CM Punjab Orders Reversal of 19.5% Internet Tax

Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab, has ordered the reversal of 19.5% internet tax on wired and Mobile broadband, he himself revealed this in a status update posted on his official Facebook page.

It is believed that SRO for imposition of 19.5% tax on wired and mobile internet — issued on May 28th, 2015 — is finally going to get de-notified.

Not to forget, Finance Minister of Punjab had announced reversal of internet taxes on June 12th, 2015 during her budget speech. However, official notification for the same was never issued and instead PRA Chairman was cited as saying that tax was never withdrawn.

Now, just moments ago, CM Punjab and Umar Saif, Chairman PITB once again declared the reversal of internet and mobile data taxes adding that “Telcos must pass this on to the consumers”.

We will have to see if Punjab government will finally de-notify its SRO or we have will to wait for another few weeks for that.


A status updated posted by CM Punjab just moments ago


A status updat posted by Mr. Umar just moments ago

Not to mention, Ufone and Mobilink have already increased their 3G data tariffs by 19.5% amid the taxes that were imposed by Punjab. Both the operators had increased tariffs country wide. It is hoped that both operators will reverse data rates with this new development.

Following timeline could be interesting for those who have been following the development on internet taxes:

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  • I received an SMS from Qubee today stating per govt’s directives, they would start including 14% WHT effective next bill. what is 19.5% for then?

    • pathetic CM comparing him with another pathetic looser, result won’t change either of them, Both will remains losers even if they will engage in this competition till eternity.

  • LOL, This is what we call SHOWBAZI, Apply tax, people will shout & then CM/PM will come & will announce “Awaam k mafaad main tax wapis ly lya hy” then awaam, wah wah CM g, wah wah PM g.

    This is PMLN policy. Apply high tax, then take half back & get wah wah in awaam.

    Just as example. Applied 0.60% on banking transaction, then after strikes, they met with businessmen & reduced it to 0.30% & awaaaam khush :) :)

    Similarly, applied 14% FED & 19.5% by Punjab Govt, then Punjab govt took 19.5% back & big wah wah of CM :) :) (REMEMBER 14% is still there)

    • don’t forget government impose 14% now and you are paying Raddy form 1st day when you start to use mobile

      means on Rs.100 card Rs.14 included
      before today this amount use mobile operator and not government will use it

  • Mobile operator will not reduce prices till Sind government withdraw Tax
    because official says we can manage one price for hole country not for one province

  • Unfortunately, WORLDCALL charged me the tax for both July and August. What should I do? is there any SRO issued for withdrawal of this new tax?

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