LUMS Website Hacked for Inviting Mama Qadeer

The websites for LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship and Arts Club were hacked earlier today. The defacements were short in duration and the sites were quickly put under maintenance mode. At the time of writing, they are still not accessible.

The defacements, according to the message shown by the hackers, were because of the decision of the university to invite Mama Qadeer for a talk. The talk, titled ‘Unsilencing Balochistan’, was part of a series on highlighting justice and human rights issues in the country. It included guests such as Mama Qadeer, Ali Talpur, I A Rahman and was supposed to be moderated by the editor of Rashid Rahman, Daily Times.

It should be noted that the scheduled talk was cancelled on the order of the government yesterday. In a statement by LUMS,

…Under the re-mapping justice series, an event scheduled at LUMS for the 9th of April 2015 had to be cancelled on orders from the government, which was most unfortunate indeed. We are proud that all such discussions have taken place in an academic environment that is collegial and respectful of all citizens, as well as diverging points of view

The defacement message is shown below:

Hacked by Mr. Pakistan

According to Article 19 of constitution of Pakistan, Freedom of Expression is allowed ONLY if it is not against Islam, its Integrity, Security or Defence of Pakistan , You invited a BANNED Person for a seminar to spread hatred and to manipulate brains of students through your event. We will not Tolerate such activities as a Pakistani Nation.

Stop Promoting the traitors. LUMS you will be smashed if you dare to destabilize Pakistan. We have Eyes on YOU.


Agr Pakistan ki Taraf maili ankh se dekhugay tu tumhari qabroon k nishan bhi nai mailain gay

Greetings Pakistan

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • PeeDroid MiNi L100

    Mama Qadir Ne Kiya Kya Ha??

    • Mama Qadir Balochistan k awam ki awaz hai..He speaks for Baloch people..

    • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

      he and his son works for BLA



  • Ahmed Habib

    Hack this nonsense LUMS, they are teaching modernism not education!

    • iknowbetter

      you sound like an idiot. What do you mean they are teaching “modernism,” not “education?” It makes absolutely no sense to say that one is “teaching” education. It’s grammatically incorrect. If you had been taught some education, maybe you would have better linguistic skills. It is obvious that you have no idea about LUMS, what the education there is like, and you don’t even have a proper sense of what you mean by modernism, and if it applies to LUMS, and what is wrong with this thing you call modernism. You obviously have little sense of what this thing called education is, how and why LUMS does not mean this standard and why it is bad that it doesn’t. All your comment has communicated is “Mama jee mujhay lums ganda lagta hay.” “Par beta kion?” “Bass na! Bohat ganda hay. Acha nahi hay aur ganda hay!” Good job man!

      • btw if hes unable to put correct grammatical structure in speaking or writing english doesnt mean he is illiterate or uneducated. may be he knows urdu better than most of us.

      • Taha Najam

        I agree with you but…

        > It makes absolutely no sense to say that one is “teaching” education. It’s grammatically incorrect. If you had been taught some education…

        *facepalm* Oh, the irony!

        • iknowbetter

          that was sarcastic haha. should have put my usage of teaching education in scare quotes. And I don’t think the issue is just about language. I think it’s very likely that he would have offered a similar criticism in Urdu and I would have had the same problem with it. It’s obvious he doesn’t know what goes on in LUMS and there isn’t substance to his criticism beyond mujhay nahi pasand mujhay jo lagta hay lums may jo hota hay. Saath me jitni bongi baat uss kay saath barabar ka passion

          • Ahmed Habib

            Okay let me write layman english, urdu mix, for your understanding…

            If they are educating, then why they can not stop modernism there? “They” here referred to the teachers who themselves invloved in som extraaaa curiculumn activities.

            My sentence may not make sense but ground reality is not so great either, not for LUMS and also for NUST.

            I dont wanna teach my children to wear shorts or even get out without dupatta, have dates, or even have a friendship with the other gender.

            You are one of that lady who said women married to woman is halal in islam, I don’t remember her name, but she was saying molvis are fraud etc. And you know what she studied from LUMS, where they teach science but not ethical moral values.

            Hope you get my point, if not then rip.

