All Work and No Play Increases Your Chances of Heart Disease by 33%

All work and no play, increases your chances of heart disease by 33% and by work we mean the stuck-at-the-workplace-cubicle where we spent 8+ hours every day.

Scientists from the London-based University College London conducted a study involving 600,000 people to arrive at this finding – that sitting at that cubicle for 8 hours every day makes your chances of suffering a stroke jump by one-third. It also results in an individual developing coronary heart disease by 13%.

Their advice? Step out of that cubicle and take breaks from that grueling 8 hr workday.

The study goes on to elaborate the people who spend more time at office have a greater risk of contracting heart disease and a stroke. To further corroborate their claims, the study was undertaken in 3 continents namely North America, Australia and Europe with over 6,03,838 men and women  participating.

Sitting at a cubicle for 8 hours every day makes your chances of suffering a stroke jump by one-third

The author of this study, Mika Kivimaki, professor of epidemiology at University College London, believes that the standard 35-40 hour week is ideal. His study looked at those individuals who gave 50+ hours at work weekly.

Based on these findings, the corporate culture that exists today in companies (like those in Silicon Valley) that call for late sittings, overnight stays, etc need to be done away with.

Facebook Co-Founder also addresses the uneven Work-Life Balance

In a related development, Dustin Moskovitz also called for doing away with the negative focus on a 40-50 hour working week, since the added hours that employees give to their companies result in laughably marginal gains.

He even cited the report that came out earlier this week about another tech titan Amazon, and its alleged mistreatment of employees when it comes to work hours. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon also sent out a company memo to address this very issue.


Its hard to disregard the chorus of growing voices that are calling for looking out for employees health by curtailing the number of hours they need to work. In light of all these different yet connected developments, companies need to focus on making life easier for their employees.

After all, a happy employee is a more productive employee who believes in putting their 100% effort in work. It’s not worth the gargantuan amount of extra hours that can severely impact an employee’s health in the later years.

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