How to Activate 4G/LTE on Your Smartphone

At a time when Warid has been equipping a lot of its customers with 4G LTE SIMs, ProPakistani is here with a complete procedure for activating 4G LTE services on your smartphone for Warid network.

It merits mentioning here that Warid is offering free 4G Trials for its prepaid and postpaid users in following six cities:

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Gujranwala
  • Peshawar

So if you are in 4G network covered area, then you can go to Warid Business Centre to get your 4G enabled SIM.

Please note that usually 4G settings on handsets are automatically configured, but if for some reason, your 4G isn’t working then here is the manual way of configuring 4G LTE on your handset.

Considering that you have 4G enabled SIM, a 4G compatible handset and you live in 4G covered area, here’s how you can activate your Warid 4G on your handset:

Configuring 4G LTE on Android 

Enable LTE Option:

Go to Menu –> Wireless & Network –> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode

Select option(s) with LTE enlisted

APN Settings:

  1. Go to Menu –> Wireless & Network –> Mobile Networks
  2. Tap on Mobile Networks
  3. Tap on Access Point Names
  4. Type in these settings:

Name:  Warid
APN: warid
Leave all other settings to default

  1. Press options button and click save
  2. Restart your handset

Configuring 4G LTE on iOS / iPhone

Enable LTE Option:

Go to Settings –> Cellular –> Turn ON “Enable LTE”

APN Settings:

  1. Go to Settings –> Cellular –> Cellular Data Network
  2. Type in these settings
    1. Under “Cellular Data”

APN: warid

  1. Under “LTE SETUP”

APN: warid

  1. Press Home button
  2. Restart your handset

Configuring 4G LTE on Blackberry

Enable LTE Option:

Go to Settings –> Network and Connections –> Mobile Network-> Select network mode

APN Settings:

  1. Go to Settings –> Network and Connections –> Mobile Network-> Select network mode
  2. Tap on Setting icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. Type the following under APN: warid
  4. Press Save
  5. Restart your handset

Please note that APN for all handsets is: warid (not case sensitive, but norm is to write APN in small caps).

Configuring Smartphone Binaries for LTE Activation

Above mentioned method should enable your phone’s 4G LTE network for majority of users. However, if your phone’s firmware hasn’t been updated then you might have to manually configure your phone to enable 4G LTE on it.

Please note that Samsung and Apple has updated firmware for majority of its 4G LTE model, but if your phone came through grey channels, or if its rooted with custom ROM then you have to carry out below configuration to enable your phone to use 4G LTE.

We have compiled a list of most used 4G LTE handset and complete tutorials for enabling 4G LTE on these handsets.

Before you go ahead, please note that these tutorials are unofficial ways for configuring your device which fiddles with the handset’s OS at the root level and should be performed very carefully. Precaution should be taken at all times and do not proceed if unsure of any step(s).

Click on your Phone Model to download tutorial

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Saad R.

    Thanks Aamir

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    Five Cities in the list only :p @Aamir bhai please update Sixth once

  • No one can take benefit from 4G speed while using 3G set? HOw many people will change?

    • Muhammad Ali


    • bilal

      Not a question of change for the sake of LTE. Average upper middle class user upgrade handset in a year or so. Most new models are LTE capable. And it’s a lack of foresight from Samsung to come up with separate LTE variants of their flagship phones.

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    wat abt faisalabad

  • Naveed

    I have configured using the apn above (LG G2) and its not working .. so the only apn which works is “warid” and not “lte.warid”

    • aamir7

      One out of Ward and lte.warid should work.

      • Naveed

        Oh I c ! Thanks alot

      • Jawad

        Salaam. It was a very useful article and must have assisted a lot, but my Samsung note 3 is AT&T model N900A and the menu was different than what was in the tutorial. How can I use mine with warid 4G LTE? I’ll appreciate your help in resolving this issue. [email protected]

      • Tahir

        Dear Aamir, we have F240S LG Mobile, my lte not working please advise.

    • Guest

      Are you using a custom ROM on your G2? I am thinking about buying a G2 and need to know how to enable LTE on it (Warid or Zong).
      Or the procedure (in the pdf linked above) works for both?

      • Naveed

        I am using a custom stock ROM !! Pardus 7.7

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      • Naveed

        The procedure works for both .. or you can just root it and install a custom ROM :-)

        • SABEEH AHMED

          Going through with same problem i want to use 3g and i have rooted now what and how should I do next.

    • Masood

      i do not have option of LTE on my LG G2. How did you get it?

  • test

    lte.warid only work who has activation before 28th October 2014. After that date activation only warid APN works. Kindly correct it.

    • testing

      and eventually it’s going to be Warid.

  • Yasir

    Warid have an network issue. I am using Warid 4G trail service since start. When you select Auto and in low coverage area, phone is most of the time on search mode which make difficult to make voice call and people also complain that my phone is off. When I call to Warid, he asked to switch off Data to make calls.

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  • Saad

    No luck for I9505. Instead, use a ES File explorer to locate (/data/property/
    Open it as text and change the value from flase to true. Thats it!
    Your device must be rooted!

    • drag0nslayer

      there are so many directories with name data .. please mention /system with it bro .. don’t just copy paste it ..

    • hasan

      how to root ?

    • Ryan

      My S4 i9505 is rooted with a custom ROM. Warid sales team was not issuing the LTE sim saying it’s not supported. However, I insisted and took the sim from them.

      As soon as I entered it in the phone, LTE was activated.

  • Islam

    Thanks Alot Aamir Bhai, Finally i am able to use Warid 4G/LTE services on my Samsung Note 3 N9005.

