Online Payments: Accept Credit / Debit Card Payments in Pakistan with Easypay

As you might be aware of the fact that Easypay — a product of Easypaisa — offers online businesses a way of accepting online payments in Pakistan through easypaisa channels.

Service, that remained in beta for over six months, was launched earlier this year but only mode of allowed payments was through easypaisa; either through Easypaisa wallet accounts or through Easypaisa outlets. You can check our launch coverage of how Easypay works here.

This has changed as Easypay now supports Visa and Mastercard payments and hence online sellers can accept debit and credit card payments on their websites with Easypay.

Online sellers can now accept payments through Visa and MasterCard for products they sell online

So if you are a hosting company, or a freelancer, or a shoe-seller or an e-commerce business or literally anyone then you can accept payments online through credit and debit cards in Pakistan. Yes, this is finally happening.

The good thing about Easypay is that service is specifically tailored for small and medium sized businesses. Which means the hassle that we used to associate with getting payment solution (for Visa and Mastercard payments) for small and medium sized businesses is almost eliminated.

For instance you don’t have to show your business records, hefty turn-overs, huge recurring fee or setup charges to start accepting debit and credit card payments for your online store. Its free to setup, no annual charges and its offered to everyone, even if you haven’t made your first sale.

Accept Visa / MasterCard Payments in Pakistan

You need to have an Easypay merchant account with Easypaisa. And that’s pretty much about it. Once you have a merchant account with Easypay, a team will be assigned to help you integrate the solution on to your website. Once done, you will be able to start accepting debit and credit card payments online.

Easypaisa team told us that there’s no setup fee and they will also help you during the integration part.

After integration in done, your customers will be able to pay you online through Easypaisa wallet account, Easypaisa outlets or through Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards.

As with all payment solution providers, there will be a processing fee associated with all the transactions. Easypaisa said that this fee is usual and as per market standards (somewhere around 2-4%).

Now here’s the best part: Unlike other payment solution providers, all credit / debit card payments made by your customers will be cleared with-in three days (after cleared by the partner banks) and transferred to your Easypay account without any holding period — that you can immediately withdraw as per your needs.

Easypay Features:

  • Accept payments through Visa, Mastercard or UnionPay
  • Accept payments through Easypaisa Mobile accounts
  • Accept payments through Easypaisa outlets
  • No setup fee
  • No recurring annual charges
  • Equal or better than market transaction charges
  • Instant Payment Notifications on phone / email
  • Instant Reporting and Analytics Dashboard for Merchants
  • Instant clearance of payments for Easypaisa wallet and Easypay outlet payments
  • Credit/Debit cards Payment take up to 3 days for clearance

Easypay Transaction Charges for Merchants:

Easypay, as mentioned above, charges the merchants on per transaction basis, with following details:

  • When paid with Mobile Account: 1%
  • When paid through Easypaisa outket: 2%
  • When paid through credit/debit cards: 3%

How to Get your Easypay Merchant Account

So if you selling things online and want this solution incorporated for your online store then go ahead and contact Easy Paisa team for a merchant account. Here’s the link:

They might offer you some discounts as well If you tell them that you were referred by ProPakistani. Nothing is bad in trying at least.

Feel free to discuss / post any questions in below comments.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

      • @aamir7:disqus : How about a professional advisory services freelancer? What’s the best mode of interacting with foreign client? Should this mode be preferred over sending hard copy invoices and receiving remittance directly in account?

        • Easypay should work fine, now its up to you to use it for the convenience of your customer or you would rather stick to wired payments to avoid transactional charges. All depends on your preferences.

          • ☺ wire transfer konsa free hota hai. I think it depends upon amount of transaction and your specific requirements, kah konsa channel sub say sasta paray ga.

      • ? mean just like any US UK payment gateway, like, cybersource, PayPal etc.?????

  • Can someone post the link here where this merchant is currently working?

    I want to check the security and features being provided during transaction ….

