Warid Introduces Shared LTE Plans and MiFi Devices with 105GBs of Free Data

Warid Telecom has announced the launch of the industry’s first shared plans with its LTE MiFi today.


MiFi Devices

The MiFi device functions as a portable wireless router that can connect up to 10 smartphones, tablets or laptops, whereby users will have access to LTE speed internet on the go in all major cities around Pakistan.

Warid has said that MiFi devices are secure as no other device can access the network without authentication by the MiFi owner.

Not just that, the battery life of MiFi devices goes up to six hours adding to the customer’s convenience.

MiFi Plans

An initial cost of Rs. 9,999 acquires the MiFi device with an LTE enabled SIM as well as an entitlement to 35GB worth of free internet every month for three months consecutively.

A further option of three plans is given in the range of 15-35GB priced between Rs. 1,500 and 3,000.

  • Mifi Smart: Rs. 1,500 — 15GB Monthly Limit
  • Mifi Extra: Rs. 2,000 — 20GB Monthly Limit
  • Mifi Smart: Rs. 3,000 — 35GB Monthly Limit

This offer available is for all Warid customers and can be opted for by using Warid’s online portal and logging in with your mobile number.

Shared LTE Plans 

Warid has become the first operator in Pakistan to introduce shared LTE plans, with which customers — both prepaid and postpaid — can choose up to two additional Warid numbers to share an internet plan and a common bill whenever and wherever they are.

Shared plans are applicable to both LTE device as well as MiFi device users.

As an example, if there’s is a customer and he has 35GB of monthly data limit then he can go to Warid’s online portal to add up to two additional numbers to share this quota of 35GBs and those two shared numbers won’t be charged anything for the internet.

Mr. Asim Ali, Director Pricing, Segments & VAS at Warid Telecom, while commenting on this industry-first said,

“We are committed to delivering the state-of-the-art technology that empowers our customers and makes their lives easier.

Warid MiFi is designed to connect users to the mobile Internet with their own portable hotspot, so they can stay connected to the people and information important to them.”

Here are some images at the TVC shoot of Fowad Khan, the new brand ambassador of Warid LTE, following Shahid Afradi in their first TV commercial.


Fawad_Khan_Brand_Ambassador_Warid_01 Fawad_Khan_Brand_Ambassador_Warid


MiFi Terms and Conditions:

  • As per Fair Usage Policy, only 35GB/month can be used.
  • MiFi operates on Warid’s LTE network only.
  • Internet usage can be monitored through the web self-service portal
  • Mifi device broadcasts WiFi connectivity for a distance of up to 30 ft.
  • You will continue to access GPRS/EDGE services in areas where LTE coverage is not available.
  • For Prepaid Customers: Package change option is available on web self-service portal
  • For Postpaid Customers: Please call 321 or nearest Franchise/Business Center for further assistance.
  • Shared internet plans will be available on MiFi by default. Secondary connections can be managed through the web self-service portal
  • There can be a maximum of two secondary connections with a MiFi shared internet plan.
  • Shared devices can be added/modified/deleted from the web self-service portal
  • If you do not have a LTE compatible handset you can still share the data on a 2G secondary device as well as long as primary device is MiFi or a mobile with an activated LTE shared internet plan.
  • If your Primary internet data allowance is consumed, overage charging will apply to the MiFi device. A Secondary device will be switched to individual plan selected or default charging.
  • MiFi comes with built-in security features that ensure optimum security for your device. There is a unique Wifi key affixed to each device; used as the network connectivity key, compulsory for network authentication. No devices/users can access the device without proper network authentication.
  • SSID and Network/Wifi key can be found at the back of the device and can be read by removing the back cover of the Mifi device


  • Does this mean that I can put the MIFI at home and use internet on 3 LTE mobiles on the go without the MIFI device?

        • Yes, it will have a Warid number and you will be able to manage it with Warid’s online portal. Details on Warid’s website will come soon.

          • thanks but still unclear! my point is will this be the only number which can be used with mifi device? By the Way Warid Online Portal isn’t accessible for login for long!

            • this device is network locked. You can only use warid number. It can be data sim or it can be voice LTE enabled sim card.

              • Can you confirm using any Warid SIM in Warid MiFi Device (By other SIM I mean any SIM other than which came with the device or those which u have shared your connection with).

