Tune.pk Continues to Flourish in the Absence of Youtube

When YouTube was being banned from Pakistan, the team of Tune.pk was ready to launch their product in the market. The basic idea was to provide the users with a video sharing platform that is purely Pakistani. As of now Tune.pk is one of the biggest video sharing website not only in Pakistan but also in South-Asia region and is serving millions of videos daily all around the world.

Tune.pk is a video sharing website where users can upload, watch and share videos. Unregistered users can watch, share and even comment on any video. However registration is required for uploading and rating a video. Tune.pk is available on all digital mediums i-e- iOS, Windows and Android

Who’s Behind Tune.pk?

Tune.pk started off as a team of two; Jahanzeb Hassan & Arslan Hassan in a small room of their own house. With continuous hard work and dedication they were able to create something that is being used by the entire Pakistani market as of today.

Tune.pk: The Beginnings

As it is faced by every startup, Tune.pk also faced a lot of problems after its launch. When it was created, the main focus was to promote music which later was converted to promoting videos. In its pilot phase tune.pk was using 3rd Party Software with a customized style. In October 2007, Tune.pk was taken down by hosting stating it is using 3rd party script illegally. This prompted the team to create something that would solely be their own. And after working tirelessly for a long time, tune.pk was able to strike back in 2012, on the same day that YouTube was facing an existential crisis in Pakistan.

Banning of YouTube Provides an Opportunity:

Even though our country as a whole was mourning YouTube being banned and there was a lot of backlash, Tune.pk stepped up and provided a solution to the problem that was being faced by Pakistanis. Even now, the team actually hopes that the ban is lifted so that they can compete with YouTube in every way possible and prove to everyone that a local product can be at the top of the market.

Third Anniversary Brings New Changes:

Recently, Tune.pk revamped their website design on their 3rd anniversary this year (17th September). The website design has been tweaked to make it more user friendly. The video player has been optimized to make video playing smoother and faster than before. In order to improve video uploading by users, the system has been upgraded and made more efficient.

A new feature has been added with which the users will be able to get a notification in case of any activity on their shared content. On the mobile front, the apps (Android & iOS) have been updated for better performance. Another thing that’s an important step taken by tune.pk is the addition of white head; this would enable the users to report any bug in the website and they would get a reward in exchange for that.

The Numbers Behind Tune.pk:

Interested to know just how popular Tune.pk is? Here are some of the numbers the team shared with ProPakistani.

  • Daily Views – 1.7M
  • Monthly Visits – 49M
  • 18,000 monthly new registration
  • Active Registered Users – 300,000
  • Monthly Uploads = 50,000 (average)
  • Mobile & Tablet traffic = 53%
  • Pakistan Traffic = 49%

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  • Informing

    Spammy site displaying all the videos against islamic values and when I reported them to Arslan he with his smug face was busy with political debate and did nothing. Laods of copycats.

  • No One

    Another Click bait search engine article from ProPakistani.

  • mrtomatohead

    Unfortunately purely pakistani video platforms like Tune.pk don’t have much interesting content or the type of content i personally watch so it isn’t of much use to me, i think lots of other pakistani people feel the same way

  • Engr Atif

    good thing,but Pakistan needs to be connected to globe,which is Youtube in this case

  • Waseem Anjum

    A local video community can never compete with the giant Youtube. There are hundreds of thousands of educational videos on Youtube which is nearly impossible for this local website users to upload. The best thing about Youtube is their search engine, which is truly unbeatable.

    • Taha Najam

      YouTube’s built in search function unanimously accepted to be horrible. It’s better to search Google for YouTube videos.

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    don’t even remeber when i last visited this site :P lawl

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    Most their videos cam from Youtube.

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    this crap took to much time to load as compared to youtube videos

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    and my comment about ytpak.com being the best alternative of youtube, not posted !!
    are tunepk paying propakistani for their promotion.

    • hayat

      They are showing just youtube videos with different interface from youtube servers
      Tune.pk does not own videos

  • Javed Khan

    No amount of sugar-coating can hide the fact that we’re prevented from accessing material that can tremendously benefit us on the whim of a vocal minority whose brain cells are severely lacking in common sense department.

  • HassaanM

    I use YTPak and Playit.PK. Way better than this shoddy website.