Lighting Pakistan: Affordable Solar Products Introduced in Pakistan

IFC (International Finance Corporation), a member of the World Bank Group, yesterday announced the launch of “Lighting Pakistan program” to help provide safe, affordable, high quality lighting solutions aimed at more than a million Pakistanis that are impacted by energy crisis.

Under the project over two dozen solar lighting solution of various types and sizes — with starting price of just Rs. 1,000 — will be introduced in Pakistan.

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IFC has established a series of quality standards – the Lighting Global Quality Standards – for solar products. Through “Lighting Pakistan Program”, IFC will connect manufacturers that meet minimum quality standards with local distributors who will make solar products available across Pakistan.

The Pakistan Off-Grid Lighting Consumer Perceptions Study, that was released alongside the launch of Lighting Pakistan program, indicates that nearly 145 million people are severely impacted by the country’s energy crisis.

Liam Grealish, Program Manager, Lighting Pakistan, on the occasion said that most Pakistani households rely on an expensive and low-quality mix of battery powered torches, kerosene, and candles that do not meet their lighting needs and burns a hole in their pockets. He said that Lighting Pakistan program will help raise awareness amongst these households about alternatives including quality solar-powered lighting products.

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The program is supported by IFC’s development partners UKAID and Australia AID.

Solar Lighting Products for Pakistan

IFC said that it has signed up four manufactures namely, d.light, greenlight planet, Niwa and OmniVoltaic for Lighting Pakistan program. These manufactures are already in process of bringing their products — that meet minimum Lighting Global Quality Standards — to Pakistan. More manufactures are likely to sign-up for the program during the time to come.

List of lighting products that are approved by Lighting Global progam can be seen here:

IFC said that it has plans to introduce more advanced solar solutions down the line, which will include more lights, fans and solar TV options as well.

Below are few of the solar products that will be available in Pakistan:



IFC has said that prices for up-given solar products are yet to be finalize, however, below are average prices from other markets that can be used for estimations:



According to IFC, manufacturers are currently in process of finalizing distributors. If things go as per plans then these products will be available across Pakistan with-in a month’s time.

Expect more details and demos of Lighting Pakistan products during coming days.


  • I guess this is work in Progress at this time. I checked the Website to pull specs for some of the items listed, and they are pretty much black templates at the moment.

    Depending on the Quality of products, the prices could be high or good. If these are Cheap Chinese Panels and Batteries, then you can get similar specs on Aliexpress for a better price. If these are High Quality Solar Cells and Lithium Ion batteries, then good price.

    Lets see how the Govt. of Pakistan responds, duties, taxes etc. once they start the project.

  • Totally Paid articles , and prices r going to be high for sure as in pakistan companies come for “choor baxari” only not for the benefit of consumer or to stable economy. no “poch gich”.

  • PAKISTAN Main Ek Bat Bohat Common Hai Public Ko Jis Cheez Se Porblem Hai, Yani, KESC, SSGC, WATER, Etc, Hum Usy Sahi Kar ne K Bajey Alternate K Taraf Chalary Jaty Hai, Like, Solar, Generator, UPS, Boaring, Etc Grow Up Aj Nahi, Taraqi Aise Nahi Milti, Mehnat Mangti Hai

  • “that do not meet their lighting needs and burns a hole in their pockets”…… irony died a Drone strike wali mout there…. :)

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