            • AmirTut

              Well you’re always welcome to go live in a cave, just don’t impose your 7th century mythology on the rest of us.

            • Jibran

              You have no idea what LUMS is do you? I suggest you go and take a look for yourself. If you cant do that, you are no better than 3 Billion + people in the world who say Islam is a bad religion and all Muslims everywhere in the world are terrorists, based purely on hearsay and Google searches. What do you respond to them?

      • Ahmed Habib

        Google “lums basant festival girls”, you will get the answer. If not, then one of them will be your gf or bf. You know better!

        • AmirTut

          Why are you on the internet? You know the internet was invented by the Kufar. Disconnect from the internet, and if you don’t like girls flying kites, then don’t look at them. The ideal place for you will be a cave somewhere in Afghanistan. Go live in your 7th century mythology world of talking trees/rocks, and flying she-donkeys.

          But please don’t try to impose your delusional beliefs on the rest of us.

        • Ahmad Khan Sabri

          I think we are trying to pushing our ideology in others mind, which is wrong. Every persons thinking is best but we do not accept the idea of others. We must be so positive to think about others and respect others. We should not criticize negatively. Sorry for my English. Here we test one’s education standard by English.

        • Anum Akbar

          I see the hatred here from you mister. You can teach your children whatever the heck you want, how is LUMS related to that?
          People have taken private pictures of individuals from various universities to act as representative of the ‘LUMS culture’. These pictures include swimming pools, women in saris, dance parties, and hooli/rang parties. So please get your facts straight before commenting.

          And as for your ‘Google habits’, says a lot about yourself.

          • AmirTut

            The images he is referring the lumbs girls basant is mistitled it’s actually pictures from a university in India. It just smear campaign by these mullah-ullus. Yeah and it’s so funny that these so religious guys tend to know about these things they’re not supposed to be looking at in the first place.

            • MI Awan

              hate for Illuminati and all signs of it and for those who like it.
              just simple….

              • AmirTut

                There is no Illuminati, no such thing. My image is just the pyramid and eye of hours. I am into egyptology, and mythology. Nothing to do with Illuminati.

        • Jibran

          Google “Pakistan girls”. You will get an even better answer.

        • Luminite

          Hey listen to me.

          I am from LUMS and if you have a little sense and do some research these pictures are not from LUMS. The buildings shown in background doesn’t resemble even a single one from LUMS. Also the interiors of building are different. The lecture hall shown and the tables inside all different. Plus I agree there are girls in provocative dress, there is never any girl in skirt as shown in pictures.

          So get your facts straight and stop bashing LUMS

          • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

            Aam khao gay?

      • AmirTut

        You started off well, but slowly your post disintegrated into incoherent nonsense. The irony of it all.

        • Ahmed Habib

          Mera kam tha message phncha dena agy ap ki marzi jo marxzi kro, bikini pehno mjy kia!

          • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

            o bhai mere show main ao or aik Kyu Mobile lo or ayashi maro

        • fascist liberal

          Amir LUMS KA tut poonjia! Yar mama qadeer might be your hero, but hes our wannabe terrorist. Similarly, Mulla radio is someone’s hero. If your breed cant invite him to talks, at least let him run his radio show in Sawat. Hey guess what? Invite mother of Boston bombers to a ‘discussion’ and I will be the first one to enter the venue.

          • AmirTut

            I never said I supported Mama. I don’t see any problem in Balochistan it is an integral part of Pakistan and has always been as such. We should be focused on the Saudis, honestly the Saudis start a economic blockade, then there should be a military trust for them to lift it. Our nukes are pointing in the wrong direction.

            • MI Awan

              what you know about Balochistan? and by the way your mama qadeer is not the voice of baloch… he is related to BLA, and what you know abt bla?

              • AmirTut

                I don’t support the Baloch Liberation Army, it is terrorist outfit full of miscreants who have nefarious designed on a unified Pakistan. By the way, they are not supported by Atheists, especially not Pakistani atheists this is a misconception although they may have some secular folks who are misguided by their propaganda supporting them. All we are saying is, the Pakistani Army needs to win the hearts and minds, of the Baloch people, as they are Pakistani.

                • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

                  Yar ye jo apne likha hai is say pta chal raha apka knowledge. Wese Akbar Bugti Oxford k student thay or 12 sal ki umar main 1st murder and phr Oxford or wapis aa k to murder he murder but anyhow he is great man.
                  Balochs are tribes and let them be with tribe system. No one can change them, rule them or destroy them.BLA wasn’t anti Pakistan but we made them.

                  • AmirTut

                    What Akbar Bugti did or didn’t do is irrelevant, he was a Governor of Balochistan, he should have been arrested or dealt with in a more humane way not made a martyr for the BLA to rally behind. He should have been tried in a court of law if he was amassing a guerrilla force. Now just because one educated person does something silly that does not mean the rest will follow. His education wasn’t a catalyst to him doing what he did, it was just coincidental. It isn’t a zero-sum game, and it is entirely foolish and wrong to imply or even adopt that policy.

      • Hamza

        teaching education and taught education LOL at wela LUMSIA

      • MI Awan

        what you wanna prove? if you know English grammar you then you are educated? what the heck! who the hell are you? what do you know about Islam? tell me and i’ll impressed by your education! modernism is what they taught the guys/gays like you. but education is the thing that is Islam. we love Pakistan and Pakistan is based on Islam. there is no place for people like you and vulgarize institutions. we sacrifice for Pakistan we are the owner or Pakistan. and those who are not. they should zip their tongs.

    • Person

      Quite a lot of my friends from Lums have become aethiests because of the wrong image they portray in Lums of Islam

      • Ahmed Habib

        I think that theory of co-edu in universties is not working. Girls and boys even in university level are not mature, they fall in wrong activities. LUMS is father of such activities and NUST is mother.

        • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

          and Lahore School of Economics is their child?

  • Guestout

    Just goes to show how far the government is willing to go to silence open debate. First they sent officials to the campus and now the website gets hacked. Coincidence? I highly doubt it. I agree that banned ppl should not be part of debates but to this is just censorship beyond control!!

    • pardaikhaiyay

      the same government and the establishment seems pretty comfortable with other outlawed outfits operation and gathering in public par baluch par baat akay he kion issue bann jati hay. That merits suspicion

  • Mehreen Seher Hai

    Wow that message by the hackers was just malicious and rude. And then they wonder why people question their intentions.

  • Geekpk

    Rashid Rahman and his son Taimur Rahman both are supporters of BLA.

  • rehman1

    the more u suppress and opress the more the anger..and thus the environment for hate and freedom struggle….we shud always talk abt sensitive issues..banning not the solution

  • Abdul WAHAB

    Choro Yar Picnic Manao, Bechary Hacker unki bhi roozi roti lagi rehti hai, waise bhi hum Hawksby, Paradise ja rahy hai kisi ka mood bany to join with us

  • پاکستانی

    آج ہی تربت میں بیس مزدوروں کو شہید کیا گیا ہے… یہ ماما قدیر اور اس کے بیٹے جیسے لوگوں کا کام ہے… جو بی. ایل. اے میں شمولیت اختیار کر کے بلوچستان بھر میں بےگناہوں کو مارتے ہیں
    لمز جیسے ادارے کا ماما قدیر ٹائپ لوگوں کو “ڈیبیٹ” کے لیے بلانا تشویشناک ہے
    پاکستان کو عدم استحکام کرنے کے لیے ہر طرف سے… اور ہر طرح سے حملہ کیا جا رہا ہے.. ایسے میں لمز ٹائپ اداروں کو کنٹرورشل سے دور رہنا ہوگا
    ورنہ “جیو” کی طرح اس کو بھی سیدھا کر دیا جائے گا

  • Jibran

    Great step by LUMS. Need brave universities like these to enlighten our backward population and ensure that the loss in 1971 is not replicated with the dismemberment of Baluchistan. Glad to have an educational institution of this caliber in the country, though they should have gone ahead with the talk regardless of pressure.

  • Zubair Gu

    Acha kia hai

  • Hamdani

    Shame on LUMS for inviting anti-state actors. Some are going to the extent of defending it by using words such as academic censorship etc. Whole Pakistan must condemn this and stand against LUMS. Where is Army now, they must take action, heads must roll.

  • Pakistan is no place for speaking the truth..