Apple Launches Flagship Experience Store in Lyari, Karachi

In a development that’s sure to have techies and Apple fans in Karachi jumping with joy, Apple has decided to expand its global presence by opening an Apple Store in Lyari, Karachi.

According to an unnamed Apple representative:

Lyari seems like a perfect fit to give the Apple brand a run for its money. Its with keeping with our ‘Think Different’ philosophy of doing things. We are committed to serve the needs of our customers in a way that’s fresh and unexpectedly exciting in Karachi.

Since Apple Stores are renowned for their iconic design architecture, Apple hired the very best to design its flagship store in the Lyari neighborhood. Keeping in mind the tumultuous nature of the location, Apple’s engineers have come up with an advanced Sapphire glass variant that’s invulnerable to bullets and burning tyres alike. They even published figures about how much heat and kinetic force their new glass structure can withstand.

Jonny Ive, due to safety issues, video-conferenced at launch time, when the Store opened its doors to eager Karachittes from all over the city. He remarked how Pakistan from the newspapers was very much different from the Pakistani visitors who thronged the Apple Store.

Apple’s engineers have come up with an advanced glass variant that’s invulnerable against bullets and burning tyres alike

There was not an empty kiosk to be seen, an indication of how popular Apple products were with the average Karachitte. Jonny vowed to open the next Apple Store in KP province, since he believes in ‘tabdeeli’ as well.

The Apple Store had all the latest Macs and iDevices. All the iPhone and iPad models were held back by a sturdy latch. Even the Apple Watch made it there.

According to another Apple representative, even though majority of Pakistanis aren’t used to the Mac OS, they have ensured that the desktops and laptops on display are running a BootCamp installation of Windows. He further more added that Mac OSX is the primary operating system on Macs though since Macs are going to take over the world today. Like the iPhone. Or the iPod. Or anything else for the matter.

All in all, April 1st 2015 marks a turning point in Apple’s business expansion strategy in the subcontinent.

Disclaimer: This is an April Fool’s joke. Please don’t head over to Lyari with a 100k in your pocket to buy the new Macbook Air.

Samir heads the sponsored content department at ProPakistani. He also looks after the Life section.

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    the store has opened next to uzair baloch home or may be he is store manager

  • April Fool alert

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    Not so subtle eh!! :D

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    the lamest April fool prank .

  • Hahahaha, Good April Fool PP!

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    fuck you for this i was actualyl excited

  • Guest

    And Aamir Atta has been appointed as the CEO of this Lyar’s سیب

  • Najam

    Dear Apple,
    This is Pakistan, and here nothing is foolproof, everything is “Possible”.
    Kind Regards,
    A Humble Citizen

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      توچل، میں آیا۔۔۔۔

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      That was APRIL FOOL Joke

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    a very bad april fool attempt guys

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    Lame joke….

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    april mazaq na karso

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    i’m not smart, but ye news e esi thi ki koi believe e nae kar sakta ki esa ho b sakta he. hahaha koi chaj ka phenkna tha

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    koi parchoon ki dukan na dalay layari me ye apple le aya

  • Anonymous

    Yaar zara aur chor dete thori jaise ke

    – Tim cook has decided to hold the next unveiling conference at apple’s HeadQuarters in gadap

    Yaa phir:

    – Apple has airlifted its 5th Avenue branch using a helicopter and has planted it in Liyari

  • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

    Screw my love for Apple , i almost fuckin beleived it , DAMN

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    april fool!!! i look at every post today with this mind!

  • rehman1

    and uzair baloch is the new ceo of apple

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    Jhotey pe ALLAH ki lanat.

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    Try harder?

  • someone is trying to be funny.

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    Ha ha ha…what about Bhatta…;)

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    I stopped reading at Lyari and was like WTF! HAHAHA

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    Good April food day article, title made me read it and while I was reading I thought for a second that Apple has lost it!!! Attractive title … good effort :-)

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    After read this article I hurt too badly, coz this is an info form not a joke box.

    I believe this is the No. 1 information platform in Pakistan so please keep it best, not use it for vulgar things.


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      easy man don’t take it seriously

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    Nice one…

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    Read 2 lines and I knew this was a April fools joke, good one ProPakistani ;)

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    Is it Possible ?

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    Such posts directly hits the credibility of your website. Maturity and Professionalism lacks in true sense.

  • Raja Naveed Khalid

    Mr. Samir Yawar! First of all you need to take a dive in history and find about what is April Fool and why it is celebrated worldwide and how many Muslims paid the price of it with their lives back in the era Crusades and their invasion of Muslim-occupied Spain.

    Second posting such a news on a this platform is nothing but humiliating the Msulims and Pakistanis along with taking the #propakistani integrity to new low. Shame on you and the team ProPakistani for publishing this article on their website.

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    Jerk post by a Jerk writer

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