Apple Watch Price Points and Crazy Customization Options

The Apple Watch comes in three main flavors, with more customization options thrown in for good measure. As cliché as it sounds, there reall is everything for everyone here when you look at the dizzying array of customization options. The 3 main categories are:

Apple Watch – Regular Edition

  • Price (38mm): $549 – $1049
  • Price (42mm):$599 – 1099
  • Available from 10th April


This is the ‘standard’ Apple Watch model, made with stainless steel and a display protected by sapphire crystal. The stainless steel is corrosion resistant, making this model ripe for day and day out activities. Since the casual watch wearer can still get their timepieces nicked and scratched here and there, Apple promises that this Apple Watch model will make those worries non-existent.

Sapphire glass is being billed as the hardest transparent material, next only to diamonds. As for the bands on the standard model, customers can choose from the choice of high-quality leather, stainless steel, fluoroeslastomer. And then there are the closure styles to consider as well.

You can choose from four different types of bands for your Apple Watch

But for those who love the contemporary Swiss watch style on their watches, Apple’s smartwatch isn’t going to let timepiece connoisseurs go high and dry. They got:

  1. Milanese loop – smooth stainless steel mesh that’s fully magnetic and extremely adjustable to wrap it around the wrist.
  2. Link Bracelet – this bracelet is made with the same stainless steel alloy as the case on the Apple Watch, making it truly one with the whole timepiece. The bracelet features many links, each assembled precisely to ensure the smooth contour design of the Apple Watch.
  3. Modern Buckle – How about supple French Granada leather as an elegant band for a watch that truly deserves it? The modern buckle is made with top-grade leather, along with a two-piece magnetic closure feature. The modern buckle comes in 3 colors – soft pink, brown, and midnight blue.
  4. Leather Loop – For those who prefer Italian-made Venezia leather with a prominent texture, the leather loop style is here. The leather is soft and quilted, giving a trim look to the Apple Watch over all. Its available in stone, light brown and bright blue colors.

Apple Watch Sport

  • Price (38mm): $349
  • Price (42mm): $399


For the fitness aficionados, this lightweight variant of the Apple Watch is made from anodized aluminum. It comes in two colors – space grey and silver. Since the Apple Watch Sport is made for the grinding sporty lifestyle, the display is reinforced and protected by strengthened Ion-X glass that is scratch and impact resistant.

For added stylistic flair, the Watch Sport can be chosen in 5 different colors of fluoroelastomer band. Its light yet strong both, a durable combination for those who value their gym lifestyle. The bands are strong yet soft according to Apple, and come with a pin-and-tuck closure tech to ensure a comfortable and effortless fit.

Apple Watch Edition

  • Price: starting from $10,000 (limited supplies only)
  • Available: 24th April


For those who like the finer things in life. The Watch Edition of Apple’s smartwatch comes in 6 elegant styles. They are geared towards the high end luxury market, with each watch case crafted from 18 karat gold.  The display is made with the same sapphire crystal material used in the standard model.

Last Word

The internals and functionality of all the watch models are the same. The price points only reflect the case and band you’re going for. So what do you think? Most overhyped product ever? Or the beginning of something new?

If you want more on the features of the new Apple Watches, check it all out here!

Samir is the Head of Entertainment at Lens by ProPakistani. You can reach out to him at samir.ya...

  • on zardari and sharifs can afford it :) a watch worth rupees more than 10 lakh.

  • Apple was the king then (ipod nano 2004, Iphone 1 2007)..
    Apple is the king now (Iphone6 -20 million units sold,, S5 -11 million units sold) 2014
    Apple will remain the king in future….
    Apple is true example for all compnies to follow:

    First it was Apple Vs. Nokia (Nokia gone)
    Now its Apple Vs. Samsung (Samsung ….)

    Apple will remain and the one in front of it SHALL lose…

  • Worthless piece of crap if you are in Pakistan.

    Little worth of crap if you are living abroad.

    It will take 2 or 3 generations of iWatch to get refined and get mature as we have seen in mostly Apple products

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