Nayatel and ICANN Deploy DNS L-Root Server in Pakistan

The first instance of L-Root has been installed in Pakistan, we have checked. As per information we have received, Pakistan’s first L-Root server node was jointly launched by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and Nayatel (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan’s first Fiber to The Home Service provider.

Nayatel supplied the equipment necessary for the installation of the L-Root node, along with Data Center hosting and Internet transit.

For those who don’t know, there are 13 “root,” or fully authoritative, DNS servers, identified by alphabetic letters A through M — the “L” root being one.

ISPs tend to replicate these root servers or create logical root services at local level to speed up the DNS lookup process for the native users. Nayatel’s L-Root server is one such instance that will contribute towards the stability and improved response times for the rapidly growing Internet community of Pakistan.

So with a L-Root server at Nayatel premises, internet users in Pakistan when requiring for a L-Root DNS lookup will be served at local level, instead of getting severed from a foreign location.

This cooperation between both organizations is an effort to provide security, stability and resilience to Pakistan’s Internet users and reduce the response time they experience when making Domain Name System (DNS) queries.

“Nayatel, with its commitment towards highest standard of service quality and positive contribution towards society, has partnered with ICANN and has offered its Data Center, Internet Transit, and Server Hardware to host the first L-Root DNS server instance in Pakistan. This DNS Root server, being a critical part of the Internet infrastructure will contribute towards the stability and better speed for the growing Internet community of Pakistan.” said Wahaj-us-Siraj, CEO Nayatel (Pvt) Ltd.

Computers locate one another on a network by using numeric addresses, while humans find it easier to use and remember names (for instance, users typically remember the domain name “” more easily than the Internet Protocol address, DNS servers are a critical part of the Internet infrastructure because they are the first step in translating (resolving) human readable host names into IP addresses that are used in internet communication.

The Domain Name System (DNS) matches domain names with numeric addresses, in much the same way a phone book matches names to phone numbers.

Spreading root information out geographically by duplicating the root servers leads to a resilient, dispersed system that cannot be taken offline by a problem at any single instance of a given DNS root server.

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  • That is too cool. Nayatel will put up a tough dogfight with PTCL optical fiber Broadband!
    Thumbs up for Nayatel!

                • My Point is just that PTCL never implented any DNS local root server. If they did then then it should be listed in root server website

                  • Mohsin Raza is actually right, if you go to the Root-servers website, you’ll find that servers F and I are located at Karachi, Pakistan.

                  • I’m talking about i-root dont know why you can’t see on the root servers website.. Netnod is the company that manages i-root servers all over the world and they have i-root nodes in Karachi at PTCL datacenter, you can also visit Netnod website to verify

        • @disqus_EqB8JKfPNP:disqus , can u tell us how do these benefit the end-user , in LAYMAN terms ?

          • On Internet everything has an address (IP) combination of numbers like which is difficult to remember so alphabetical names (domain names) like are used instead of these IP addresses. The servers responsible for translating these domain names into IP addresses are called domain name servers or DNS. Whenever we open any website it is the root server’s responsibility to point to the correct DNS server responsible for that website. So you can imagine the importance of root servers in the world wide web. DNS queries will be faster if these root servers are nearer or response time is less. So for Pakistani internet users DNS response time will be faster if root servers are with in Pakistan. There are lots of other technical benefits as well.

      • Dear SQ,
        after reading your comments in this blog or in other blogs as well, you tried to be oversmart…………….so be calm.

  • Nayatel seems to be trying to dominate the broadband market in pakistan and according to what I’ve heard lately, they’re succeeding in it. :)

    • that would be great . we need competition. just imagine the stupidity of ptcl people, they think pakistani people are only downloading things but not uploading anything. upload speed for 1-16Mbps dsl package is only 1Mbps

      • PTCL in my area has actually gone on record to say that people only use the Internet for torrents and Facebook.

        • most of the people also use skype or other video calling software. a high upload speed of your connection is required for HD video at the receiver’s end.

        • Ptcl shall soon change their slogan from “hello to the future ” to ‘hello to the stone age”

      • Ptcl just wants to extract money from us and simply keep it in the bank! Not improve its services (as we see nowadays)
        as soon as 3g/4g packages come a bit down in price (which they would due to fierce competition in 3g/4g services nowadays) nobody will stay on their network! Even i would like to make a switch for the better. But the thing that stops me is my high data usage … I use like 30 gigs of data per month! And cannot afford an internet connection more expensive than 1600 rupees. My current option is ptcl only as it is cheap.. But not for long ;)

  • This was mentioned by the ICANN representative in the cyber secure pakistan conference few weeks back, good to see that NayaTel picked up on it and did this.

  • Im getting tired of Ptcl shit service …..hope nayatel brings amazing service to his customers and covers large areas in every city.

  • Nice step taken by Nayatel. This will improve quality of service.FTTH connection is almost equal to 4G LTE connection performance wise.So tough competition will be seen between Nayatel and other 4G LTE operators.Those who will perform better in quality will succeed.Just wait and see.

  • There already are F and I root servers in Karachi. Would we see an increase in performance due to this L root server?

  • Dear admin, Ministry of IT played a very important role in this agreement. I am sure no one knows, ICANN dont directly coordinate with ISP like nayatel but through Ministry and these kind of L root server and implementation of IPv6 in pakistan is the major objectives of ICANN.

  • thanks alot!
    that really cleared up things.

    One last question , @disqus_EqB8JKfPNP:disqus …
    will the presence of these Root Servers NEARBY , also help us gain LOW Pings for a BETTER online gaming experience ?

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