The Most Popular Apps Introduced by Telcos in Pakistan

The world is rapidly becoming accustomed to using smartphones for a multitude of purposes. One of these is installing different applications to not only make lives easier but to also curb boredom. Pakistanis are not far behind in their desire to download mobile apps, as several apps have been launched in recent times. Some of these gained immense popularity like FoodPanda, EatOye and OLX etc.

Telecom services providers in Pakistan have also decided to make use of this new arena of customer facilitation. They have launched a variety of apps which are available for download on Google Play Store but some of the cellular companies are far ahead of others in terms of success. Here are the top most downloaded android apps:


(100,000 to 500,000 downloads)

This app allows the Warid customers to manage their account by subscribing to services, bundles, packages, accessing account details and updates. You don’t need to remember the subscription codes once you have installed this app. Its full features include self-care (recharge, managing FnF numbers, and balance info) managing packages and bundles and getting updates on new offers. Using the app will cost data charges according to the internet package.

You can download MyWarid app from here

Mobilink TV

(100,000 to 500,000 downloads)

Offered only for Mobilink subscribers, this is a mobile TV application which allows live coverage of TV on the android device over Mobilink 3G network. Users can watch all the popular TV channels with high quality streams, onscreen controls and fast launching and switching of channels. Its price is Rs 10 while validity lasts for 24 hours. Postpaid users can avail it for Rs 500 for a month.

You can download Mobilink TV app from here

Ufone SelfCare

(50,000 to 100,000 downloads)

The unique thing about this app is that it allows the Ufone customers to manage all their Ufone connections from one-window interface with a single Self Care account via one username. They can view summary of calls, SMS and mobile internet charges, manage current packages and value added services, check balance and even register complaints. The charges are as per the GPRS package.

You can download Ufone SelfCare app from here

My Zong App

(50,000 to 100,000 downloads)

The app manages your Zong account for you, by allowing you to check usage details, manage packages, check current balance, recharge account, check call, internet and SMS history details and get updates about data bundles. You can also avail the Fun Kit, and check news, weather and horoscope. There are no charges for the app except for standard GPRS charges.

You can download My Zong App app from here


(50,000 to 100,000 downloads)

This Android app can be used by both Ufone and non-Ufone customers. It is a one stop shop app which allows you to buy goods from a list of brands. You can add items to shopping cart, enter shipping details, select payment method the delivery is available in more than 200 cities in Pakistan. Alerts for new products, reviews and tracking of orders are also available. It’s free of charge for Ufone customers while other users will bear the cost of their respective network’s internet charge.

You can download Umall app from here


(50,000 to 100,000 downloads)

A value added service of Mobilink, this app allows the Mobilink users to search, download, access and listen 150,000 mobitunes and make it their caller tune to greet incoming callers. It’s available for download on android devices. The user is charged 9.55 Rs for each download while standard data charges apply.

You can download Mobitunes app from here

Zong Dusra Number

(10,000 to 50,000 downloads)

The app facilitates Zong users who have difficulty managing two mobiles or SIMs. It allows them to use two different numbers from the same SIM. By installing the application, you can use it to dial or send SMS using a separate Zong number. It also offers the missed call alert and sms/call block facility.

You can download Zong Dusra Number app from here

Warid Rickshaw Racing

(10,000 to 50,000 downloads)

The only telecom company to create a game application, Warid offers this unique desi racing App for your entertainment where you can race with random opponents and earn points.

You can download Warid Rickshaw Racing app from here

Honorable Mentions

Apart from these top apps, notable mentions are Warid’s ‘Qissa Kahani’ and ‘Sports’ Apps with 5000 to 10,000 downloads each. Interestingly, Warid is the only telecom company which has ventured into offering Apps for entertainment and everyday purposes with Mobilink and Ufone as close seconds. While Telenor has launched an App development contest for App developers in Pakistan but doesn’t have a specific App for its customers in the country.

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