PC to Xbox One Game Streaming is Coming

A while back at E3 2015, Microsoft announced that Windows PC’s will soon be gaining the ability to stream Xbox One games so it only makes sense that the vice-versa should occur too, right?

So after a couple of good months which saw multiple new releases to backward compatibility for the console, the Xbox One of the future will finally be able to stream games from your PC. No specific time frame is given as to when that will occur.

The announcement was made by Microsoft’s head of Xbox Phil Spencer in an interview given to The Verge. About a week ago, the impending arrival of mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox was announced by him on Twitter. While we are still in the dark as to whether developers can start adding support for them in their games, they make much more sense if the PC software is ever to be transported to the console.

We understand if you’re going to go PC to Xbox, we need to get keyboard and mouse working completely so you could play those games. In terms of where we want to go with our platform, those are absolutely in scope of things that we want to do.  –  Phil Spencer

And after that functionality comes, it is only a given that the path will be made from both ends, hence, the support for PC titles. However, Spencer has said that encoding from the PC-side to the Xbox is tougher due to the unpredictability. “But challenge is good.”

Furthermore, it will be another step towards turning Microsoft’s ultimate goal of unifying all your entertainment, personal and enterprise devices with Windows 10 a reality. Not-to-forget that as the Xbox is still struggling to strike a major blow against the competition, especially the PS4, Windows 10 might prove decisive.

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