Meet This Solar Energy Solution That Costs Just Rs. 490 Per Month

BrighterLite, in collaboration with EasyPaisa, has resolved to equip Pakistanis without electricity with solar energy through its solar energy solutions that are specifically tailored for Pakistani audience.

The main highlight of the BrighterLite’s solar energy solution is that you don’t have to pay any upfront cost for getting the solution, instead a monthly rental model is introduced through which consumers will have to pay a monthly rental after acquiring solar energy solution.


Even the appliances (i.e. lights, fans) are provided by BrighterLite and you just have to pay a monthly rental and that’s it.

Everything (including solar panels, battery, fans, lights etc.) is provided for free by BrighterLite

Keeping in mind the needs of various individuals, BrighterLite Solar energy solutions come in three different configurations or packages. Keep reading to know the details:

  • L4 Package
    • Two lights
    • One Charger
  • L9 Package
    • One Ceiling Fan
    • Three Lights
    • Two Chargers
    • One Radio
  • L16 Package
    • One Ceiling Fan
    • Three Lights
    • Two Charges
    • One Radio
    • One TV


BrighterLite team explaining Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA about its solar solutions at Telenor’s IOT Expo in Lahore

Monthly Rentals 

Entire solar energy solution, even the TV set or the fans, wiring, fitting or anything else will be provided by BrighterLite. Consumers will have to pay just the monthly rent depending on the package they will be using. Here are monthly rentals:

  • L4 Package
    • Registration Charges: Rs. 1,490
    • Monthly Line Rent: Rs. 490
  • L9 Pakcage
    • Registration Charges: Rs. 1,990
    • Monthly Line Rent: Rs. 790
  • L16 Package
    • Registration Charges: Rs. 2,590
    • Monthly Line Rent: Rs. 1,090

Registration Charges is a nominal up front cost which mainly involves installation charges (the installer from the Franchise or Retailer will have the unit installed at the subscriber’s premises) and certain percentage of the unit upfront cost is kept as security (will be returned if the subscriber uses the system / unit for 180 days and feels like returning it back).

First 14 days of usage are included in the initial signup / registration cost and then a monthly rental process starts off.

Appliances, depending on the package are provided with the given price tag and the appliances include LED Light, Fan, Radio along with Solar Module & Control / Charging Box.


So here is how BrighterLite Solar Energy Solution works:

  • A request should be made to BrighterLite for provision of Solar Energy Solution
  • BrighterLite representative will come to you place, install the solar energy solution (including the wiring, fitting)
  • You use the appliances installed, and pay monthly rent every month
  • Paying bill is done through Easypaisa outlets that will provide you with a PIN that has to be entered into control box of solar energy solution installed at your place
  • If PIN isn’t entered, your solar energy will simply not work.

Back Up Timings

According to Muhammad Omer, Managing Director of BrighterLite, this especially configured solar energy solution will run round the clock. He claimed that his solution can run on direct solar energy during the days and on battery for eight long hours during the nights.

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Omer said that all the equipment (appliances, panel, batteries etc.) is designed and optimized for best possible performance and longer back-up times.

He said that his solar panels will operate normally even during the cloudy weather or in hilly areas.

How to Get BrighterLite Solar Energy Solution

BrighterLite aims to make its products available in entire Pakistan, however, currently they have started with Jehlum and Rawalpindi district.

BrighterLite told me that they are expanding fast and will be available in at least 20 districts by year end.

For those in Rawalpindi and Jehlum district, can reach out to local BrighterLite franchises and retailers to get their solar energy solution.

You can call BrighterLite UAN 051-111-222-257 to know the location of your nearest BrighterLite franchise or retailer.

You can also call this number for any further information about BrighterLite Solar Energy Solutions.

BrighterLite Solar Energy Solution


Solar Energy fans and lights — provided by BrighterLite


TV set provided by BrighterLite


BrighterLite TV set is designed in Germany, that has won Global LEAP Award 2014 for best performing TV set with Solar Energy


Control Panel, that accepts EasyPaisa PIN for accepting monthly rentals. This Control Panel also hosts batteries and other functionalities for the entire solar energy solution


Solar Panel, is provided free as well

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Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • Should provide system total capacity and is there any other options apart from these packages?

  • I always resent the fact how our commercial banks don’t come up with such ideas. how difficult could it be to market similar packages. Good start at least!

    • my dear check Bank of Punjab website they are offering solar panels on installment basis.

      • Rental VS Interest packages. I would choose brighter life
        . Banks are blood suckers.

