Warid Tops 4G LTE Customers in Pakistan

Coinciding with its 10th anniversary, Warid has become Pakistan’s largest 4G LTE network in less than 6 months. The company was the only one in Pakistan to directly transform from 2G to 4G LTE technology.

Warid Telecom has established its network in 1200 cities throughout Pakistan, with 4G LTE network now expanded to 12 major cities, and continuing. A particular point of pride for the company is entire coverage of the motorway service areas with its 4G LTE network.

Other important services include balance share, whereby balance can be requested for and transferred regardless of the type of connection (prepaid or postpaid). Moreover, brands such as “Glow” are quite popularity amongst the youth of Pakistan.

In order to secure its link to the subscribers and to make life more feasible and economical, the company has also come up with a safe and reliable mobile banking brand, Mobile Paisa. With this, all Warid subscribers have mobile baking readily available at their fingertips on the go.

Here are some of the salient points from the company’s 10 years in operation:

  • Having launched 4G LTE on December 26th 2014, Warid has achieved more than 90,000 LTE customers in less than 6 months
  • Covered 1200 cities throughout Pakistan.  4G LTE network expanded to 12 major cities of Pakistan while whole of motorway service areas are covered with 4G LTE.
  • Achieved highest number of Postpaid customers in the industry = 644,555
  • Service Excellence: PTA Report 2014- Warid had least number of complaints in FY14 – Having the most satisfied customers in the industry
  • PTA Quality test report – Warid achieved highest Call Completion Ratio [Attained 99.4% (Target set by PTA = 98%)]
  • PTA Quality test report – Highest Call Quality [Attained = 3.19 (Target set by PTA = 3)]
  • Established a secure mobile banking brand – Mobile Paisa
  • Has the most loved youth brand in the country – “Glow by Warid”
  • Warid Sales and Service Centres network
    • Business Centres: 12
    • Franchises: 355
    • Retailers: 130,000
  • International Roaming
    • International Roaming Destinations = 152 Countries
    • International Roaming partners = 280 Worldwide
    • GPRS roamers = 206 Operators in 121 Countries
    • Maritime roaming partners = On-Waves (52 vessels globally – both cruise ships and large ferries) & AT&T (152 cruise ships globally)
    • Prepaid International Roaming Partners = 102 operators in 60 countries
  • First time launched Data Sharing Plans and introduced 4G LTE Mifi/Wingles devices
  • Industry first Balance share – transfer & request [pre-post/ pre-pre/post-pre/post-post]
  • Warid rebranding as part of its 10 year celebration with 3W launch

Commenting on the company’s 10 years of service excellence, Mr. Muneer Farooqui, CEO of Warid Telecom, said:

Over the past decade, we at Warid Telecom have established ourselves as pioneers amongst innovative cellular service providers. Recently, we expanded into LTE services and became the largest and fastest growing LTE network in less than 6 months.

The foundation of Warid’s success lies with our devoted employees and loyal customers. It is their support which has led Warid to become the most trusted brand of Pakistan. I am also thankful to our stakeholders for their trust, to our honourable Chairman His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak al Nahayan, Board of Directors, and all our business associates involved in making Warid a success.

  • Muhammad Abrar Ali

    1200 cities are you maddddddddddddd.?

  • Umar Farooq

    Best Services!

  • Shoaib

    Another landmark achievement of Warid in 4G LTE.The way Warid is progressing in 4G LTE, number of 4G LTE consumers will cross 1 million within next 6 months.4G LTE wingles and MiFi devices will play pivotal role in raising number of customers.Well done Warid.Keep it up.

    • MySchizoBuddy

      Fanboy alert!!! So it will go from 15,000 per month average to 151,000 per month average.

  • Epakistani

    4g LTE launched in hyderabad.
    Map available on website.

    • Saquib Khuwaja

      Very poor/Low coverage in Hyderabad.
      Starting days….

      • mir

        speed is also slow

        • Epakistani

          Ya not goin above 12 mbps

      • FF

        Expanding its coverage and capacity in Hyderabad soon you will feel better experience

  • Geekpk

    what is the average speed of Warid 4g???

