Car Sales in Pakistan Reaching An All Time High

Since the introduction of car leasing and financing, vehicle sales in Pakistan have increased several fold. All of this started in the beginning of this century as these loans made it easy for people to buy new or even used cars.

This also sprung up new business like rent-a-car and renting cars became a cheaper and more viable business option. That’s the time when Pakistan’s automobile industry was booming but all of this came to a stall when the world saw the financial crises.

Financial meltdown wasn’t so prominent in Pakistan but the countries which own most of the automobile industry faced big losses and this resulted in increased prices. As the prices started to increase, Pakistan’s automobile sales declined. The sales numbers started improving from 2012 onwards.

In March 2015, Pakistan automobile industry broke the record for most number of cars sold in a single month ever

According to The Nation, car sales in Pakistan will be at least higher than what has been seen in the past five years.  Reports from Pakistan Today also confirm the number and expect sales higher than 165,000 in the year 2015.

In March 2015 alone, Pakistan automobile industry broke the record for most number of cars sold in a single month ever. March saw a 72 percent increase in local vehicle sales according to Pakistan Automotive Manufacturer’s Association (PAMA). If the sales continue at this rate, Pakistan might even see the biggest car sales numbers in a year.

One of the major factors for increased sales in 2015 is quoted to be the Toyota Corolla 2015, which brought a long-due new design to the vehicle. Another reason for increased sales is the Suzuki Bolan, which is topping the charts thanks to Punjab Government’s self-employment scheme. The scheme makes it easier to buy Suzuki Bolan and Ravi. Both of these vehicles have seen their sales doubled during 2015.

Car sales numbers are up by about 30 percent year-over-year

State Bank’s move to reduce interests from 10 percent to 7 percent might also have had something to do with improved vehicle sales. The 3 percent decrease was enough to bring more consumers towards the buying new cars.

All of these factors combined, helped strengthen the local automobile industry and car sales numbers by about 30 percent year-over-year. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Volkswagen has shown interest in entering Pakistan with their automobiles.

When considering the unjustified profit margins of the local auto industry and the increasing trend to import used cars, the news is certainly amazing. Perhaps if the local manufacturers justified their prices and used the advanced tech used in international models, Pakistan would see even greater vehicle sales and less imports of used vehicles.

Source: Carmudi

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    • These are local car sales figures. Imports are not counted as sales since those are not manufactured by the local auto industry.

  • We have to be careful since all this increased adoption of cars puts a lot of load on the traffic system partucularly on a mismanaged one such as ours. We should be making the public transport system more appealing and get the people to adopt that instead.

    • You are right and it is good point to be watched. Especially country like us which heavily dependent on oil import.
      But who thinks and cares about all these from nation and Govt. Just order your new one :)

  • Ye sab to theek haii .. Roads ki planning ka bhi koi khayal kar ley .. Traffic ka haal budtareen hota ja rha haii ..

  • one thing wasn’t mentioned in this article that we funnel more money abroad when we just just import knock down kits from outside of Pakistan than buying used vehicles from them.

  • If volkswagen comes to pakistan, the automotive industry will really get a tough competition. And this competition may result in pakistanis ultimately getting cheaper cars.

      • Volkswagen is not a premium brand despite making premium sports cars. Even in the UK, VW is the brand for the common people with cheap but good quality cars. So, I doubt they want to enter a market like Pakistan and sell their sports cars.
        The real question is, whether they will ask for the same unjustified margins while reducing the component quality just like local manufacturers in Pakistan?

        • i think they will reduce quality to a necessary level to lower the price for consumers
          they will remove some high tech features which we Pakistani wont bother ourselves to try or use
          for example vw golf cost somewhere around 22000 to 30000 pounds to cost depending on the model which is very expensive
          so i believe they will reduce component quality

          • I doubt they will bring Golf to Pakistan. They have other cheaper cars for the common man. I don’t quite remember the names but they have at least three cars that can come to Pakistan without a price change.
            Though, it would be great if they don’t don’t reduce quality in Pakistan market. All other manufacturers have made agreements without local companies that’s why they can produce low quality cars but if I am not wrong VW is entering Pakistan on their own accord just like Yamaha have done so recently

            • it can be maybe jetta,polo or the vento because these cars are relatively cheap and affordable.
              the success of can bring more European manufacturers like Skoda,Volvo but american manufacturers like ford,dodge Chrysler Chevrolet will not work here because they are already low quality expensive cars,maybe their pickup trucks will work and create competition for hilux pickups.

  • Most of the cars buy with a corruption money i am 100 percent sure 70 percent of people living below poverty line and cannot fulfill their basic needs since the corruption increased the sale of the cars has also been increased

  • We need foreign automobile manufacturers to get their cars here which will create some serious competition but we also need to improve our infrastructure like highways,local roads with proper rules to be regulated

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