Samsung Announces the 950 Pro SSD with Unbelievable Speeds

Samsung is doing some crazy things in the storage scene in recent times. Just a few months back in July, it announced the first ever 2 TB SSDs at retail. Now it is upping the game by announcing the new 950 Pro SSD, the new fastest ever in the world.

The 950 Pro can offer sequential read speeds of 2,500 Mbps and sequential write speeds of 1,500 Mbps. That is four and three times higher than the 850 Pro, which was announced in July. It will be available in either 256 GB or 512 GB flavours.

It is based on V-NAND technology  of its maker. Part of the speed stems from the fact that it is based on the proprietary NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) rather than the aging AHCI technology, which was announced ages back, in 2004. It also uses the M.2 gumstick form-factor and PCI-e rather than SATA Interface.

Obviously, being the pioneer of the generation, the 950 Pro is not what you’ll call exactly cheap. The smaller 256 GB version will retail for $199.99 while the bigger 512 GB model will set you back by $349.99. Both feature 10 year warranties (or 200 TBW for 256 GB and 400 TBW for the 512 GB model).

While this wasn’t unexpected, if you want the latest and greatest in PC gaming, this should work well with that new SkyLake processor to beat every console there ever was.

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