Rs. 5 Billion Worth of Cars are Stolen Every Year, Here’s How You Can Save Yours!

by Khawar Saeed

Stolen vehicles are a huge business in Pakistan. Every year, around 21,000 cars are stolen and they are worth up to a staggering PKR 5 billion. These vehicles are either sold to unsuspecting buyers or used to carry out a plethora of illegal activities like robberies, thefts, dacoits, snatching and so on.

Purchasing a car is one of the most significant cash investments for a majority of us and yet, car insurance isn’t as big as it should be in Pakistan. This means that your vehicle getting robbed is a significant setback financially.

Karachi, Rawalpindi and Islamabad are the most affected territories of vehicles burglary and grabbing.

10 years ago, Save the Nation Pakistan and Punjab Police joined hands to reduce vehicle crimes. The two parties have conducted joint activities in the Federal Capital region and dispatched Capital Safety Program for the safety and security of vehicles, offices, schools and industries for over a decade now.

Every year, around 21,000 cars are stolen and they are worth up to a staggering PKR 5 billion.

Save The Nation Pakistan’s vehicle security creative arrangements are an answer for the well being and security of local and business vehicles. They involve hands-on trainings, making car owners aware of various tips on security and videos that show how robbers break into cars. Lastly, free brochures and leaflets are available at all offices.

Through vehicle well being project, till today, more than 100,000 vehicles have been secured and over 5.5 million vehicle owners have been educated about the security of their auto-mobiles. On a daily basis, over 200 car owners are made more aware about vehicle safety and security. A Vehicle Verification Center is also active which allows new owners to verify whether or not their car is involved in any police cases, criminal activity or if it’s stolen.

The vehicle well being project has secured over 100,000 vehicles and educated over 5.5 million vehicle owners about the security of their auto-mobiles

Vehicle safety and security program offices are situated at Rescue 15 Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi, Rescue 15 Zero Point Islamabad, Rescue 15 Jail Road Faisalabad & Rescue 15 Saraiki Chowk Bahawalpur and vehicles owners can get free materials, trainings and answers for any questions from these offices.