Mark Your Calendars: Round-Up of the Best Events in April

The month of April is packed with many exciting events scheduled to take place all over the country. This round up of events brings you the five best ones for this month.


As expected from any TEDx conference, this one will offer a hub for thinkers, writers and innovators to get together and share their experiences. The panel of five speakers includes: Iqbal Qaiser, Fatima Lodhi, Ali Rez, Assam Khalid, Sarah Khan and Priya Sajjad. The theme of the talks this time is ‘Badal Do Soch’ (changing mindsets) stressing the need for creative thinking.

The event is scheduled to begin on April 4th at 1.30pm and last till 6.30pm, featuring introductions, talks by speakers along with music and dance performances. Registrations were free with room for only selected applicants; however, the registration time has now elapsed. If you have already registered, SDSB, LUMS is the place to be on the 4th of April.

Geek Week 2015

This is an annual event that is deemed to be one of the biggest IT extravaganzas in Pakistan organized by FAST NUCES Lahore. The three-day event is set to feature work by students as well as professionals which will be judged by a panel of judges comprising CEOs and academicians. It is set to be held at FAST NU Lahore from April 3rd to April 5th.

The amenities include: Geek Wars, Cipher Crypto Hacking, Dev Fest – Mobile App Development, Geek Innovator Idea Competition, Distributed Programming Competition, Cryptic Hunting, Gaming Arcade as well as Poster Designing. Besides these contests, the event also features a few seminars and workshops to educate the attendees. For rules and registrations, head to the official website here.

Cyber Secure Pakistan 2015

This information security conference is the outcome of the collaboration of Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) with UltraSectra (Pvt.) Ltd. It brings stakeholders in the society under one roof to get together and discuss the efforts sorely needed in the field of information security. Capacity building is not the ultimate goal here; instead, it is to spread awareness for all and sundry using IT.

The five-day conference is scheduled to be held at NUST-SEECS, Sector H-12, Islamabad on April 8th. The event is set to feature keynotes by the industry’s finest, awareness sessions, capacity building trainings, panel discussions, workshops as well as security talks by National along with International industry professionals. For further information and registrations, head to the official website here.


Anticipated as one of the biggest youth conferences, YouthCon is a two-day event set to feature teams of young delegates who will discuss, debate, learn as well as share each other’s vision for Pakistan. The aim of the conference is to reflect upon the current state of the nation and discuss how to combat issues that it faces at the moment that can ultimately transform lives of common citizens.

Basically, the conference is expected to not only encourage sessions of healthy debates but also develop and polish communication, conflict resolution and problem solving skills of delegates. Renowned trainers and speakers from Pakistan including Khurram Shahzad, Danial Sohail and Qaiser Abbas will follow proceedings. With a ticket price of Rs. 2,000 per person, YouthCon is set to begin on April 11th in Lahore under the supervision of Nation Student Council. Register here.

Pet Carnival

If you fancy furry Persian cats or if you are fascinated by a rare breed of birds, TW9Y Pet Carnival 2015 is the event you simply can not miss. Organized by Defence Authority Sunset Club & The Whole 9 Yards, this event is set to be held on April 19th from 5pm to 9pm at Defence Authority Sunset Club, Phase 2, DHA, Karachi.

The amenities of the carnival include: Pets Red Carpet, Monkey Show, Snake Charmers, Kids dressed like pets, Local Rescue Organizations with adoptable pets, Foods and other stalls as well as Photo Booths. You could also have your own stall (6ftx6ft) for Rs. 6,000. If you happen to have a pet yourself, there are prizes for largest, smallest, most unusual pets. DHA Club members are allowed free entry whereas non-members are required to pay a ticket free of Rs. 100.


  • The only thing I am excited about is Microsoft’s Build conference starting April 29.

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