  • One suggestion for blogger: Please try to write brief and upto the point. It should not be your purpose to stretch a small news into 10 paragraphs, and then adding so many unnecessary phrases to just prolong your message.

    Please be specific and brief. Don’t take my critics negatively, but learn to upgrade standards.

  • That’s a great news. Can you clear one thing though? Can we accept payments from international Visa and Master Credit cards too? Or only local CC and DC will work.

    • Yes, just re-checked with Telenor and they said that International cards (if they are Visa or MasterCard) can be accepted.

      As per Telenor, Alkaram is using Easypay and they accept international payments.

  • Unbelievable that is going to happen in Pakistan. Finally something is going good.

  • Very appreciating step by easypay. As they shown they are market leaders in E-commerce

  • That’s really a great news, so finally we can now get paid from international clients for our services as a freelancer.. awesome news, just contacted them for a merchant account, lets see how soon they come back.

  • Is having instant clearance (no escrow) really safe? I mean it potentially allows the merchant to screw over the customers by not shipping, shipping a bad product or delaying orders way past their delivery date.

    • Yes, I thought of it in the same manner. They will probably change this policy with time. But for now, they are using it a a unique selling point.

      • There is rigorous due diligence done by their bank team. I have applied for it and they even visited my work place for KYC purpose. They asked for my CNIC/NTN/LetterHead/VisitingCard/etc and have done a legal agreement. So I don’t think every tom/harry would be able to open up account instantly to screw up customers. As far as instant settlement is concern, this is going to add a lot of room for me to reinvest my capital.


    • Yes, that’s possible. All banks are supported. Check their website for details

  • but still we need to first get registered with FBR with a business name and NTN no. before availing the credit card acceptance service

  • tax system of Pakistan is worst ever. I will still prefer 2co, stripe etc. because every payment we will withdraw from these networks is under foreign remittance tax free law :)

  • Probably a break through in multi million dollar e-commerce industry of Pakistan.

  • @aamir7 is there any Pakistani payment gateway which accepts anyone of these American Express, Discover, diners club and Visa/MasterCard debit cards?

  • Hello Amir,

    The Admin i can not call 345-545 i want to get this service of EasyPay Merchant Account, What is it’s procedure technically Telenor helpline can not transfer me over there and they say you can not call their if you do not have retailer account. God knows how to get that retailer account to call that helpline. that sounds super insane. I am interested in Easypay Merchant Account. Please call me at 03224095691, Zahid Yasin

  • Aamir (Admin) I need your assistance to get this service since I have visited CSC, Franchise, EasyShop, Tameer Bank and called Helpline 4 times but UNFORTUNATELY none is aware of it and behaving as, if I have asked about something strange.

    I am running a business and for that I urgently need it. Please assist me asap!

    • wow… I will let Telenor now. Please email me more details through contact-us form and I will forward your details.

    • This exactly what happened to me. People thought I am talking about something alien. Then I showed them the product/service on their own website and even then they said they have no idea about this and asked me to visit the head office at Jail Lahore .

      Felt like dealing with a government run entity. (Facebook guys told me to fill form. Filled the form. Asked fro status. No idea.

      They told to Call number on EasyPaisa website. That number is for Telenor customers and not EasyPaisa Customers.

      Got Easy Paisa number and told them about the online form. After few minutes of hold they told me to visit ANY franchise or Service Center to get the account made.

      Main Service center at Sadar Lahore had no idea what was this about. Told me to call another person. Called him. He had also no idea about this.

      Then they told me to visit the head office. Planning to do so next week )

      This is 26th March 2016 and they launched it last year around the same time approx. Incompetence?

  • please any one tell me that this easypay api integration module in web only work with easypay wallet or outlet account or any type of local bank accounts ,debt, visa or credit card.?

  • Please tell me The best ways to accept payments outside the Pakistan with credit cards and with most affordable price?
    With less cost and secure.

  • can you please tell, how to receive international credit card payment from my website in Pakistan legally???

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