Meet Pakistan’s Youngest and Globally-Renowned Ethical Hacker

At 13 years old, he has been recognized by Microsoft, Google, Apple, Intel, Yahoo!, Dropbox, eBay and many more.

He taught himself hacking in 3 years and has identified vulnerabilities for Silicon Valley companies, earning numerous laurels and awards in the process.

Microsoft even contacted his father to ascertain his age, since they needed proof to recognize his ingenuity in realm of online security.

He is Muhammad Shahzad, a self-taught and prodigious talent that is earning laurels for Pakistan from global tech firms for all the right reasons. Even local channels here caught wind of him and he has been featured most recently in Hasb-e-Haal among many different programs in Samaa, Geo, PTV to name a few.

Did we mention that he’s co-authoring a book on Web Application Penetration testing? And he’s just getting started.

The Beginning of a Journey

Muhammad was exposed to computers from a young age. He had his own email address when he was just in KG, and that lifelong fascination with how things worked in the world wide web got him into the world of ethical hacking.

Ethical hacking relies on the same methods and techniques to bypass a system’s security as the garden variety hacking that we read in the news and see in Hollywood blockbusters. The difference between the two is that whereas a less-principled hacker just wants to wreak havoc and be a nuisance, the ethical hacker is bound by morals and an overarching desire to help corporations fortify their cyber defenses. Muhammad uses his skills and expertise for the latter.

Fun fact: He identified the security lock bypass flaw in Android OS 4.4, with the Android Security Team recognizing his contribution and patching that hole in future releases.

Curiosity was what started Muhammad to embark on this journey when he was only 10. He read up on web security online and wasted no time in putting his knowledge to work. In 3 years time, he has identified numerous vulnerabilities online, became a public speaker in academic circles in Pakistan, and authored a Research Paper for a conference. He is writing a book while learning Python, C++ and PHP languages to solidify his programming skills.

A Look at the Guy Behind those Hacking Skills

He currently studies in Beaconhouse and like an eight-grader, he loves watching movies, playing the occasional Counterstrike match with his friends and some cricket and soccer too.

Asked to name his favorite movie, Muhammad Shahzad doesn’t hesitate in his answer. The recent Chris Helmsworth (Thor) starrer ‘Blackhat’ is his current favorite, which is a movie about, you guessed it, hacking.

Muhammad has also done his fair share of public speaking in universities and other academic institutions all over Pakistan. Public speaking is a daunting prospect for many mortals out there, but prodigies like Muhammad Shahzad have a life hack figured out for such situations. According to him, the key is to focus on knowing what you are about to speak about. If you ask this scribe, it is sound advice.

Fun Fact: Muhammad Shahzad hasn’t done any certifications. He lets his efforts and hard work speak for himself, a fact also acknowledged by Silicon Valley companies.

What the future holds for this young prodigy

Muhammad has a healthy attitude towards learning and expanding his knowledge. As for his future, he’s hoping to make it to Atchison on merit. His life goals include him continuing his efforts to become a world-class ethical hacker from Pakistan who wants his country to be remembered for the right reasons.

His family, friends and fellow hackers are with him all along the way in his journey of personal and professional growth. Here’s to hoping the government Pakistan recognizes his worth too and supports him.

Because make no mistake. It’s talent like this that Pakistan desperately needs.

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  • i love computer and hacking, but i never find how could be one of those, but now im running a blog with my friend, i am 14, im still interested in hacking, but still dont know how and where i can, help if anybody could.

  • May Allah grant him success and happiness and Taufeeq to do welfare work for Muslim and at large for humanity.

  • We are Official EC-Council CEH Company Of Pakistan Student Shelter In Computers , He is not Certified Person or did not get any Education any of Our Center in Pakistan who deals in Cyber Security , He is not youngest World Recored Holder , we have youngest World recored holder age of 08 years which you can verify from us as he is not certified person , please check his certification before publish his news

    • I understand that you’re pissed because your institution is in the same domain and all. But don’t start bitching about it like a whiny little child.

    • Hahhaha

      Do you think he need your certification? He is a self taught security expert. From expert I mean a real world proven expert not a book worm that got your certification through ratta.

    • Mr Abbas, Please do not forget that I came to you when I was misguided to have a certification and what you said to me was to pay extra and be relaxed about the results. Please correct your institution first because getting certification at a young age is not important, important is where you would be exactly standing after 10 years, in professional life. I hope you would have understood, don’t try to defame others just to get fame.

  • Muhammad Shahzad for IT Minister of PAK!!! atleast he knows what he is doing not like our current ministers who are involved in economic terrorism and looting nation.

  • ok, Blackhat is the fvrt movie :D jisme itni bari security agency ka boss phishing se hack hojata ha :D isse pta chalra ha kesa hacker hoga :D

  • Just Let me tell u all one thing
    Propk mentioned that he is recognized by Microsoft , Yahoo . Google , Intel and also mentioned “Many More”

    Can you tell me where ??? any proof ?
    he have just emails screenshots only , try to make some investigations man then put them into reality ,

    All shows he done in tv , Host say that he mentioned in Microsoft , So i mean one Hall Of fame and u done ? Ha ?

    What he have more then that ??? Can Someone tell me that ? Anything just after Microsoft Hall of fame he have, and it is also Old .

    let me tell u secret , His father is professor he have connections in Media and simply they call him . and they also share fake news that he mentioned/recognized by Google , Yahoo , Intel , and also “Many More” I mean WTF

    Why they dont invite RAFAY BALOCH ?

    Yupe it is that he is young but he need to be grow up

  • Please have a clear interview with him and ask what u have ?
    Except Microsoft Hall Of fame ?

    He need some guidance to know more about what is Hacking ?
    i dont mean you mentioned in Tv’s etc , if u have guts u dont have to request to TV to invite u LOL

    If you say u didnt request ? then let me tell u , Rafay would done 100 Shows . but they dont support such sort of thing

    Grow up ! and stop showing wrong info
    need hall of fames ? comment and list all sites where u want , believe me i will give u every where . but dont do such sort of silly things

    Best Of Luck

    • Abdul Rafay Baloch is NOT 13 years old and I CANT understand what’s your point or what you want to say.

      • Sory bro if u took me wrong, I am picking point to dont be like a pro if u arent , believe me ask quesions from him and he will be like @[email protected] With no answer.

        So thing is he isnt that what propak mentioned

      • 2nd thing as u said , Rafay isnt 13 but he done that all when it was cool .
        He is been mentioned in world best hackers of 2014 .
        Any TV shr3d that news ??? Any ??
        And a guy who have one hall of fame at Microsoft is here , it simply mean he dont that for his self in TV no one invited him .

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