Urdu to Be Made Official Language of Pakistan: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the immediate implementation of Urdu as the country’s official language. The Chief Justice also read the verdict in Urdu.

After this ruling, the transition is set to be start right away. While it may take time, eventually all official business will be conducted in Urdu. Documents like passports, ID cards, licenses and utility bills will also carry text in Urdu.

As reported previously, it also means that Pakistani Prime Minister, President and other government officials will deliver speeches and greet foreign officials in Urdu language even when outside the country.

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  • This is an absurd decision. It works for countries that are pretty much self sufficient in their means of life, trade, economy, production, manufacturing etc.

    We as a developing nation need to emphasize on the importance of English as a business language.

    PM and President would hopefully be happy as they won’t have to read off papers now.

    Otherwise if the need was to stop Urdu from losing importance there are many other ways to improve that.

    • well alot of developed and under-developed countries use their national language as official too. they are progressing quite impressively. we on the other hand have this unsettling love for english and western culture………………look where it has gotten us. we are neither pakistani nor western. we need urdu majorly because the local talent that cannot read/write english properly is ignored. the poor man and his children cannot afford the expensive english medium schools. it’s not about the president or PM giving speeches in urdu, it’s about letting the local talent of pakistan emerge. i hope you get the point.

        • explain what language is morethan a culture?
          it is part of the culture in whole world and that’s it.
          you guys know nothing actually.
          if yes explain something morethan a culture.
          tell me what chinese english arabic farsi urdu portugese are different in more than a cultural aspect which you claim?

      • seperation of east pakistan was based on at first time due to language. It was an human mistake accured by our beloved leader Qaud e Azam who announced that Urdu will be the national language and Sheikh Mujeeb a student leader opposed it. At last all this culminated in sepertation. As cleanliness ist half Faith language is more than half culture not only a part of culture.

        • If possible you will also leave Pakistan without delay. You can live any where in the world as a good Pakistani and patriot. It is true we schould improve Urdu. A very small minority knows correct Urdu. If you go to china to acquire ILM as Hadith says then Arabic or Urdu will not help you. It is a good decision but one should not use it against English. English is no more language of English, it is a globel. Amuslim should learn as many languages as possible.

    • Seriously like seriously? We have neighbors as an example It has nothing to do with trade,economy or whatever .U should be proud of ur skin ,why be embarrassed about ur language .This is absurd.Why love english so much that we forget where do we belong?

      • Its not about belonging…. For decades english has been official language of Pakistan. In a world where you are not self sufficient you need people to master their english skills, a language that the world understands.

        It will create lots of hassles too. HEC for example has asked all public/private uni’s to make sure urdu is the main language. What happens if you start giving lectures in urdu, your degrees are issued in urdu? if you ever feel like going abroad its another hassle to get degrees translated so that others can understand them.

        And its not about belonging, Urdu ha always been the national language, will always be, my argument was about making it the only official language.

  • Even in the area of Information Technology, very less work has been done to promote Urdu. Simply search for “Urdu Software” on internet and you will see what I mean.

  • yessss… this is the decision that will help pakistani young generation to do something different for Pakistan. Now everyone will be aware of his rights and duties, according to the articles of our English written constitution, towards nation and himself.

  • Urdu or English, doesn’t matter, because, this change will not bring any benefit for the common people of Pakistan……Lets see, what we will achieve with Urdu that we couldn’t with English…

  • I also listen same type of news 2 months ago that supreme Court orders that urdu is official language of pakistan and today again listening

  • Personally, I hope this little venture hopelessly fails and plummets to the ground. As Dr. Amir Liaquat sahab said in the comments below, language does NOT define a nation. At least, not anymore. Wou aur waqt tha jab har mulk apnay culture ki basis par pehchana jata tha. Now culture has merely become a backdrop for the bigger schemes. We’re on the path of evolving past trivialities like language, gender issues, race, etc. Once you look at the big picture, it doesn’t seem to matter. As Michio Kaku said in his book The Physics of the Impossible, we are a Type 0 civilization (a reference to the Kardashev scale) and out of all the things that are required for us to become a Type I civilization, the only two things we have achieved are a Type I communications network (the internet) and a planetwide language (English, in the near future). So don’t let your pride get in the way of evolution. Pakistan is our country and it is up to us to make it advanced, not up to what the official language is.

  • I don’t care if they implement Urdu. Just issue degrees in English and make it compulsory for ID cards to have name and all details written in both Urdu and English so everybody could understand.

  • We need Arabic as our official language, we are Muslims, so we should act like one, having Arabic will solve most of our problem, we would be understanding the Holy Quran ourselves rather than mislead my the clerics for the their gains.

    And my fellow enlighten people, we have reached the pinnacle of advancements in Science and other fields because of the research done through Arabic, so why not start again.

  • Useless decision. They did this because many big grade officers don’t know how to speak urdu. How backwards these people are. Really disappointed in Pakistan.

  • it`s really a bad decision… we can`t deny the importance of english in our lives,,, can you translate the words “RAM(random access memory)” or “bypass surgery” in urdu,,, implementation of urdu as an officail language means that all the keyboards will be transform in urdu, and we`ll need some new urdu typist coz those who r used to in typing english , then typing urdu would not be an easy task for them.. in short. our country moved 5 steps forward and 20 steps backword…

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