Mobilink Becomes First Operator to Offer 3G Coverage in Over 100 Cities

Mobilink today announced that it has become country’s first operator to have 3G footprints in over 100 cities with more than 3.5 million active data subscribers in less than a year of its commercial launch of 3G services.

Mobilink has said that it offered blanket coverage in one city with 3G services before moving on to next city, which has provided users with a unique experience and maximum value for money.

It merits mentioning here that PTA had set a target of 3G coverage in 15 cities with-in first 18 months of license auction, that Mobilink has clearly surpassed by many folds in almost two third of the time it was allotted.

Mobilink says that expanding its 3G network across Pakistan in such short span of time is part company strategy to bridge the digital divide between the cities of Pakistan.

Mobilink said that it expanded its network across the country by providing comprehensive coverage in both metros and smaller cities across the four provinces in parallel.

In order to encourage the use of 3G and to increase awareness, Mobilink offers its customers free 3G for a limited period of time which has been appreciated by people from all walks of life.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Amir Ibrahim, CCO & Deputy CEO Mobilink said:

“Mobilink is playing a leading role in expanding the 3G broadband infrastructure in Pakistan.

Being the first operator to launch 3G in 100 cities proves Mobilink’s commitment in bridging the digital divide and reaffirms our commitment towards a technologically advanced Pakistan.

3G broadband facilitates access to knowledge and is a key factor that positively impacts the social-economic canvas in the country. We remain committed to provide the benefits of high-speed internet to every Pakistani, in any nook and corner of the country.”

Below is the list of cities where Mobilink offers its 3G services:


To support its 3G services, Mobilink has in place a robust fiber optic infrastructure that expands to over 6000 kilometers coupled with the latest technology, state-of-the-art equipment and a well versed team of professionals.

Mobilink’s 3G network connects millions of people who use their Smartphones for education, businesses, communication, entertainment, e-learning and most importantly enjoy ready access to internet on the go for easy access to knowledge.

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  • Oh come on, not against Mobilink or anything, but I use their 3G service in Rawalpindi/Islamabad (a pretty important territory you’d agree) and websites often refuse to load (that H+ sign doesn’t do me any good), as if the connection doesn’t even exist. Spreading coverage is one thing, providing quality coverage another. Hopefully they improve the quality as well.

  • QOS result will confirm the quality , quantity does matter when you have quality at the same time.

    • The more the users, the slower the 3G speed will be. Have you ever imagined why Zong 3G has the highest 3G speed? Because Zong users are less as compared to Telenor etc, moreover, its packages offer less data, for instance, at Rs.50 it gives 150MB only. You can’t download a movie; it means no pressure on its server. I’m using Mobilink 3G, now its downloading is 117KB/s but at night it goes to 1MB/s.

          • hmm !!
            Im waiting for
            ufone 3g in my
            city bcoz it give
            good pkg 50gb
            per day for 8 rupees
            with 5mbps speed !!!

      • i am using zong,got speed of 10 mb/s average…monthly 100 rs unlimited…..zong khapay!!!

          • its employee package,sold by employees of zong or if u have a friend in company u can get it free..zong employee put ur number in server of zong and upon activation of 100 rupees u can get unlimited internet

            • Lucky Man!! I’m waiting for such a friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed! :P

          • ou were using zong family special package. Don’t fool us. Now Zong has also stared to charge their special family customer Rs. 250 for 30 GB. You are not a regular customer like us.. Smjy???????

            • No Yar!! I’m a normal user…!! It would be great if Zong offers me special package. I’m using its expensive packages.

        • You were using zong family special package. Don’t fool us. Now Zong has also stared to charge their special family customer Rs. 250 for 30 GB. You are not a regular customer like us.. Smjy???????

  • Excellent performance by Mobilink.Customers may not get proper speed sometimes due to their location and sometimes due to some technical issues.Mobilink should work on improving quality of service for capturing more customers and for lowering the digital divide.

  • But still most of tourist attractions are still missing 3G facility like Kalam, Malam Jabba, Naran/Kaghan, Fairy Meadows etc. I believe networks should consider focusing on tourist points as well as there’s no DSL/Evo at those places and they do have 2G already on those place and has to just deploy 3G.

  • karachi highway toll plaza say pehely tak to in ka 3g chalta nahi hia , baad ka pata nahi :P lol 100 cities

    • I live on Abul Hasan Asfahani Road Karachi (Near Sihrab Goth Superhighway). There is no mobilink 3G coverage.

    • haha. no 3g coverage in smchs.
      all they want is quantity of cities for a healthy advertising campaign !!
      A huge area of karachi is still uncovered.
      very unsatisfying service my mobilink.

      • yup i had fluctuating 3g signals , complained them , they said its not officially there , i was getting some surrounding area’s signals, I live in huge populated suburban area of Karachi and there 100 cities coverage IS A PATHETIC JOKE

  • I live on Abul Hasan Asfahani Road Karachi (Near Sihrab Goth Superhighway) . Still today, there is no mobilink 3G coverage.

  • To prove mobilink wrong regarding its blanket coverage claim, please ask them to experience their blanket coverage in G-10/1, Islamabad. My 3G mobile signals continue their roller coaster rides throughout the day, despite two towers in the area. Please ask them to check what blanket coverage by checking ufone’s & Warid’s coverage in the same area.

  • This way Telenor shall have coverage in more cities than Mobilink as Telenor counts Districts only while Mobilink is counting all small cities, villages and towns to make 100 number.

  • Mobilink has very spotty coverage in smaller towns whereas Telenor has blanket coverage in small towns and even roads. No wonder why mobilink doesn’t have coverage maps.

  • Worst speed in Karachi 0.50 average speed in DHA and Saddar, Korangi, Landhi Karachi, and 3.0 Mbps average speed in Bin Qasim Town.. I personally experienced it yesterday

  • Though mobilink is my favorite operator. Here they are just fooling people by covering more cities but not covering most of areas in all those cities. E,g, in rawalpindi they have not covered lots of good areas which i surprised to know they were not covered.

    Lots and lots of commercial areas in pindi are not covered plus. The tower adjecent to my home tower was upgraded six months ago but my home tower still not covered.

    Plus mobilink is only operator which does not have 3g coverage map on their site. So their claim of covering 100 cities is ridiculous.

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