        • We do not want to pay interest but want to do all other wrong stuff every day. What a hepocracy

    • Kundi utaar do na :D don’t mind just kidding lets see what happen with you in june july :P

        • NO kundi, there is a huge difference between single phase and three phase meters.
          Single phase meter 300 units
          => 100×5 = PKR 500 and 200×8 = PKR 1700
          =>total = PKR 2700 electricity cost only.
          Three phase meter 300 units
          daytime 225 units x 12 = PKR 2700
          evening time 75 units x 18 = PKR 1350
          =>total = 4050 electricity cost only.
          more GST, more surcharge, more additional taxes.

          p.s if a single phase has 50 units the cost is only PKR 100.

  • Aamir bhai

    After how much time you become owner of this equipment. Or it will remain under rental for ever ?

      • This is an other monthly payment for an unspecifed periods ,and still nothing owned by the poor consumers and it is very expensive unacceptable and a new way of snacking poor people ‘s money! Please try to ease their breath and don’t try yo be a parasite! !!!

    • Never. Baba Rs.1000 per month k hisab sy kam az kam 15-20 saal bad ap malik bn jao gay tb tk solar panel aur batteries ho chuki hon gi jero bata lull.

      • ownership is never transferred. After 20 years you would have paid 240,000. Calculate the IRR and net present value of that and the amount is just peanuts.

  • A L16 solution will cost at max. 400K at street prices. So basically 2 year return and then it’s free money from then on. Amazing business model. :)

    • no it won’t cost that much. Someone I know recently installed solar panels of 415k and it runs four fans and,10 lights, all the kitchen appliances including fridge and deep freezer, laptops and all other appliances. Basically the whole house excluding A/C’s from 6am to 9pm.

      • Yes I believe that. I have installed solar system. My self for 118K in April this year. I have excluded fridge, water motor, and iron from the system. We run 5 fans almost all the time in summer, 4-5 energy savers of 25w each, A PC (300 w), microwave oven (700w) for sometime, juicer machine 150w for sometime in day time. Night backup time for 5 lights and 5 fans is around 5-6 hours. The system auto change to main grid when batteries get down.
        The above deals by brighter light is much expensive.

  • this is very interesting.. they are going to give lot of other solar solution hard time for what they are offering in such simplified way. It seem to be profitable model but i would like to see it work.

  • You didn’t mention that, Will those monthly charges are for lifetime or any specific time period. And what is the warranty period for those equipment and how much the cost if its broken or expired to buy the new one?

  • instead of installing ups it better to buy their services. not a replacement for wapda.

      • Salman Sahib you dont now anything about solar and you dont represent BLP, pls dont misguide people. Let BLP explain it. UPS is disaster for this country and for each individual house it kills batteries and your appliances

  • This is something truly creative. If they are honest, I am sure they will create and capture a niche market. Electricity as a service (EAAS) – thats what I will name this excellent business model. It must succeed. It has to.

  • ایل 16 خریدنے سے بہت بہتر ہے کہ بندہ گھر میں یو-پی-ایس لگوالے۔
    Buying UPS is much better than buying L16 package.

  • One options should be acquiring price to stop paying rent…good initiative…;)

  • One thing that must be researched and missed in this article. Instead of telling no of bulbs (which might be 3Watt led bulbs) Fan (12 Watt ). You must also mention that how many Watts they are offering against a specific price. This will help in determining best solution either UPS or this solar solution.

  • Based on the applications the product is capable of running, I think the L16 can support a maximum of 200W. Assuming a running time of 8 hours a day and K-Electric’s average tariff of Rs.10/kWh, the maximum electricity saving the L16 can provide is ~Rs. 500/month.
    With the company charging Rs. 1,090/month, I believe not installing this product would be a viable option. I think it’s a nice initiative but too expensive.

  • Question 1: If the battery life is finished. Do you replace the battery or the customer replaces it? Who pays for battery replacement. Similarly for fans, tv if they are not working
    Question 2: My t.v. lounge already has an excellent large LED tv.. How does the tv you are providing fit into the situation?

    Suggestion: The basic problem for me is not light.. But coolness from fan.. However, even the most advanced package has only one fan.. Only if there was a solution with more fans than lights/media.. I can get light from torches, gas lamps, candles.. However, fans are the real issue in extreme summer heat
    Suggestion: A good package would be very simple.. Cut out the radio tv and chargers.. Make it three lights and two fans.. Is it possible? This would make it an equal to UPS…
    Suggestion: In Bahawalpur people have good affording capacity. So they’re very willing to buy and try new stuff. Since its a desert with extreme heat and people pray for such solutions. Please launch your business there and you’ll find success.

