Pakistanis Get Shocked with Whopping Internet Taxes

We have been alarming the masses about the internet taxes (both withholding tax that is imposed by federal government and sales tax that is imposed by provinces) but its only now that Internet users are becoming aware of these taxes, all thanks to the monthly bills that they are receiving these days.

Pakistani internet users are paying up to 33.5% taxes. KPK and Punjab are highest taxed provinces (Punjab has withdrawn taxes, however, an official notification is still awaited). While Sindh has 32.5% tax on internet.

Sales tax in Balochistan, capital, and Gilgit & Balistan is not applicable, but 14% advance tax is collected in these regions.

This essentially means that majority of Pakistanis are paying one third of their total cost as taxes.

Check below infographic to get an idea about the percentage of taxes in different provinces:


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    • as the article states.. “Punjab has withdrawn taxes, however, an official notification is still awaited.”

    • Good Work Dear Qudoos.

      And special thanks to officials to inform about essence knowledge of Internet Taxes.

  • Well! I cut my internet service from PTCL.
    They promoted my package free for 3 months 2Mbps and then they didnt reversed the package and imposed charges.
    Second thing im mad on government, how student can pay 1900/month for only 1Mbps?
    Now three months total bill i have to pay is Rs. 7300.
    I dont wanna pay more bills to PTCL. How financial managers plan to deduct such charges, there are thousands of line defaulters who are not paying because of huge amount.
    If they keep prices lower and bandwidth and speed higher then everyone will happily pay.
    How fool are we?

    • brother cheapest rate is:
      1. student package 1250
      2. instead of line rent, etc. ask them to put on 250rs freedom pakistan package (it will cut your line rent etc to zero)

      totall bill will be around 1500-1700rs.

  • I was paying about 1000 rs tax on PTCL in sindh. My pckg was 4mbps and smart tv.. Also there service was very poor i have switched to zong broadband and i m getting 5mbps to 9mbps speed on 3g …zong 1500 rs package doesn’t charge any tax for day time i use telenor 3g with 7gb in week at rs 40 inclusive of tax.. Thanks for 3g and 4g and i m happy to leave ptcl their service and rates sucks

  • People’s government elected by people. I’ll protest on roads with you guys. Lets start from universities and have a countrywide protest at same day.

    • Not now. Lets those people first enjoy the Roshan Pakistan who voted for this Government, then we will come out for protest

    • haha. on protest day you alone will be there. your uni admin will sell your seat to some student who couldnt get admission elsewhere. your classmates will sell your stuff. this nation is not sincere with itself.

  • yar kia topi drama shuru kia hua hy, aik tax laga deta hn aur doossray ko withdraw kr letay hn, pagal banaya hua hy!!!

  • the word is “whopping” not “whooping” – for crying out loud! Some reporter on The News also always writes whooping. Aaagggghhhhh

  • GOT Rs 1600/- bill For special evo wingle 3g from Rs 1250/- per month. Only Rs 350/- extra, What a tax from brothers who don’t pay tax themselves. Going to leave PTCL soon.

    • this — sh–it happening on all connections

      i was paying 3800 for 4MB LDN DSL now i am paying 4360

  • After notification of punjab I want Aamir to go for blackout campaign against sindh and kpk which he hasn’t done until.

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