Here is How the Internet Reviewed Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Samsung went about looking for inspiration after the S5 was made fun off in reviews across various mediums for being “plastic”. Samsung realized that while loading a phone with specs was great, it was just as important to have those features encased in an aesthetically designed solid looking body.

So the new iPhone might have been a probable inspiration. While scouring the internet, quite a few reviews tend to agree with us especially when they say:

The Galaxy S6 is what happens when Samsung doesn’t try to copy Apple’s phones, but instead finally tries to copy Apple’s product philosophy.

So when it comes to design both Engadget and Verge tend to agree that Samsung has outdone itself with design on their new flagship phone. The glass front and back seamlessly gel in with the metal rim. While the phone’s face is similar to the S5, a 36 degree view of the phone and one would see the similarities between the iPhone and S6; Verge explains this perfectly when they write:

….take a look at the bottom of each phone: You’ll find the same perfectly machined holes and ports in basically identical spots. Samsung also dropped the removable battery, the microSD storage expansion, and even the waterproofing, all in the name of design.

The inspiration just doesn’t stop there; the fingerprint sensor is pretty similar to the one on iPhone in terms of how it works, though not as fast. Then that’s pretty much about it, as the specs and all are typical Samsung.

The 16-megapixel optically stabilized camera has won rave reviews from all quarters and the gurus at Engadget term the experience as impeccable. The best thing about this phone is that you do not have to tinker with the camera settings and it’s simply point and shoot to get great photos. Forbes even went as far as to say the camera was better than anything the iPhone lineup has to offer.

The camera on the Galaxy S6 (and the similarly equipped Galaxy S6 Edge) is not just a match for Apple’s iPhone shooter, but in almost every situation performs better. –

On the front is a 5 MP camera and along side the back camera resides the heart rate sensor. According to Engadget, this tiny sensor “makes taking heart rate and blood oxygen readings in S Health quite a bit easier” when compared to the S5.

On the processor side the S6 is a power packed machine with 64-bit Octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM. Samsung has taken care of any Android based hiccups by simply making the processor as fast as they could. The battery life though could have been better, especially with a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. 

For all practical purposes the S6 Edge is the same as the S6

And now that we are writing about the screen, it would be appropriate to mention that for all practical purposes the S6 Edge is the same as the S6. The difference is the screen which curves to two sides and some software related tricks that make use of it. These include rows of colored, favorite contacts that you can swipe to see, a night clock and a “Information stream” which gives you time, notifications and weather etc.

The information stream is super slow and buggy – Verge

The curved screen doesn’t do much – Engadget

When it comes to sound, both S6 and S6 Edge have a single speaker placed at the bottom-right corner of the frame. The speakers are pretty good and loud but fall a tad bit behind if you compare them to the Boomsound speakers on the HTC M9.

Both Engadget and Verge agree that the version of Samsung’s Touchwhiz on S6 and S6 Edge is ‘finally worth using’ as they have sharpened the knife on extraneous features while consolidating the much loved features. The S Health app has also been improved on. And with all the power hungry features, Samsung has tried somewhat to counter the low battery life issue by providing rapid USB charging and supporting both major wireless charging standards.

Improving vastly on the design aesthetics, Samsung has given up on options such as removable battery, water proofing and extendable memory

Improving vastly on the design aesthetics Samsung has given up on options such as removable battery, water proofing and extendable memory, but that should not be a major concern especially since the phone will be coming in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models.

All in all S6 is probably a flagship phone that was well overdue from Samsung. It feels complete when it comes to aesthetics and functionality and most of all, might give iPhone aficionados pause. For the S6 Edge, the verdict is that it’s just a vanilla S6 with a curved screen whose utility is debatable when compared with the extra cost.

via Verge, Engadget, Forbes

  • “The curved screen doesn’t do much”, it does something that is the most important thing, it makes you wanna buy it, period!

  • OP, u sure are an I-crap supporter. Being the writer, you should have reacted professionally and your reaction should have been neutral.

  • Disappointed at the writer. This is an opinion piece quoting a couple of iPhone favouring tech blogs. “Samsung has taken care of any Android based hiccups by simply making the processor as fast as they could.” I mean really? Have you ever even used Android?
    “Forbes even went as far as to say the camera was better than anything the iPhone lineup has to offer.” iPhones have been stuck on the same camera for years and when they did upgrade, it’s a cheap camera from Sony that’s common in most Chinese phones. S6 uses a high end Sony camera.

    Since when does S6 look like an iPhone? An iPhone is a blatant copy of htc one from the back and the Lumia 925 from the sides. No similarity whatsoever between an HTC and a Samsung.
    Engadget and verge (and one mention of forbes) do not represent the whole Internet. There isn’t even a single mention of popular mobile review sites.

  • Android ke latest jo bhi version ata ja rha he wo heavy se heavy hota ja rha he jbke apple ka software ios bht light he or smooth or reliable he us mn na lacking hoti he na loading ati he jbke android din ba din heavy se heavy hota ja rha he ab samsung apne her anay flagship mobile mn ziada processor ziada ram le ker a rha jbke apple mn iski zururat hi nhe nhe hoti unka to abi bhi iphone 6 1 GB per fast chal rha he

  • Here is How the Internet Reviewed Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Relation to iphone.
    That’s the article title actually.

  • You are entitled to your opinion, and we are, to our laughs :D Android users are not supposed to review Apple products. Similarly, iSheep should not tresspass the Android territory. Apple makes products for dumb, imbecile, autistic retards. You dont have to have a brain cell to operate Apple products. Even a cobbler or a corpse can be an expert iOS user. I feel sorry for wasting so many words. Will stop. And no, I am not a Samdung fangirl.

