Insaaf Card Will Provide Food Subsidy to Millions of People in KPK

Easypaisa and the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have launched an initiative to provide essential food commodities at subsidized prices to people living below the poverty line, called “Sasta Aata-Ghee Khasoosi Program”.

With the goal of providing food security to their constituents, the program comprises of a special package of subsidized flour and ghee worth a total of PKR 7 billion for the 5 million people living below the poverty line in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Sasta Aata-Ghee package includes providing 40 Kg of flour and 5 Kg ghee per month at subsidized rates of PKR 10/ kg for flour and PKR 40/ kg for ghee.

5 million people living below the poverty line in KPK will get subsidized flour and ghee worth over PKR 7 billion

Under the scheme, the Government selected the most deserving people from across the province. These deserving individuals were sent letters informing them of their eligibility along with the Sasta Aata-Ghee package customized discount vouchers. To avail the special package, beneficiaries have to bring their CNIC along with the vouchers, to any Utility Store near their residence to avail the subsidized items.

The Insaaf Card is Easypaisa’s solution to enable this social welfare program for the Government of KPK. The Insaaf card is a customized Debit card which will be issued to almost 750,000 deserving households. After verification through SMS, deserving families can use the Insaaf Card to shop for subsidized flour and ghee at any Utility Store. To facilitate customers, Easypaisa has installed POS machines in over 430 utility stores across the province.

Insaaf Cards will be issued to more than 750,000 households

Through Easypaisa, the Government of KPK is taking advantage of the transparency and ease of use offered by the branchless banking platform.


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  • Much needed project for hefty deprived masses of KPK, it’s all about priorities either you want to feed the nation or want to facilitate elite class to travel using signal free overheads and underpasses and with metro bus kind of visible gimmicks.

    • seriously ? you dumb. This project is only publicity of Pak tehreek insaaf…. see insaaf card ?? you blind immature supporters of PTI.. they will feed gareebs to get their votes in next election because PTI was only focusing papus and mummy dady class.. now they have changed the strategy and following PPP culture of politics.. PPP has sind card for power and PTI now has Insaaf card for kpk… this all for the PM seat my friend…

      • Mr. Furqan seems to be very intelligent person. He can see negative even in the most positive steps. But this super genius can’t see that unlike Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, there is no photo of Imran Khan on the poster nor any PTI logo. If this is called publicity then what PMLN and PPP is doing should be called “Kanjarpan”.

        • seriously man ? Why you comparing things with other parties ? I am not saying PMLN is good or PPP is good or bad. What I am saying is a logic and you can only understand logic when you have some common sense. See this is “Insaaf card” your party name… you most intellectual man. Why blindly following your leaders. Just think for some time and then decide what is wrong and what is right.
          Insaaf card is not the only issue, We should eradicate terrorism, make sure the availability of justice to everyone, eradicate corruption from govt departments, eradicate menace of loadshedding, give better healthcare and education and lifestyle than building your self interest shaukat khanum in peshawar. There are number of other things than getting voters for next election

          • Your comments don’t even deserve any rebuttal due to sheer stupidity. Stop wasting internet bandwidth.

            • خان صاحب بینظیر انکم سپورٹ کے خلاف بھونکتے رہے کہ لوگوں کو بھکاری بنا دیا نیا پاکستان میں ایسا نہیں ہو گا …. اور خود بھی وہی کام کیا یہ کھلا تضاد نہیں منافقت کی انتہا ہے
              بلند بانگ دعوے کرنے آسان اور عمل شرمناک

      • Positive steps should be admired despite of Political opinions its all about Public. Whoever do good for us i admire the effort

        • So why he slashed at rawalpindi MBS??? Despite he tried to initiate “simillar” extra cost project in Peshawar. He is just liar!

      • @Ahmed Habib

        Now, what is burning your arse. This is a project of KPK government without any showoff of party faces and logo. This move can’t be compared with PPP 1,000 rs monthly. Providing commodities at subsidized prices is far better than simply giving money. Money is often used not to cater poorness due to many circumstances.

  • whats the difference b/w insaaf card and benazir income support programme ?
    So, the so called great Khan is hell bending on introducing PPP-owned program in his own name and labeling them as ‘Tabdeli’. Whereas the ultimate winner is private company names as ‘Easypaisa’ (read commission)

    • Insaaf card we won’t get fraud sms bcoz its poti leage initiative and with benazir card we get fraud sms regularly (mostly sent by youth of Pakistan). Nothing more…

    • aap ka matlab hai koi achcha kaam sirf is liye shuru na karay keh doosra pehle hi ker raha hai or log kahenge keh yeh us ki naqal ker raha hai … ??

  • good step
    but better would be to strength people
    and that would be by implementing labour law (15k per month minimum salary)

  • This is good, I liked that. They just need make sure only deserving people get their hands on this card.

  • Thank God there is something with general public picture instead of Shehbaz sharif or any other ruler. Insaf means justice and the idea is good

  • Great step…. buck up
    seeing above comments, I have no doubt that this nation is still a slave ganja brothers

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