    Hats off to you.

    Great Job done.

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      how did u do that?
      I am still not able to do it. Please help.

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    Aamir bhai please also upload method to activate it on htc one m7

  • Mubashir

    I got my warid lte SIM today. Despite making apn setting for my iPhone 5 like suggested in this article I’m still unable to use 4G. When I enable lte I get the message this cellular network has not been certified by the carrier for lte on iPhone? Whats the solution? When I placed my SIM in Nokia Lumia 820, I’m getting no option for setting highest speed as 4G?

  • drag0nslayer

    There are still not in millions but in thousand users of windows phone, you just again throw them in dark :)

  • asgharali72

    I have Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9515 please let me know can i use 4g lte on it.if yes then how.

  • Hummad Haider

    Anyone know how to use warid lte over HTC M7?mine isn’t working

  • Ahmad

    Samsung users who have LTE enabled handsets but lte option is not available in settings, should try this app:

  • Ahmad

    Samsung users could also try this:

    Dial *#0011#
    Press options
    Press back
    Press options
    Press key input
    Press number 1
    this will give you service options and the lte option should be there.

    • Guest

      yes i went to service mode and set the preferred to GWL but stil no option in settings…:(

  • Mr.Orange

    What about Nexus 5 or Motorola handsets ?

    • Guest

      Nexus 5 works out of the box on LTE 4G

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    @Aamir bhai can u please make the thread or is their any article posted related to about “Best Package plan for 3G 4G services” im using Telenor but dont know how much data is consuming on what price plan (when i connect to internet it shows 4G on the panel on my LG Optimus G

  • Sulaiman Lalani

    @aamir7:disqus aamir bhai can u please make the thread or is their any article posted related to about “Best Package plan for 3G 4G services” im using Telenor but dont know how much data is consuming on what price plan (when i connect to internet it shows 4G on the panel on my LG Optimus G

    • aamir7

      I will get you one…

      • Sulaiman Lalani

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  • Guest

    I tried the non rooted method on my note 3 n9005….its say GWL ! PLZ reboot but after rebooting there is still no option for LTE in network modes…any help?

  • Ali

    What about Samsung Galaxy S4 I9515 having KSA firmware? Mentioned methods are not working on Galaxy S4 I9515. Please tell me if you will come up with the solution

  • Asim

    Dear, I have sky vega A820L, when I select network mode to GSM/WCDMA/LTE it switches back to WCDMA preferred. What should I do? please help

  • Muhammad Mohsin


    I have galaxy s5 SM-g900I, how do i check is it LTE or not ? when i bought this i am sure it was lte and now when i am doing app called 4G lte switcher it say its not supported. also my phone is rooted. is there any way to confirm its lte supported or not ?


  • Sumair Malik

    Hi I just unrooted my LG g3 att variant to receive lollipop update, forgot how to enable my 4g lte. Tried your method but there are no such options. Here’s the SS.

  • lovely hiba

    Select option(s) with LTE enlisted

    option not showing while Phone Supported 4G+ galaxy S5 SM-G901F

  • usman

    works like a charm for LG G2. thanx amir sb.

  • Unable to configure LTE on Motorola moto x. Please advise how to fix that issue. My phone is not rooted.

  • usman

    Doesn’t work on my S5(G-900 F)!
    Why? It is Lte enabled!

  • hamza

    lte settings for lumia handsets. anyone?

  • Shah

    Sorry for being so late on the forum. I have bought Galaxy s5 9000f. There’s no LTE option and when I installed Root Checker, it says, “device does not have proper root access”

    Also, when I use “*#0011# process, it doesn’t go ahead after putting “0000” values in there..

    Hoping that I’ll get a reply :(

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    yar lg 2 main 4g zong kasy upgrade hoga????

  • Mohamed Mounir

    Hi All, Salam alaykoum
    I’m from Morocco, Your website is very interesting.
    My problem is that I have Samsung Galaxy S5, When I Click on Service Mode menu
    I do not have a same menu like in your procedure?
    Please any issue?

  • Saleem

    I am facing problem not to connect with Warid 4G LTE. I have an LG .G2 . Model D801 mobile set but unable to connect with 4 G though I bought a new 4G Warid sim but yet not resoveled the issue please help me out.

  • Umair

    I have done the steps in PDF for Note 3.. My Pref mode already was on GWL .. but i can’t get 4g lte on my warid .. I have LTE Sim and Lte Coverage also in my area .. any suggestion ?

  • Usman Majid

    Aamir, I do have N9005 Note 3 on Services Menu it shows 900 GSM instead of 1800. I did the same which you mentioned in the attach file

  • Abdul Moiz

    I was wondering if I could get Warid 4G LTE working on my Samsung Galaxy S3?

  • Syed Rehan Haider Zaidi

    Could you please tell me the procedure of Motorola Moto X 1st gen I am able to use zong 3g but can’t use LTE on it.

  • Aftab

    Dear I am moto RAZR m xt907 user my handset supports 4g LTE. But I’m not able to use it with Warid. When I select the LTE network the service signals gone. After a few seconds the message show me that there are no LTE signals and suggests me to use global network which enables 3g only. Kindly guide me how I can use LTE on said handset.

  • sameer ali baig

    As salaam o alaikum, Dear Brother, is this enabling possible with samsung SM-G800H (s5 mini)

  • Asif

    I have the Same issue I have done all the process for my S5 and done fine but in setting still WCDA/GSM no LTE, I tried both Automatic option and LTE/GSM only. It shows star on root menu but in setting all in-vain and still WCDMA/GSM Only.