      • Aamir bhai, if we connect it to a third-party router Which supports 3G/4G modems like Asus RT-AC68U, will we able able to use more than 2 devices? I’m using Zong sim this way, and all the computers in our network uses the Zong’s internet. So this will be affordable package for us with more volume. Please reply.

          • I am using D-link’s DWR-730 3G router, i’ve connected it to Asus RT-AC68U, which is 3G/4G supported, Dlink transfers zong’s internet to Asus, and Asus forwards it to other computers via network switch.

            • So what you are using is WDS Repeater mode isn’t it? I think you can do the same with warid mifi device (which actually is a Huwaie mifi router) as well. And can you tell from where and for how much you bought the D-Link DWR-730?

              • I’m using Asus as wireless router mode, coz repeater mode will only extend the coverage, i bought DWR-730 for Rs.7,900/=. I also feel that as my router mode is set to wireless router mode, MiFi device will detect only 1 connection.

                • I think you have missed the whole point. What “sharing” the internet means here is that you can have internet ‘shared’ over two other sim cards. Meaning:
                  1 Sim will be used for your Router
                  1 Sim for your other phone (your normal phone)
                  1 Sim also for another phone
                  Meaning, the two phones of yours will also get free internet WITHOUT connecting to your Router’s Wifi.
                  The hotspot you router makes can have as many devices, it will be detected as one connection, because only one sim is used which of the router, the rest of the devices connected to your router via Wifi are not counted.
                  The two other sims can also get free internet but you will have to keep in mind that the data usage will be counted from all three sims, but the advantage is this:
                  – You have a router at home from where you are getting internet to everyone through the router’s wifi [counter as 1 connecction]
                  – You went to another city but your family is at home. Now you will get internet via your sim and your family will still be getting internet back in home (via the router sim) [this is the second connection]
                  -Your brotheer travels to Lahore, so if you also have included his sim in the shared internet, he will also get the internet from Lahore, while you will be getting your internet in Islamad, while your family will be at home in Karachi getting the internet ffrom the router.
                  So that is how you get 3 connections!

              • I have a network with Asus router with wireless router mode, my DVR, server, and every computer is connected to it, as 3G data is limited, this is why i have restricted access to all the web post except for office related wdbsites and web mail router first transfer internet to gateway device (port mirroring switch) and i use it to filter internet activities from server. So these are all my setups, only confusion left was their limit of devices which can connect to MiFi, and also i want to know in shared connection, the other 2 users will also get full 35GB or this 35GB will shared between 3 numbers?

                • It will allow up to 10 users simultaneously it’s not confirmed but most (if not all) huwaie mifi 4G router allow to share up to 10 users. Secondly, The volume capped of 35 GB will be shared with 3 connections regardless of how many more connection you share with these 3 numbers they’ll all use the volume from 35 GB limit!

  • If Warid needs to penetrate into the market and want to increase its market share, it has to come up with cut throat pricing strategies for end users. Although LTE is a bit new, it has to get matured in Pakistan, they will be skimming profits in the beginning, but there’s room for improvement in pricing and bandwidth allocations.

    • Yes, that’s true.Setting expensive pricing for bundles is worthless.On other side, I am having Charji cloud that is speedy device.

      • How’s your experience with PTCL’s Charji Cloud? At which location you are using and what’s its max performance in terms of speed (Mbps) & at what hours?

        Btw I liked the Warid’s shared LTE plans idea, to split the bandwidth among close friends & family members.

        • I am using Charji as one of the 90% connection of my week. However it gives me amazing 22MB speed at home while 3-4 in office. Yet it helps me stay connected all the time.

          Again I think that consistent connectivity with persistent speed and wide coverage really matters.

  • 3000 for 35GB is much comparing to other internet providers in market. This should be down to half, 1500 for 35GB will make it better price.

        • But Zong is expensive than this, as I said above it charges Rs.3500 for 30GB, even if we purchase MiFi device, Warid is giving 3 months free.

          • Not my answer. You asked.” Do other ISP,s provide 4G lte”. I said zong. No word about price and quality of service…;)

            • As I see Warid and zong both are costly enough with these bundles.Just in a while, I saw PTCL’s new charji cloud that is up to offer coverage in 250+ cities.By far that’s a good aspect!

