The Best Selling Phones of the Last 20 Years [Infographic]

Mobile phone penetration is higher than ever but if you have ever wondered what the best selling phones in the last 20 years were, well, wonder no more. Be prepared for some nostalgia as you scroll through this infographic!

24dYG2Tvia TigerMobiles

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  • Clearly Nokia 1100 was popular still I have that and working perfectly. Samsung RS220 was also popular during 2003 – 4

  • Nokia N series? none is here? N series of Nokia? what the heck? and iphone 4s dont have 4.7 inch….

  • Stat may also compare with the number of users ,, in 1999/2000 how many mobile user are there. and depend on production
    Nokia 3310 have much percentage then Samsung S4,

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