Buying a Bakra Online!

You know Eid-ul-Azha is just around the corner when you see a cow or a goat in every street with the children feeding them or taking them for a walk, when their smell fills your nostrils every time you take a trip to the market thanks to the mandis springing up everywhere and when you can’t sleep at night because of the neighbor’s goat which won’t shut up..

Yes. It is that time of the year.

If you are one of those people who dreads going ‘bakra shopping’; from the inspection of whether the goat’s teeth are real or not to bargaining with the owner for hours to bringing the animal home in your precious car, you don’t need to worry.

Amazingly, there’s another option. You can buy your bakra online! Yes, digital media is all in to join $3 billion market where more than 10 million animals are sacrificed during Eid-ul-Adha. There are several websites that offer the service of getting you a Bakra through just few clicks while being at home.

We have compiled a list of places where you can buy your bakra online:

Qurbani Online

If you are looking for an organized website to buy an animal, Qurbani Online is the perfect place.

You choose the animal, breed and weight your desire and find out how much it costs. This way you can also browse through the animals until you find one according to your budget.

It was launched in 2006 and so was the first online Qurbani service. You can purchase your animal from anywhere in the world! You can get the animal delivered to your home or request the site to sacrifice for you and send you the meat. The site even has related articles and press releases!

World’s 1st Online Qurbani Service

This website has a very friendly interface, and allows you to choose your animal according to pricing and type. It has been certified by respected scholars and Muftis who have made use of this website.

You can place an order from anywhere around the world through the website or verbally and they will take care of the Qurbani for you. It was initiated to help Muslims in the West but now has a strong network in Pakistan as well. It then distributes the meat among the poor and needy, which means they also charge less.

Services situated in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, it offers bakras, dumbas, camels and cows for sale. You can buy the animal and get it delivered or let them do the sacrifice for you.

There are also VIP animals available which are of the highest quality and rates. For Islamabad and Rawalpindi, it also allows you to buy half of an animal, and give the meat to an organization of your choice.

This is the best place if you want to order the perfect cow and want to look at it beforehand too. The site contains videos of different types of cows walking, standing, sitting and even dancing.

So you know what you are buying and feel close to the animal which is going to be sacrificed for you. You need to make an account on the site to avail the services.

A one shop stop for all your Eid-ul-Azha Qurbani needs, the site provides a fast and reliable service to give you complete peace of mind.

With a convenient interface, it offers different categories of bakras, bull and cows. You can book the animal and pay for it. Further, they offer pictures of the animal before the slaughter and after slaughter to increase the trust and confidence.

This is one of the sites which allow you to choose your animal according to its weight and teeth on the site. FOODEX now offers Easy Qurbani as a platform to fulfill the obligation of sacrifice.

Since it is situated in Karachi, it offers free delivery across the city. They can also sacrifice the animal on your behalf and deliver it to welfare organizations or needy people if you wish. You will receive an email to confirm your buy and the delivery has been done.

This is a very detailed site containing blog posts, popular posts, latest Eid updates, pictures and videos of animals from specific cattle farms situated in the cities so that you can choose your animal online and go pick it up. It provides the latest updates of all the mandis.

Other than these, you can also go to and to look at a vast majority of local adverts for bakras. You can also go absorb all kinds of information and reviews by going to and Bakra Mandi Pakistan on Facebook.

So what are you waiting for? Your bakra is just a click away!

Eid Mubarak!

  • “Whether Teeth are real or not” haha. That line made my day. That exactly what happens when a novice woman tell you about the things she does not know. I wonder who is stupid enough to buy an animal online for sacrifice? You need to check 10 things before buying it.

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