Google’s X Laboratory Is Making Better Batteries

Our modern electronics are getting more powerful and smaller. Even though technical capabilities are expanding as electronic components reduce in size, the word on battery lives is nothing short of abysmal. We need batter batteries. For our cars. For our Smartphones and tabs. And for everything else in our daily lives.

When I say better batteries, I don’t mean giant sized batteries only. There’s the size of course. And the duration time. The discharging rate. The efficiency of these batteries at emitting miniscule amount of heat energy. All these aspects fall into making batteries ‘better’.

Its a problem that has befuddled Tesla, the car maker. Its a problem that plagues Google and its expansive mobile empire running on its Android OS.

It is this need of the hour that has engineers at Google X labs working on new generation batteries. Google X labs work on a plethora of secretive projects. A recent Wall Street Journal report indicated that building more efficient batteries is at works at the secret Google X labs.

Building more efficient batteries is at works at the secret Google X labs

On first thought, this might mean that Google wants better battery tech to power its future Nexus phones. However, it would also make sense for Google to utilize this technology for other industries and projects at the company such as the self-driving cars, robotics, healthcare and communications group. Google is a massive company with a diverse portfolio after all.

The WSJ report states that only 4 people to date are in charge of the battery project. Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj was formerly at Apple Inc. and is a battery expert. The other 3 team members are unknown.

A ‘smarter’ battery tech can also bring new applications and innovations in science and healthcare. The report cites one example of such an application – Google Glass may be able to take advantage of sophisticated technology that can result in a ‘smart contact lens’.

This lens can monitor glucose levels in diabetes amongst other things, as the processing and calculations necessary for determining health conditions is achievable by better battery tech. This is just one example of some out of the box applications that smarter battery tech from Google X is potentially promising.

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