Soon You Won’t Need a Facebook Account to Use Messenger

Facebook’s Messenger service on Smartphones and tablets has traditionally required you to have an existing Facebook account to use the service. That is set to change in the near-future, with Facebook now allowing you to sign-up for Messenger just with your phone number.

That is a similar method of entering the circle as is employed by Whatsapp, another similar service owned by Facebook.

In the future, when signing up for the first time, you can simply click on “Not on Facebook?” if you don’t already have an existing Facebook account. You can then enter your phone number to sign up for it. Obviously, you’ll still be required to have a name and photo. You can then create your friends list based on the contacts on your phone.

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This news means that for the first time, you can use Messenger now even if for some reason you don’t have a Facebook account. The public company still prefers that you go the traditional route as there are “many benefits to using your Facebook credentials”.

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Of course, there’s a caveat found here too. The facility is only available in select countries as of present, however, it is expected to roll out in further markets in the coming few months. Until then, if you have use Messenger, create a Facebook account.


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