    • koolliver

      that is the highest i got in Lahore..

      • Waseem

        Warid speed in Lahore

        • MySchizoBuddy

          use torrent to check for speed. when you use speedtest software they will download the test file that is located in Pakistan. Which will give you insane speeds. Almost all websites in the world are outside of Pakistan. A torrent download of a popular US movie will give you more realistic speeds.

          • Mohammad

            You can change server in settings of the speed test app. Change to overseas server and check.

          • Awais Afzal

            torrent only gives best speed if he locate best remote server to retrieve or download file. It is not best way to test speed. And the test file located in Pakistan is don’t make sense lolx

            • MySchizoBuddy

              Torrent is distributed protocol it doesn’t connect to any servers to download the file.

      • Junaid

        Allah mujhe bhi naseeb kare :(

    • BadarUI

      Maximum Speed is 37 Mbps

  • BadarUI

    Warid 4G LTE is not working good on mobile due to not fully covered in Karachi. I personally checked it in Atrium Mall Karachi (12 June 2015) during promotion. Mifi device is working good but no speed in mobile having 3 signals.

    • nabeel

      in Karachi, my experience is really good

      • Your area?

      • BadarUI

        Your Handset and area?
        Tell me more that can in settings you have selected GSM/WCDMA/LTE or LTE only

      • BadarUI

        which cell phone and area you are in?

  • omer

    Poor coverage in multan. How can they launch without covering many main city parts??? Its poor management again???

    It seems warid is short of $$$ . Competitors spending billions on network upgrade after 3g and 4g auction. Warid cannot survive in long run.

    • Abdullah

      Well i am from a Banking sector and i travel alot intercity and i will say Warid Wingle 4G speed is better than Evo 4g.

      Its really impressive. Outstanding experience, i must say.

      • Shoaib

        Warid is working for improving quality of service.Soon Warid 4G LTE customers will cross figure of 1 million.Just they have to speed up their 4G LTE network roll out process.

  • Muhammad Aun

    i m in good Coverage but still getting worst speeds on my 10000 rupees mifi speeds are even worst than ptcl’s 1 mb dsl ,I recommend not to byu any wingle or mifi from warid WORST EXPERIENCE

    • Jamshaad

      Dear Aun, you must be from ZONG or UFONE LOL thats tellling people not to buy Warid lol…. its funny to see your comment.

      my experiecne using Warid is really outstanding and i am even, i am at Motorway and it works really well

      • Muhammad Aun

        Look at these speeds u warid fanBoy

        • Naveed

          What location is that ?? which city ?

          • Muhammad Aun

            lahore shadman colony

        • Naveed

          Here is Warid LTE speed in RWP/ISB .. :)

        • Awais Afzal

          Your screen shot is displaying wifi signal strength. It means you are actually getting speed of wifi. Nice trick to play with wrong info.

  • Muhammad Abrar Ali

    oooh v nhi j


  • zulfiqar ahmed

    still data prices are too high

  • zulfiqar ahmed

    I think Zong and Warid should bring packages to lower price , so that they can capture all the market share of PTCL … because PTCL services are too poor and their prices are also high …. Zong and Warid can both knockout the PTCL and break the monopoly in Broadband services

  • Mohammadee

    Still there is no LTE coverage in the main city of Rawalpindi, at a main location just 2Km from Peshawar Road and 4Km from Saddar Rawalpindi. The complete area has no coverage.

  • Mohammadee

    Still there is no LTE coverage in the main city of Rawalpindi, at a main
    location just 2Km from Peshawar Road and 4Km from Saddar Rawalpindi.
    The complete area has no coverage.

    • Naveed

      Which area are you talking about .. ? I didnt get any problems?

      • Mohammadee

        Afshan Colony, Rawalpindi Cantt

        • Naveed

          Strange.. I will check on my way to office tomorrow :)

      • Mohammadee

        Coverage map on the Warid website shows no coverage in these areas, Afshan colony, Mohammadi Colony, Millatabad, Zeeshan Colony Dhoke Chaudhrian

  • Capt.

    telenor is the ultimate king i know their speed is not that much but they offer 1500 unlimited per month