Backup Memory App by Samsung Helps Alzheimer’s Patients

If, God forbid, you know an individual who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you would know the kind of hardships they face every day as their memory problems go from bad to worse. To help them, Samsung has come up with a Backup Memory app.

The app was created in co-operation with the Tunisian Alzheimer’s Association.

Backup Memory app helps you in remembering your loved ones during the early phases of the disease and according to research, it has proven quite helpful since it reminds you of memories and people that would otherwise go unnoticed or be forgotten.

backup memory app

It alerts you when your friends or relatives are running the app are close to you, then proceeds to show a montage of your past memories in the form of photos and videos. It uses Bluetooth to detect other phones once they are inside the 10-meter radius.

The app is still in its nascent stages and is very simple-to-use, which is good. In the near future, GPS will be added in the mix as well.

With initiatives like this and the recent Google and Facebook efforts to support earthquake survivors in Nepal, we have really started to get a glimpse of just how helpful technology really can prove to be. Let’s hope that other people take on such initiatives too. The app is available through Play Store right now.

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