Apple, Google Top List of Most Valuable Brands in 2015

Interbrand has released its listing of Best Global Brands of 2015. The list is topped by Apple and Google followed by most of the tech industry.

Interbrand has been looking at hundreds of brands each year for the past 16 years to determine which of them is the most valuable. The firm ranks the brands under a very broad criteria including focus on the financial performance of the brand, its influence on customers’ purchase decision and how competitive it stands in the market in terms of premium pricing.

Apple is ranked at the top with a value of $170 billion and is followed by Google with a value of $120 billion. The figures represent an increase of 43 percent and 12 percent respectively. Both of these companies have retained the top 2 positions for the past three years now.

Microsoft overtook IBM this year and snatched the fourth spot with an 11 percent increase. The third position is held by Coca Cola. IBM, Toyota, Samsung, General Electric, McDonald’s and Amazon take positions from 5 onwards respectively.

Other noticeable mentions are:

  • Intel at 14th
  • HP at 18th
  • Facebook at 23rd
  • Pepsi at 24th
  • eBay at 32nd
  • Nestle at 52nd
  • Sony at 58th
  • Adobe on 68th
  • Kia at 74th
  • Shell at 78th
  • Huawei at 88th
  • PayPal at 97th
  • Lenovo at 100th

28 out of the top 100 are technology-based companies and comprise of more than one-third of the total value of all companies, displaying the strength of the industry. Facebook displayed the biggest gain in 2015 with a jump from the 29th position to the 23rd thanks to a massive 54 percent increase in its brand value.

Lenovo and PayPal are new entries into the list. Lenovo stands at 100th while PayPal took the 97th place. Both, Nokia and Nintendo dropped out of the top 100 most valuable brands this year. Alibaba group wasn’t listed in the top 100 despite being expected to enter the list dew to its amazing IPO this year. The complete list and more details can be found at the source link at the bottom of this post.

Interbrand Global Chief Executive, Jez Frampton, summed up the rankings by stating:

Today, business and brands need to happen at the speed of people’s lives, this year’s Top 100 represents those elite brands that best align with people’s priorities and seamlessly integrate into their everyday.

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