Chairman HEC Sindh Arrested From his Office

Dr Asim Hussain, the Chairman of Sindh Higher Education Commission, has been arrested from his office. He was taken into custody this morning by people in civilian clothes from the Sindh Higher Education Commission office, reported local News TV stations.

Alleged corruption charges he is facing are nothing new. Hussain is considered a close ally of Asif Ali Zardari and was appointed at key positions during the tenure of the last government.

Fearing such charges, he already had a bail before arrest order issued from the courts. However, that did no good since he was escorted from HEC offices this morning. It is still unclear that which law enforcement agency has taken Mr. Asim into custody.

Earlier this year, the former home minister of Sindh, Zulfiqar Mirza, alleged that Dr Asim Hussain was responsible for wide spread corruption. He alleged that Hussain was an accomplice to more than 90% of corruption committed by Asif Ali Zardari. He added:

Dr Asim Hussain played a key role in an increase in POL products and destruction of health and other institutions.

This is a developing story and we will be updating it as we get more information.

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    • The name is “Propakistani” not “Protech” or something! you can expect anything related to Pakistan on this blog.. Also there is a dedicated section named as “Industry” which gives you these kinda news.. If you have problems with the content of the site, stop visiting it!

  • @Aamir, @Talal, this news comes under the purview of your site/ blog if he was arrested due to his position as Chairman HEC (Sind).
    If he was arrested in connected with something else, then it should not be reported on your blog.
    Agar news site he banani hay to phir is thrah ki news bhee post karo k Lodrhan Election Tribunal main Load shedding ho gayee aur office main generator chala lia gya. (It was a breaking report on one of the news channel today). At least this news has more to do with technology than your piece…

  • Thanks @PP for posting this news and don’t mind haters, as the saying goes that, “Haters gonna hate”, right? This haddi wala doctor giving bad name to his own family name of Ziauddin hospital (karachi). I hope his family should fire him from the family and throw him in dustbin.

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