Netsol Ranks in Forbes ‘Top 500 Software Companies to Work For in 2015’

Netsol has ranked among the ‘500 best software companies to work for in 2015’.

The report was released by Forbes and correlated Glassdoor data with ‘Software Magazine’s 2014 Software 500’ list to determine what percentage of employees would recommend a particular company as well as how many see their CEO in favorable light. To ensure impartiality, the data discarded companies with less than 15 reviews.

Netsol ranked at 330 in the rankings. 84% of their employees would recommend the company to a friend and 79% approve of the current CEO. The inclusion in a high profile list compiled by none other than Forbes marks another feather in the cap for Netsol, which specializes in providing financial solutions. The company already has a stellar reputation in local circles and enjoys wide international acclaim and recognition.

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The Excel sheet used to generate the finding is available for free download here

via Forbes

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    • and their employee will 200% recommended other to join this organization :) should have been in list

  • if the criteria is employee recommendation of the employer and approval of CEO, how come Apple with 80% and 95% is at #9 whereas several companies appear to have done much better but are lower in rank?

  • I thought they were at the bottom of the list. I was wrong. Perhaps, we have developed a bad habit to underestimate and ridicule everything local. Perhaps our country is not as bad as we think it is.

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