Ufone Clean Sweeps Telcos at PAS Awards 2015

In this age of digital communications, advertisements are among the crispest form of communication used by brands and organizations to communicate with masses and convey their message to sell their products.

It is just due to these 30-60 second creatively thought, well- written, designed and produced ads that consumers are attracted towards a brand.

Pakistan Advertiser’s Society (PAS) is such a platform to acknowledge and award astute minds behind some really admirable adverts in the country. The awards attract entries from all over Pakistan in several categories including media, digital, textile and apparel, BTL activation, media innovation, telecom service providers.

This year in the telecom category —  during first round —  a total of 18 entries were made by telecom operators including 7 from Telenor, 5 from Mobilink, 5 from Ufone and 1 from Zong and three out of these 18 submissions were to be short-listed for final round.

All three TVCs short-listed for the final round in Telecommunication Category at PAS Awards come from Ufone

The final selection included all three adverts belonging to Ufone (Voice quality, 3G launch, and Hisaab Dou) out of five submissions, so technically, Ufone is competing against itself and is clearly a winner in any case, clean sweeping all telcos and stunning industry pundits with its creative prowess.

Ufone started a new trend in the industry with its innovative adverts and storylines, highlighting its strengths and bashing other operators in a humorous manner which won praise and was well received by the audiences as well.

The fact that all three entries in the telecom category are advertisements by Ufone clearly demonstrates the company’s creative superiority in the telecom industry.

    • As I’ve said earlier that only if ufone pays half of as much attention as it pays to it’s advertising .. it can really become top operaror

    • Yup, we should not listen to the negative comments on ufone. I mean, who cares if they have high prices for their 3g and have a poor quality network? Like this doesn’t even matter to us customers. What matters are those amazing ads! They are so entertaining! Ufone is the best afterall! All those ‘mindless’ commentators don’t ‘need’ to complain, because Ufone makes up for it with those great ads.
      A Logical Commentator

      • Ufone: please dont listen to these logical commentors as well. :-)

        Well only Ufone allows you to call PTCL numbers and everyone knew we have PTCL installed at every home.

        3G, who offers you 50gb data for mare 5 rupees per day?? Telenor is the highest priced network, fyi

        Only ufone allows you stunning call packages and sms rates.

        So they deserve what they have acheived. Go eat some spicy chillies… :-)

        • haha, that 50 gb internet is a joke:
          – It isn’t for whole day.. it only starts after midnight (12 at night) and ends at 12 in the morning, if that is what you call ‘a whole day’. So unless you use your internet only after 12 at night and stop using it after 12 in the morning, that package is useless.

          – What are other packages besides this in ufone which are reasonable?None!
          – As for telenor, thier djuice pakage lets you get 3 gb internet for 3 days, for a low price.
          – As for mobilink, then its 7gb per week package is the most interesting one. You can initially get 7gb for a week for only 60 rs. But say you didn’t finish your data within that time limit and you have 2 gb left before the bunndle gets expired. You have the option to resubscribe before the subscription ends and that 2gb which as unused will be added up in your new subscription. Or wat you can do is you can subscribe to that package twice the same day, it will be you 14 gb internet for a week for 120 rs. (compare that with ufone’s 10 gb per Month)

          • You either work in Mobilink or Telenor, anyways…

            1. I have no sim labelled Mobilink, because they have no guts to convince me to purchase their sim.

            2. Telenor is pathetic, read reviews online on other blogs, not here in propakistani, because they are agents :-)

            3. Great, so I think you proved you are dumb, because every network allows you to add the remaining data if you subscribe new minutes before the expiry.

            Everyone knows that you have ufone sim and use at midnight to text someone because ufone is great network but you are shy in public to admit the fact.


              • Oky ap jobs[at]ufone[dot]com py cv bj do. Larkyon ko to wesy e rakh lety bina inter view, bolti jo bht hain wo b fuzool!

                • aap ooper wali tasveer se mutaa’ssir hein ?
                  peechay koi dhattaa baandh ker baitha hai, kiyun… is liye keh ladki ko gun point pe rakkha huwa hai…
                  ab ker lo job :)

            • Ok, I didn’t know that you can resubscribe for every network, thanks.
              But how is Ufone good? Besides the 50 gb you mentioned which is not good at all (since its only for night time), which package is ‘good’?
              You still didn’t answer the main question :D

                • You can get 56 Gb internet per month for 480 Rupees with Mobilink.. This is because you can subscribe twice the weekly package, which for a month will cost you 480 Rs/

    • Jane da yar sab se thaker 3G aur signal quality ufone ki ha. Literally if ufone spend half of his advertisement budget on hardware the quality will be much better.

  • Would like to hear “ufone won best network award in 3g and voice quality ”
    Nothing to do with ads.

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