Upgrade Your EVO Device to Get Discounts and One Month of Free Service

PTCL is offering its customers to exchange their EVO 3.1 or EVO 9.3 Devices with an upgrade to receive a discount of up to Rs. 1,000 along with a complimentary first month of usage!

Offer Details

Under this promotion any Rev.A (3.1 Mbps) subscriber can upgrade their existing devices to Rev. B (9.3 Mbps) devices or to Charji Wingle or Charji Cloud devices.

Similarly, Rev. B (9.3 Mbps) device owners can upgrade their devices to Charji Wingle or Charji cloud devices.

All upgrades come with Rs. 1,000 discount on upfront device charges and a month of free usage on upgraded device.

The offer enables existing active & inactive subscribers to receive brand new devices with WiFi Hotspot features and improved throughput rates up to 3 times that of their existing device.


*Standard Monthly recurring charges of Rs. 1,500 will apply from second month.
** Standard Monthly recurring charges of Rs. 1,800 will apply from second month (Additional volume bucket at Rs. 500 for 5 GB)

Service Acquisition Process:

The process for availing the offer is provided below:

  • Customer shall visit any PTCL OSS with their existing EVO Device & request an upgrade.
  • Customer shall be required to pay relevant bundle price upfront at the time of upgrade.
  • Monthly recurring charges will be Rs. 1,500 per month and Rs. 1,800 per month for EVO Rev.B and CharJi EVO respectively.
  • OSS shall issue the upgrade device to the customer upon receipt of payment and return of existing device.

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    • Yes. CharJi Wingle is basically a 14 Mbps capable device . So you will never get 36Mbps on it. Whereas cloud can support 36 Mpbs

      • wrong, wrong & wrong, look at technical specs of usb and cloud device, each device is lte hence It is atleast capable to cater the speed upto 100 mbps downlink and 50 mbps uplink but it all depends on network load of ptcl

        • Yeah just checked its not 14 its 21Mbps, Wingle is actually 21Mbps Max. See the specifications of device from Huawei website for E8231 wingle which is PTCL distributing. So 100Mbps is not even mentioned on Huawei website.
          HSPA+: 21Mbps(DL), 5.76Mbps(UL)

          • Bro, you are looking for 3g wingle whereas ptcl 4g wingle is LTE enabled and as per standard LTE has capacity of 10 mbps downlink and 50 mbps uplink

            • hmm okay im not sure if PTCL if distributing E8231 or E8372. Do you know which model it is.

  • 20gb per month is pathetic, sorry But i’m happy with my 9.3mbps 30gb per month package. PTCL should offer better packages

    • Me too using that package, but for the past few months I started using Worldcall 3.1Mbps for only Rs. 770 per month :)

      You should give it a try too.

  • Using charji cloud in Lahore, pathetic product now as corporate client move to Warid LTE MiFi. Which is best most reliable and consistent. Currently best product. Only one point charji offer 100gb package which is useless with such worst speed.

  • Anyone who’s interested in having their Huawei Charji Cloud[EC5377] device unlocked may contact me by leaving their email address in reply to my comment. Thanks :)

  • Hmm. I feel like putting my previous 4 Evo USB dongles in a blender, and parcel their carcasses to whoever decides these packages at PTCL.

  • Upgrade your device and get more suffering than before! Seriously ill of this nonsense, ptcl evo never has been good and never will be no matter what packages they introduce. 36 Mbps they say? I can say that except a few, most would get the same evo wingle speeds.
    4g is better both in speed and reliability.

  • Upgrade your device and get more suffering than before! Seriously ill of this nonsense, ptcl evo never has been good and never will be no matter what packages they introduce. 36 Mbps they say? I don’t think they’ll even be able to offer a quarter of those speeds before 12am!

  • What is a good wireless internet provider, affordable and fast, with a limit of about 30GB a month? Hows Zong, hows Warid, etc?

  • You can only get postpaid device when you do this upgrade. So keep this in mind (your original device can be postpaid/prepaid)

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