New Security System in Islamabad Can Help Capture Suspects in Three Minutes

A technically advanced and newly installed system brings the possibility of local law enforcers arresting a suspect within three minutes of a reported sighting. The project is a part of the Islamabad Safe City Project which is worth Rs 14 billion. The new security system will allow law enforcers to observe, identify and arrest any suspect, and all of this can be handled in a matter of three minutes.

According to sources, 1,950 security cameras have been installed throughout Islamabad. The cameras work on a 4G network and a 500km line of optical fibre cable. National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) would manage online records for all suspects including their images for identification purposes. The rest is handled by the Rapid Response Force (RRF) which can reach their target spot in just three minutes and arrest a suspect.

The project is a part of the Islamabad Safe City Project which is worth Rs 14 billion

The project was started by the PPP government in 2009 when they signed an agreement with the Chinese government for provision of a loan at an interest rate of two percent used for the Islamabad Safe City Project.

The security project was stopped by the Supreme Court which ordered National Accountancy Bureau (NAB) to investigate the matter. The project was in a state of hiatus since then and was only recently resumed by the new government. The agreement has been resumed under the same terms and conditions that were set by the previous government.

A senior official from the Ministry of Interior, under condition of anonymity, said that the Islamabad Safe City Project will enable the local police authority to get real-rime information and respond in the least possible time.

The project also aims to develop a security system that can prevent unauthorized access of vehicles and individuals into the capital city

He was also quoted confirming the construction of a 2,000 square metre Command and Control Centre near the NESCOM Hospital. The centre would be bombproof and operate under state of the art procedures. A squad of 200 policemen have also been sent to China where they would be trained to make use of modern standards and be a part of the new security project.

The Chinese company will monitor the project for one year and then it would be handed over to NADRA to work with the district management and intelligence agencies, the official said.

The project also aims to develop a security system that can prevent unauthorized access of vehicles and individuals into the capital city. The official stated that smart ID cards, Electronic RFID tags, Smart Vehicle Registration and Smart Driver License are all part of the Safe City Project to make the city more secure.

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    • Fiber optic cables are also there.
      1st priority is to use fiber optic and second is wireless.

      • And how do you know that? Some may have been on fiber and some on 4G. Or fiber from camera to the box and than fiber. There are dozen possibilities my friends.

    • Redudandancy can be possible with multiple technologies like 3g,4g, evo, wimax its not a big deal

  • This is most needed in Peshawar and FATA…At devils door, to curb Smugglers, drug traffickers, Extortion, car lifting terrorism etc…….

  • They can use them in even better way. Computerize the criminal records country wide, Mostly about adding faces and details of crime committed. Than it camera sees any of those faces by matching it criminal database, a unit must be scrambled to arrest him/her.

    • Realtime face detection is very difficult. A lot of computing power and intelligent algorithms tailored to our demographic are needed.
      Above all, NADRA’s records are polluted, misplaced, flawed, and untrustworthy. During sim verification drive, we must have realized that NADRA wasted billions of tax payer money and it was time to reiterate through and reverify NADRA records first.

  • Islamabad is a start. Let it be there. Then it should expand to other cities.

    Tabdili a gae ha

  • It is nice to know that state of the art security system is
    being installed in Islamabad. Hope prompt
    installation, commissioning and successful operation of this system.

    I would like to draw responsible authority’s attention
    toward a security loop hole in our country. It worth to mention that millions of
    Afghanis, pakhtoon, Punjabies and others are traveling daily in the different
    parts of the country with the TABLIGHI JAMAAT and our law enforcement authorities
    has no record at all of such movements and who knows who is terrorist.
    Therefore it is suggested that TABLIGHI JAMAAT registration policy must be
    implemented for the proper record keeping.

  • Why lives of only ppl of Islamabad so important? Or… Actually lives of selected few are important only not the public!

  • Does any one know which camera brand is used for this project? similar project is going internally for lahore..

  • This project of Huawei was declared void by the supreme court of Pakistan during PPP Government days as against PPRA rules. How come it got revived?

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