                • Did you experience Warid LTE? Mine experience was with hurdles with respect to speed.Recently got to hear about charJi and its connectivity by my friend.It came up as better one.

                  • Using since September and quite stable and even coverage is expanding.
                    Used in Lahore, Gujranwala and Faisalbad.

              • Ha ha. . . Ptcl is gone out of competition after 3g/4g. If they will not improve quality of service. I already left evo after 5 years…

    • Zong offers 30GB for Rs.3,500/= How will this be affordable than this? I think this is the best offer by Warid in the market :)

    • Dear its actually cost 1000Rs. 3000Rs ka to interner 35GB ap ko per month mil rha hai na for 3 months. :P

      • But this is just like the advance payment for package which we not need initially.35GB for 3 months free ka naam dene se to acha tha k 1000 rupees ki device dete aur package hum apni marzi ka kara lete.Spending Rs.10000 in a single payment for just an internet device is like wasting money.

  • Shared plan idea is great. Warid has to come up with better plans as they lack 3g. Also they should come up as an alternative of internet option for home and office users.

    • Yes, I have experienced Evo wingle.Simply its connectivity is better even on the move. Zong and Warid LTE gets connected after more efforts putting in..

  • Well Zong may be spending too much on just advertising their 3G as Super 3G and 4G as super 4G but Warid is looking serious with it’s 4G. Their packages are far better than Zong plus this initiative will surely increase warid’s 4G subscribers! the only problem that Warid will face is the lack of bandwidth they have for their 4G (5 Mhz) compare to 20 Mhz of Zong. Let’s see how Zong respond to this move by Warid (I hope to see something extraordinary from them!)


  • Prices are on higher side right now, but understandable at this point of time. In any case great initiative and the best part is PTCL evo ki chutti hone wali hai.

    • It can’t be get with Warid, I think. It is just limited bundles in highest prices. For connecting different devices, Charji wingle is good that is having better coverage here with less upfront charges.

  • This is excellent for us consumers. Now zong will also look forward to compete in this market with warid, and since warid already has decent price (atleast Its not sky rocket keeping in mind its the first one in this field.. or beat ptcl nicely if u consider it a mobile network)…
    Anyways. What this would do is that it would encourage other companies to reduce prices and give us more data cap. But, the downside is that companies ahould look forward to give us data limit per day or per week…

  • Warid is much much much stable than all other operators. Zong quality is not up to the mark. Warid is far ahead, even with limited spectrum. Thanks to Ericsson. Zong uses ZTE mostly. Why china mobile is using ZTE in Hong Kong where they have signed Ericsson for LTE advance. Warid is only operator which is not treating us as third world country rest all operators are.

    • For getting full coverage, Warid customers have to wait a lot….Uhhf…! Coverage lacks even prices are touching their heights.

    • Umz you should download my warid app. It has coverage map option under the LTE services. In this option you will be able to get Pin point LTE coverage location along with your GPS option.

  • I can’t see what’s the benefit of it? Upfront charges by Warid are higher to pay..PTCL is giving these features to connect 10 devices in quite lower rates as I saw it.

  • Pricing bundles;really cost expensive and that’s too limited GBs.What about coverage factor,I don’t think that it covers more areas.

  • Any information regarding this received message from zong today

    The fastest network now offers Mobile Broadband devices dongles, wingles & mifis with the same lightning fast 4G(LTE)/3G speeds, visit nearest franchise/CSC now

  • telenor ki sim duplicate nikaly kay charges kia hain? agar un kay service ceneter say nikalni ho tu?

  • Warid LTE @ diff. locations of ISB
    No LTE Coverage b/w sohan and koral chowk on expressway.

    from below to top
    warid office(bluearea), expressway(bluearea), E-11, E-11, faizabad, PWD

  • I went to warid office regarding this today and they said the Price of the Device is 12000 not 9999. Any clarifications?

  • a.o.a! how i can convert my evo wingle ufone 3G in warid 4G plz guide me i wanna convert it plzz

  • Is there a way to know which connected device used how much of the data limit for a shared device?

  • How many divices can be connected to the device without compromising on it’s effecieny?

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