Dheere Bolo: Promoting a Stronger Self Identity in Pakistanis Kids [Video Blog]

In this featured sit down, Amer Qureshi talks with Dheere Bolo, a startup that produces local content to promote a stronger self identity in Pakistani children.

Many of us are very concerned about the lack of local content for the next generation. The cartoons are English, the movies are Hindi and Urdu literature is dying a slow death. Such things matter a great deal for children since they are highly impressionable.

That’s exactly what Dheere Bolo aims to fix, not only for kids in Pakistan but also for those kids who are brought up in foreign countries.

With a library of high quality content like storybooks and songs in Urdu (and soon other local languages), children will hopefully build a stronger self identity.

Dheeray bolo can be found here.


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