Zong to Provide Free 3G Mobile Internet on Daewoo Busses on Motorway

Zong has signed an agreement with Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service here on Friday to provide free Super 3G internet to all Daewoo passengers commuting along the motorway.  Zong is currently the only operator in the country to provide carpet coverage for 3G along the Motorway.

The collaboration with Daewoo Pakistan implies that Daewoo passengers travelling on the motorway will now have access to high quality 3G internet, without any charges and without the possession of a Zong connection. This facility will enable them to remain connected to their friends, families and businesses at all times, resolving past issues of connectivity.

Speaking at the occasion, Babar Bajwa Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Zong said that

We at Zong have always been very committed to providing our customers with cutting edge technology. We will continue to strive towards making this provision of high quality data a reality, and this current partnership is a step in the same direction.

Also present at the occasion was Dr Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), who noted that

Pakistan has an immense potential when it comes to provision of high quality and high speed 3G & 4G data services. Our vision for the future is based on accessibility to these services by all, and Zong’s efforts to provide 3G mobile broadband services deserve applause in this regard.

Mr C I Park, President Daewoo also spoke at the occasion, and said that

This partnership is a very welcome news for our passengers, as they will now enjoy unlimited connectivity along the motorway.

Next week onwards, Daewoo terminals at Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Peshawar will have kiosks whereby people can purchase Zong MBB products, Zong SIMs as well as carry out recharge through miniload and scratch cards.

          • Off course it can, didn’t get my point, the post suggest that individuals will get separate experience of super 3g meaning different data connections, but if it is WiFi hotspot then the whole group would be using shared 3g connection which is confusing, I couldn’t clear that for my self!

            • Hmm you have the point. :-)

              Maybe Zong offer different data speed just for daewo, if its 21mbps, and mostly there are 10 users using, sound reasonable. Also thry can impose restrictions for individual users.

              Who knows, if they install 5 wifi devices in one bus? :-)

  • Daewoo per baithnay walay to waisay bhi afford kar saktay hain. Maza to tab hay k aam admi k liay yeh sahoolat frahm ki jaiy.

    • well said sir,,, totally agree with you…
      but there is one more thing… ke abhi bhi daewoo ke ilawa public transport pe safar karnay walay logaun me 80% waise hi aise users hain jin ko internet service ke honay ya na honay se itna farq nai parta…

      mostly calls aur sms ke packages pe chal rahay hotay hain !

      to jab internet ki requirement common ho jayegi to phir for sure companies iss cheez pe bhi focus karengi !

  • samj nai i..? through WIFI use kar sakain gy free internet or from our zong sim? sorry for little stupid question if

  • Another landmark achievement by Zong.Now passengers travelling in Daewoo can avail of internet facility through Zong WiFi Hotspot by using their Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets etc.Well done Zong and Daewoo.

    • It is start of internet revolution.Customers will enjoy internet facility through WiFi Hotspots sitting in bus, rickshaw, car, motorcycle, bicycle etc.Every person who has 3G connection can avail of these internet facility easily everywhere.Well done all cellular operators.Time is coming when almost 70 to 80 million customers in the Country will be enjoying all these internet facilities(3G/4G) everywhere.

  • Its already up and running on Premium Plus buses. Gave around 5mbps. Just did a speed test once around bhera. The internet connectivity was flawless through out. Wasn’t available on the standard bus though on my way back. At least now I don’t have to switch sims every time i get on the bus.

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