NetSol NSPIRE: Applications Open for the First Batch

NetSol has launched their own incubation program, NSPIRE, which aims to give opportunities to the best young talent in Pakistan.

NSPIRE aims to be the first business incubator in Pakistan that focuses on the IT business sector. NetSol, being one the biggest names in the Pakistani IT industry, has done its best to design a platform for IT entrepreneurs that can fulfill their demands and help them reach the tech based standards set up internationally.

NetSol NSPIRE Incubation Program:

NSPIRE offers a five month incubation programme. Young entrepreneurs can register their ideas that will go through a screening process which will extensively evaluate them. The top 5 start-ups will have access to NetSol’s IT and tech based resources and facilities.

NetSol will also help the top start-ups in legal advice, they will receive mentorship from the highly credible industry experts and have an opportunity to make use of NetSol’s global network. Most importantly, the top start-ups will be expected to comply with 7.5 percent equity stake with NetSol. Each of the top 5 start-ups will be offered a working space for up to 4 members of the team.

Other than mentorship form NetSol executives, workshops and trainings will help the start-ups learn about the industry. Lastly, a Demo Day will be held where every team will get a chance present their products and services in front of business leaders and investors.

NetSol has a purpose built Incubation Facility for the young entrepreneurs. The company promises cutting edge and latest facilities and a chance to work in a fast paced real business environment. The IT Company has name for its computing expertise and could offer a lot to young entrepreneurs.

NetSol is also offering access to their international offices to help the start-ups reach international markets. They also state that there is always a possibility that entrepreneurs can strike a deal with NetSol and have any kind business arrangement with them.

How to Apply?

NSPIRE gives an extensive detail on how to apply to the program. The programme wants people to think about a unique idea and write it all down, form a team of at least two members and decide rolls for every member of the team.

Once the idea is finalised, upload a 90 second video pitch to Vimeo and make every effort to present and explain it in detail. Finally, download the word template from and fill it with all the required details as a draft, including the video link. Then go here, fill the form and submit it.

When Will the Finalists be Announced?

The Top 30 will be announced on the NSPIRE website later on in the second week of November while the closing date is set to be 17th October 2015. The top 10 will be announced in the 3rd week of November and the top 5 will be finalized a week later. The first batch will then be inducted in the first week of December in Lahore and will continue to be a part of the program for the next five months.

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