    • “And no, I am not a Samdung fangirl.”
      You’re still a douchebag if not a Samsung fangirl.

    • Wow you really seem pretty upset about the Apple users out there and the products. Is it because you have never used one yourself or you can’t afford one? People should buy whatever they want with their money. Wonder why you are so butthurt about that lol. And yes, you sound EXACTLY like a SwineSung fangirl.

  • You quote two of the biggest apple supporting sites there are and claim this is what the internet says? No this is what apple paid you to say. If you’re going to do a job, do it right. Add a couple of android sites in with this so you have a better coverage of what is being said.

  • Nice design. Good materials, performance – Still a far cry from iPhones. I guess windows phones perform better than andies.
    S6 is loaded up to teeth with goodies and specs are top notch, reliability however – missing.
    Now that Samsung has got the act right and used some excellent materials, it’s time to work on software, & make sure that phone delivers what’s promised.
    Shouldn’t be hit & miss ……

    • “Windows phones perform better than andies”
      I mean seriously?? have you ever used a decent android phone rather that cheap Chinese variants? Think a bit before jotting an argument!

      • Ghayyur, ignoring your tone and ignorance, how would you define decent? I guess if S5, S4 and S2 from Galaxy series and Xperia T2 ultra and Z from Sony are not decent than nothing could be.
        I don’t use Chinese variants. And yes I will repeat again, the closest you can get to an iPhone is Windows phones only. Andies have a lot of ground to cover.
        Regarding S5 they have priced it at par with iPhone. I hope they don’t bite the dust again as was the case with S5.
        Fingers crossed.
        S6 looks good though. A very close copy of iPhone 6. Specially from the bottom.

        • Getting your hands on a few andies doesn’t make u a pro bro. Everyone has his own opinion and if u r an iOS fangirl then there’s nothing to talk about.. And yes, you didn’t get ur hands on a decent android like Stock Android or Cyanogenmod. It all goes down to one’s usage and capabilities. I’m a power user and yes only Andoid full fills my requirements, neither iOS nor Windows.

          • Bragging about your “PRO” ness doesn’t make you right either. Being a pro-girl doesn’t add anything too. It all boils down to the fact that liking an android lollipop satisfies your inner pro-girl & nothing else. And just to remind you this post is not about pro-girls like you. It’s about us – The majority, who doesn’t have the time to do all that. GET IT PRO!!!!!

            • “The majority, who doesn’t have the time to do all that”, that makes me laugh. It seems u know little about technical terms so i’m not wasting any words here.
              I never bragged about Android being superior, rather i stated simple facts that “Majority of you” couldn’t interpret.
              Get your facts straight first brother!

              • Ghayyur, laugh or not, it’s more of your choice – so please go ahead and laugh.
                How do you know that I don’t have any idea of the technical terms? And how do you know that I have never jail broken iOS or installed a stock android or not?
                How do you???? Well you don’t.
                Obviously those were the days when I had enough time to play with gadgets, now in professional field I’m not left with any time. And I can clearly see that apart from exploring every nuke and corner of my phone I need a stable system, all necessary files shared across my devices, good editing softwares and ability to access any file from anywhere. I need my systems neat, clean and well organised. Now a days I prefer to pay for apps that I want just for the sake of stability.
                You see, the preferences change and you have to make decisions. I’ve tried and tested all I had including blackberry too, but I find iOS as the best and reliable. Hassle free and trouble free.
                My all files are synced across my both iPhones, iPad and my lovely MacBook. They don’t give me any sorts of troubles and I am happy that way.
                So you see once being a part of your approach and thoughts I have changed it for my professional benefit.
                My comments were not based on my personal preference, yours are. Most of the people don’t even jail break their phones, let alone installing stock android.
                When I said said we don’t have time, I meant most of the people.
                I am not going to comment any further and I hope such a long statement might also make you respect others opinions too. That you’ve miserably failed until now. You can’t possibly ever know what someone else knows or how capable they are.
                Respect dear!!! Respect!!!!
                And on top of it neither me nor you can ever decide the fate of Andy or iOS. It’s the mass.
                Read your and mine initial comments and analyse what you’ve said is nothing more than bragging.
                No comments.

                • Hmm.. it seems we both live in different worlds.. So lets not rage war on one another. Same story is with me on Android, I was happy with iOS [Jailbroken] and thought it was a beast but after i got my hands on Android especially AOSP, my preferences had a massive phase shift. It all trickles down to the time indeed, if you’re in professional life and have no time to ponder upon AOSP, then my friend you have no right to condemn Android being disorganized or slow…

  • Okay so here lets close the Android vs iOS flame war!
    Androids are highly customizable and best Mobile OS ever created but what really grinds my gears is the way any individual OEM simply makes android a worst nightmare, im not picking names here but android phones CAN BE customized the way you want and this is where iOS lags behind…
    iOS is smooth, efficient and super friendly but it comes at a cost and that cost is; You actually can’t customize the phone the way you like it, unless you jailbreak it and i guess it doesn’t do any wonders either.
    In a nutshell, if you are an explorer and want best bang for the buck, go for a decent android phone. If you are not a power user and want a simple and super user friendly phone at the cost of major features missing out, then go for an iOS.
    My personal vote would be with a Decent Android Phone like Nexus 6, LG G3 or Oneplus One etc…

  • lol… why don’t you just write this article according to your views. we can read what Engadget and verge are saying, on their own websites.

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