and Faisalabad, Warid yesterday announced the commercial launch of its LTE services in Sialkot.

Warid customers in Sialkot, with this announcement, will also be able to experience LTE services on their Warid numbers.

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With LTE services in Sialkot, Warid has expanded its high-speed wireless broadband services in seventh city. This announcement also marks a “Yes” to questions posed at Warid about its capability of offering LTE services without buying any additional spectrum. It is now apparent that Warid is serious about LTE operations and they are only expanding with time.

It won’t be out of place to mention that Warid had attained over 60,000 LTE customers till February 2015, i.e. in first two months of its commercial LTE offering.

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Warid customers in Sialkot can avail following bonuses:

  • Free of charge SIM replacements for Warid customers with LTE handsets.
  • FREE LTE Trial for all existing and new Warid customers whereby they will be entitled to 500MB for 7 days.

Warid LTE Coverage Map for Sialkot

Below is how Warid’s LTE services are available in all major parts of Sialkot. Warid told ProPakistani that this coverage stretch will only get better with time.


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  • Ahmed

    I have used it and got max 17.5Mbps in Sialkot last week before its launch.

  • Warid is the Best..owned by Muslims so we should try to use Warid

    • Geekpk

      people dont use mobile operators based on that. They value quality.

      • You didn’t read my comment..I think Warid is the best and upper class use WArid..

        • Upper Class only Use because of its quality and Quality is due to small number of Customers.

    • Naveed

      stop this discrimination please

      • Did I say don’t use other networks..?

        • Naveed

          Lolx that was the meaning though :P

          • Bro it’s just my opinion I can’t force anyone to use Warid.

    • Haroon

      LOL…. Sir LTE services are western invention and project. So don’t use it altogether.

      • Almost everything is invented by ghair muslims which doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use their products but if there is a Muslim company than we should prefer that ..It’s a common thing people all around the world give priority to their own community..I don’t know why people here making a big deal of it and not trying to understand.

    • Ghareeb Admi

      Why are you using internet created by yahoodies and kufaaaar ?

    • dont use phone , laptop , internet and the things that is made by JEWS and English .. ooops btw your comment is in english – your comment should be in Arabic :D

      • FYI I can post comments in more than 5 languages but as English is an international language and this website has visitors around the planet also to mention there are people who try to be funny by posting :D and forgetting the topic.

  • Tnt4ever

    using it in SKT since 13th feb 2014

    80% city covered. better than other cities.
    however there are 2 – 3 areas that are shown on map but don’t have coverage.

  • Epakistani

    Any leaked plans of other cities expected dates?????

    • Ahmed

      Very soon in kpk cities like peshawar and Abottabad also Multan and texila

      • khan

        When in Quatta?

        • Ahmed

          Two sites are up in testing.

          • Epakistani

            What about rest of sindh not mentioning khi???

            • Ahmed


              • Epakistani

                Means two sites r running on lte. Can u mention those.
                Good for hyd users and expected launch date plz. Cz i travel there alot from khi.

          • khan

            How much time they take to start lte in Quatta?

            • ahmed

              Quetta two site are up for testing

  • Shoaib

    Marvelous start of LTE services by Warid in Pakistan.With their splendid quality of service, Warid is leading in 4G LTE broadband services all over Pakistan.Well done Warid.Keep it up and expand LTE services quickly.

  • Haroon

    Warid’s marketing team should do some homework before launching tariff plan. With LTE speed they are not offering any social bundle, I consumer my 8 Gig bundle in just 15 days that too only using FB, twitter and whatsapp. All four cellular networks offering social bundles but Warid charging like crazy just for using Social networks in 2015. Wake-up Warid!

    • Ahmed

      @disqus_NVWn030TJg:disqus : For quality of life you have to pay something and the Speed Warid is offering 8GB package can be consumed in two hours.
      All other not providing QoS only Warid is most stable and reliable

      • Haroon

        No doubt, being Lahori agreed on quality and services part. But worldwide every network offers app based charging. Social bundle is not what you want but it’s your right and need. And 8 Gig should be for simple browsing and stuff. Look at Zong’s mini social bundle brilliant app based tariff.

    • Tnt4ever

      I consumed first 500mb in warid office after getting lte sim, my 5gb bundle in 2 days 8 gb in 3 days.

      Its consumed on phone.

      They must introduce something like 100gb or 200gb at econo price.

      Unlimited is in 8k on prepaid but very expensive.

      • Haroon

        With time they gonna offer more data, as networks bear less cost in delivering data with LTE than 3G. Maybe they offer more data after gettong more spectrum with thr massive roll out of 4G services they are strong contender for more LTE spectrum. More data on current spectrum there services will suffer.

        • Ahmed

          I hope more spectrum Warid will purchase in couple of months than you will much better experience.

      • Mirza Moazzam Baig

        bro back in the days when they started their LTE trials in Lahore. it used to be unlimited …. and i consumed more 50Gb in matter of 3 days. . . .I just raped their free offer back then. (recalling those days haa!!)

      • nabeel

        I am curious how was that 8 GB consumed in 3 days? What did you do? Downloaded movies from torrents?

        • Ahmed

          I have consumed 21 GB in 4 hours on Warid LTE MiFi device

        • Virus

          Or maybe Pron

          • Mirza Moazzam Baig

            I think u meant the word which is made my swapping “r&o”

        • Tnt4ever

          games from appstore

  • and in 2 or Three Days i’ll Port in to Zong :) Atleast 3G toh aaye ga …

  • Naveed

    ZongSuper3G offers same speed as Warid’s LTE :) LOL

    • Ahmed

      not possible i have also zong sim its too simple test on 4G and take screen shot on 3G I have Zong SIM never gone in double digits on 3G

      • Naveed

        Dude.. I have just took this screen shot on 3G :P and I have got that on 3G too .. I didnt do the speedtest on 4G and shifted it 3G and took the screenshot.. one of my friend got 28Mbps on 3G and he did speedtest in front of me :)