Minimum Qualification for CSS and PCS to be Raised to M.Phil

In an unprecedented and recent development, the Ministry of Development and Reforms has put out a new suggestion regarding the CSS exam qualifications. The Ministry has suggested that M.Phil should be set as the minimum qualification for all Central Superior Services (CSS) and Public Services Commission (PCS) examinations.

Sources suggest that the Ministry of DR has finalized all the documentation process and the recommendation will soon be sent to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

When asked about the motives behind the new qualification requirement, news sources have cited the Ministry officials claiming that this would increase competitiveness in the exams. They say that this decision will help evaluate and recruit experts from different fields of education. This in turn will increase efficiency in government institutes. Officials said that fresh graduates require a lot of time to be trained when they pass the examinations and this is not an effective manner of hiring CSS and PCS officials.

Minimum qualification is proposed to be M.Phil while minimum age requirement is set to be raised to 30 years

Another development is the change in minimum age for the examinations which has been raised to 30 years at the time of examination. The age of retirement has been set at 60 years for all CSS and PCS officials.

Both these changes are supposed to bring experienced and more competitive players into government offices. There have been mixed views from the public regarding the issue so far with most labeling the decision as unjust. While some claim that experience is necessary, others claim that work efficiency has nothing to do with the qualification and young blood is necessary to keep public offices up to date with the current generation.

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UPDATE: Ahsan Iqbal, in an update on his official Facebook page, has refuted the rumors and has said that there aren’t any plans to make M.Phil the minimum requirement for CSS and PCS examinations.

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  • I do not know that either information are not available or ignored about maximum age limit.
    I think we should wait and produce story that is complete in most aspects. Do not give a feeling of local media’s “BREAKING NEWS” concept.

  • Stupid move if it goes through. Public sector efficiency is already low and getting MPhils is not going to improvie it. Since when has academic degree alone determined ability to get things done? If that were the case, all the successful CEOs should have been PhDs.

  • bollocks.. Increase the study years of Masters & Bachelors instead.. But then again Who has time to think ahead in this country.

  • Masters Degree are equivalent to M.Phil, the age criteria is also presented to be changed, what ever the decision, the effect would be immense

  • I believe the decision to be right…. The youngsters of Pakistan are raw minded & the curropt environment in most of our Govt offices will do no good for such Youngsters… They will end up being involved in curroption…. So Mphil qualified people are much of a intellectual & mature gentry for our Govt offices…. May Pakistan Prosper… Aameen

  • I fully support this initiative to kick out Fake 16 Year MSc/MA and Fake 14 Year BA / BSc / BCom holders from competition. Real 18 Year Master Degree holders can form a better bureaucracy. How many PhDs in bureaucracy ??? 18 year Study Benchmark would force people to acquire further QUALITY Education or stay out of this game.

  • I think the reason of such a suggestion by the Ministry is to stop potential influx of people who couldn’t speak English well. Because, after SCP’s orders of declaring Urdu as official language, it is expected that increasing number of those who aren’t good in English will go for these exams, and the mafia who is sitting in Ministries want to block their way to higher levels in Public Service.

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