UC Browser Boosts Downloads for the Data Conscious User

UC Browser is one of the most used browsers in the world with over 500 million downloads across multiple devices and platforms. The browser has managed to gain major market shares in developing markets where internet networks, whether broadband or mobile, are slower and don’t have coverage over the whole country.

UC Browser employs cloud technology as the basis for optimizing the user experience when browsing the internet. UC servers handle data compression, cloud acceleration, download resume feature, cloud storage through UDisk integration, real-time Facebook app replacement and much more, all done at the back end. UC browser compress data by up to 85 percent to increase web browsing efficiency.

UC Browser is optimized for data compression and fast downloads which makes it popular in developing markets

UC Browser claims to use cloud optimization and multithreaded downloading to increase file download speeds over Wifi and mobile data. Offline buffering and other such feature promise to improve browsing experience manifold. A third-party company, QualiTest, compared the browsers download features by putting it against some of the most known browsers like Opera Mini and Google Chrome a few months ago. The tests revealed that UC was the fastest browser in the world at the time.

The team behind UC Browser has managed to develop the browser in such a way that its features are modified according to the region of the user. For example, when it learns that you are in Pakistan, it asks to download the appropriate content. The default homepage apps and speed-dial change to the ones that are mostly used by the local internet users. The browser even displays links to UC’s own cricket news website. UC aims to globalize their browser by providing local content and multiple language support. The browser even optimizes page load times and the whole internet access as a whole.

Qualitest benchmarks showed UC Browser beat competition like Chrome, Firefox and Opera

Small data packages and lack of data coverage restricts Pakistani users from streaming content and most users prefer to download music, videos and other similar content straight to the device to reduce data usage. UC has optimized its services according to the needs of users of such developing markets.

UC Browser brings Cloud Downloads, Data Compression and Cloud Boost technologies to mobile browsing which help increase download speeds and improve the overall reliability of downloads.

Cloud Download Service

UC Browser has enabled its Cloud Download service available for everyone for the past few months. The service allows users to avoid disconnection and interruption problems which cause large file downloads to break before they get completed, something often seen when downloading files from file-sharing websites. Cloud Download is a much more practical solution for markets with slow internet connections.

It is common to go into out-of-coverage areas when you are out and about and using mobile data. Mobile data is often not fast or stable enough to complete file downloads. The problem is not unseen in most broadband connections. Internet interruptions cause the downloads to be restarted, which in turn causes more mobile data to be used and time wasted re-downloading the files. UC Browser’s Cloud Download service solves these sort of situations allowing even those users to use the service who don’t have a UC account.

Why Use Cloud Download?

Using the Cloud Download service lets the users download any sort of file straight to UC Browser’s cloud storage. This does not consume any data and the user is not required to interact with the download. The servers manage the download automatically. Users can have their files saved straight to the cloud storage and download it from there without interruptions. Downloads from the cloud storage can be resumed even if the internet connectivity is interrupted. Thus, avoiding restarting or downloading the files all over again.

Another added benefit of UC Cloud Downloads is that it gives the users flexibility to download their files later whenever it is more convenient and at very high speeds. By creating an account, a user can get their own cloud drive which can be used to store files for downloads across multiple devices or to download them when a more stable connection is available. This is much more beneficial when you have to download large files but don’t want to use mobile data. UC servers can download the files in the background and the user can retrieve them later when they gain access to a Wifi network.

How to Use the Feature

When users start a download on UC Browser, they are prompted to choose whether to start a regular download or a Cloud Download. When a cloud download is chosen it asks to use the service as a trial allowing the user to download up to three tasks and save them in cloud storage for 7 days. Creating a free account helps in increasing the download storage and gives access to the UC cloud drive, UDisk.

Cloud Boost Technology

Another feature of the UC Browser is Cloud Boost. It’s a unique service that modifies web pages, uses advanced download techniques and does a lot of other steps, all happening in the background, to make downloads and web page load times faster. Cloud Boost helps download videos and other files faster than normal downloads.

The service is turned on by default for mobile data but needs to be turned on manually for WiFi by going to UC Browser’s settings.

Final Words

UC Browser offers some extremely useful features and advanced controls to improve a user’s web experience. Downloads are only part of the story, Add-ons and cloud support are major features that make every day browsing a breeze. Whether it is the advanced download optimizations or the multitude of features, UC seems to have its users requirements completely covered.

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • Its Fast No Doubt But Not Everyone Needs Such Kind Of Browser There is a Reason Why Firefox Is The Most Used Desktop Browser Even Firefox Is Slower Than 50% Of The Browser
    1.Its The Most Securest Browser

    2.Its The Most Customizable Browser
    3.Its Best For Developers
    4.Its Amazingly Developed And Developing with Constant Update
    5.Uses Less Memory Than Chrome
    While UC Has Its Own Importance For Some Users Who Only Give Importance To Browsing and Downloading & I Wanna Give One More Suggestion That Is Vivaldi Browser If You Prefer Chromium Based Browser Then Vivaldi Is For You Its Still New But Many Users Around The World Use It And They Are Making It Better and Better With Every Update And Uses Much Less Memory Than Chrome

  • UC is essentially performing man in middle attack. Their so-called optimization / speed up is a double edged sword. Regardless, we, the free users, will be decapitated by the blade.

    • Well so is Opera Mini/Turbo. For that matter, every online service without end-to-end encryption (like Gmail, Facebook etc) is a potential man in the middle attacker!

  • I don’t need to, because unlike you, I know what I’m talking about. So how about you follow your own suggestion. Search for “Browser market share 2015” and click the first link. Breaking news: Firefox has never been the most used browser. Not even the second most.

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