Lumia 535 Becomes Best Seller Mid-Range Smartphone in Pakistan

Microsoft Devices Pakistan has claimed that its Lumia 535 phone surpassed the sales figures against all rival Smartphones in the mid-range category. Lumia 535 is sold in Pakistan for Rs. 14,250.

During a retailers event in Islamabad earlier this week, Microsoft Devices Pakistan — while citing a third party research firm that keeps track of Smartphone sales — said that it sold more Lumia 535 smartphones in Pakistan than any other smartphone brand during first quarter of 2015.

Kamran Masood Niazi, communication manager for Microsoft Devices Pakistan, revealed that Lumia 535 was sold in Pakistan 20 times more than what company had initially estimated. And this is why Microsoft had to request for more stocks at various stages to meet local demand.

Microsoft sold more Lumia 535 smartphones in Pakistan than any other mid-range smartphone during first quarter of 2015

According to Mr. Masood, wide-angle 5MP front camera of Lumia 535 played the trick that attracted huge audience, especially the girls. He claimed that Lumia 535 is still the best selife smartphone in the price-point, along with, Lumia 535 packs reasonable amount of processing power and storage that makes the phone the primary choice for variety of users.

The Lumia 535 boosts five inch screen, five megapixel wide-angle front camera for selfies and another five megapixel rear camera.

Beneath the covers, the Lumua 535 sports a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor along with 1GB of RAM. Internal memory for usage is capped at 8GB with support for additional memory through microSD card with support up to 128 GB.

Not to mention, Lumia 535 comes with 15 GBs of free OneDrive storage.

As mentioned above, Lumia 535 is sold in Pakistan for Rs. 14,250.

For those who are wondering, here are the complete specs for Lumia 535

  • Design:
    • Dimensions: 140.2 x 72.4 mm x 8.8 mm
    • Weight: 146 g
  • OS:  Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim
  • CPU: Snapdragon™ 200, 1.2 Ghz Quad Core
  • Display
    • size: 5 inch, qHD (960 x 540), TrueColor (24-bit/16M)
    • Capacitive Multipoint-Touch IPS LCD with 220 ppi
  • Memory:
    • 1GB RAM
    • 8GB ROM
    • microSD Card supported upto 128GB
    • 15GB of free One Drive storage
  • Camera:
    • Rear Camera: 5.0 MP, Auto focus, LED Flash, Auto and Manual white balance, f/2.4 with 1/4 inch sensor
    • Front Camera: 5MP wide angle, f/2.4 aperture
  • Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, EDGE, 3G,
  • SIM:
    • Type: Micro SIM
    • Numbers: Two versions with Single SIM and Dual SIM
  • Networks:
    • GSM: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz
      WCDMA: 2100 MHz, 900 MHz
  • Battery: 1905 mAh
  • Price: Rs. 14,250

  • Worst phone ever can’t even able to play asphalt 8 iam amazed what kind of 1gb ram and quad core processor it has. on the other hand Lumia 520 can play it better with no lag even it has 512 ram and dual core proc.
    Microsoft has destroyed Nokia’s reputation.

    • lol but why i can play asphalt 8 easily without any problem ? hater gonna hate :D

      • Look i am too a windows lover get lumia 520 and play asphalt on it then on 535 u’ll realixe then if u have some sense:P

        • Asphalt runs fine on 535..
          It doesn’t open as fast as it does on 930 or iphone but once it’s loaded it works fine without any lag.

          Some 535 among the original batch had some issues which were later resolved via firmware update. Is your OS/firmware up-to-date?

      • ye bhai wo log hei jo kabhi settings khol ke check nahi karte
        ye smartphone isliye lete hei kyuki bachi ko whatsapp karenge

  • 1905 mAh for 5 inch Screen Kidding!!!! Please change the Title, It should be most sell & resell & resell Phone in Pakistan. As Core smartphone user dosn’t like it

    • It’s windows phone and windows have better resource management than android’s and that’s why it’s less power hungry.

    • This is not android. Also, Lumias have a low resale value so people hardly sell it. I couldn’t find a single second hand 535 in market when I went to buy one. Also, wtf is a “Core smartphone user”? Using big words won’t make you sound smart you know.

      • Starting me nai they, Abhi poori market 535 se bhari hui ha, 2nd Hand Smartphones ki price 9k se 12k tak ha.

      • galti se ek bar dubai ho aye, aur waha se bhaijan ka second hand iphone leke ye “core smartphone” user ban gaye

  • i am a is-heep & i bought this phone few days back. in my opinion it much better than android. It is best 2nd priority phone (after iphone) for me till now. so far working great for me.

  • It’s a great phone. I’ve been using it since a month and believe me it works full day even on 3G. Much much better than android.

        • Windows is a separate platform.

          it has its own windows store. like android has play store & ios has app store.

          windows 10 claims to run android apps. but wait until release for phones.

    • Above mentioned price is for dual sim. I don’t think single sim version is even available in Pakistan

      • wtf…? new batches mein issue nai ha, what about us jinhu ne old batches waly purchase kiye han, 535 is great but main thing is touchscreen which is **ck

          • bro my firmware is upto date, but still touch issue, whenever my hands are sweat touch starts pooping

            • sweat on screen messes up any touchscreen , even on my note 4
              so please hath saaf kar ke phone istemaal karey

  • wese mazy ki baat, I haven’t seen a single Lumia 535 with any of my known people. And these guys claim its the best seller??? strange

  • People bit*hing about android apps, how much apps you use for productive purposes, only games and apps which have no scope in Pakistan, windows phone plateform has enough apps that any one would use in there day to day life, Enough Said!

    • well.. you may be right.. but there are some key apps missing from windows store.. due to lack of “Phone internal Access” provided to developers. There are no apps for Call blocking, Call recording, SMS blocking, Auto SMS sending, Off-screen camera recording etc. Don’t mention the name of some shitty call blocking apps, which doesn’t really block calls, but only shows the message not to pick the call! -_-

  • I have been the user of this phone from the day it is launched in Pakistan, yes there are some issues in touch, but with regular updates this issue has been resolved now and currently it is operating smoothly and I m just waiting for Window 10 to be released so that I can have it on my phone as well, because Lumia 535 is also in line of getting the Window 10.

  • NOKIA LUMIA 535, Is Wonderful then Andriod & Other Set. Each & Every SOFTWARE have running quickly & eaisly i am so impress about this thanks to NOKIA & MICROSOFT

  • LOL while propakistani post this, other reputed sites and blogers were posting…

    According to a recent report, Microsoft orders have been reduced because of lower-than expected smartphone demand. The Redmond-based company is continuing Nokia’s policy to push low-end smartphones in emerging markets but apparently these markets are not that interested in Microsoft smartphones as the company has …

  • I will not buy a windows phone 8.1 device again in my life worst experience on Windows Phone. Hundreds of bugs all around the OS

  • its a sh i tt y windows phone with ONLY 1 GB RAM AND CR AP SCREEN!
    who would buy this ?!

  • Why use separate app for call blocking while you can always do it by utilising onboard OS options in 8.1

  • close