  • It is costly if you are not going to become owner of equipment ever. I have invested almost 40k one time and now I have 5 fans, 10 lights several charging ports for chargers running all the time on solar and battery backup for almost 6+ hours.

  • Best innovation in IOT market, especially for areas with bigger electricity problem. The biggest challenge in technology is acquisition cost – and BrighterLite has intelligently solved….
    Quite exciting ‘electricity for all’ initiative

  • K Electric Zindabad, Kam Az Kam Sub Kuch to Chalta Hai, Usy Charge Bhi Nahi Karna Pharta Din Mai Bhaaly Ghyab Rehti Hai Par Kam Chal Jata Hai

  • This is amazing. Very creative and these ventures should be supported.

  • Hmm, it’s a good start, but if they expand their services the cost will be much high, as just these services will not meet the user requirements. You can avail a fan and a light, and charging your phone that’s it,

  • This is too much, not recommended, Just two led lights in 490. Plus the user will never have chance to be owner, plus on wapda two led lights if left ON for whole month will cost less. Other plans are also similar. Plus disturbing thing is, its all rental, to opportunity to own anything for ever.

  • too expensive. i can provide all same packages with difference of 100 – 300rs per month.

  • Brighterlite Pakistan (BLP) took whole Pakistan as changa managa (jungle).

    As per the info given on, this solution is solely design for remote areas. SO someone should stand up say “hey, mr.brighterlite go and sell out these solutions in wazaristan” where our Champion WAPDA cannot reach just because our Federal Govt. think its not part of PAKISTAN and there were lives only tribes; and tribes are not human and they doesn’t need any basic necessities.

    And I don’t understand that what BLP stall is doing Telenor’s IOT Expo where their businesses have no link with IT.

    Last not least our champo PTA chairman who is taking high interest in BLP product (closer look at pic).

  • will it be rental or installments of complete costs? I mean when we will become the owner of equipment? Or is it the model like wi-tribe?

  • I called and spoke with Ali there; currently services available in Rawalpindi and Jehlum only. Soon coming in Lahore.

  • جب سب کچھ پٹہ (لیز) پر دیا جائے گا تو بہت سا سرمایہ منجمد ہو جائے گا۔ کیا کمپنی کے پاس اربوں روپے ہیں، جن سے وہ تمام گاہکوں کی مانگ پوری کر سکے؟

  • I have installed solar system. My self for 118K in April this year. I have excluded fridge, water motor, and iron from the system. We run 5 fans almost all the time in summer, 4-5 energy savers of 25w each, A PC (300 w), microwave oven (700w) for sometime, juicer machine 150w for sometime in day time. Night backup time for 5 lights and 5 fans is around 5-6 hours. The system auto change to main grid when batteries get down.
    The above deal by brighter light is much expensive.

  • Our website is under construction and will take a little time to develop and upload. In case of any query, you can visit our Facebook page by the name of “Brighterlite Pakistan” or call us any time between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on 051-111 222 257.


  • monthly rental for how long period on every pakeg
    And how many total real cost for L9
    Rply me admin

  • The funny thing about solar is the appliances. If and only if you buy the appliances made for especially for solar and you run them on your grid, you’ll save more and your UPS time will increase drastically as well. Ofcourse solar panel will be added benefit. So if you have that low wattage LCD from germany and all those fancy led bulbs and dc solar fans, then why would you want solar panel :)

  • The ownership of the System will never transferred to the Monthly Payee Consumer even after 20 years you paid regularly (Lease Financing).

    …Hire Purchase is a kind of installment purchase where the Consumer (hirer) agrees to pay the cost of the equipment in different installments over a period of time.

    ….These installment covers the principal amount and the interest cost towards the purchase of an asset for the period the asset is utilized. The hirer gets the possession of the asset as soon as the hire purchase agreement is signed.

    …The hirer becomes the owner of the equipment after the last payment is made. The hirer has the right to terminate the agreement anytime before taking the title or the ownership of the asset.

  • Dear sir,
    Please let me know the procedure for applying membership as I want to install it on my residence. Could you please send me the brochure for minimum and medium usage of electricity…
    Thanks and regards
    Akhtar Ali Haider

  • Aoa, have good day, when this service is expected to be stArted in Sindh especially in Karachi, the most affected area by Load-shedding.

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