Zong is Not Happy with its 3G Spectrum, Requests PTA To Get it Changed!

CMPak is reportedly not contented with the spectrum that it bought last year to operate its 3G services, we have been told by the sources who are aware of the development.

CMPak, in this regards, has written a letter to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to show its serious concerns over the frequency that was allocated to the company and said that there is sizable distortion in the spectrum and as a result company’s 3G services are severely impacted causing serious quality of service issues for the 3G consumers.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had auctioned 10Mhz of 3G spectrum from the 1900/2100MHz Band to Zong during last year’s spectrum auction against a license fee of US 306 million dollars.

Unfortunately, same frequency is used by some versions of DECT 6.0 wireless phones used by home-users causing disruption in the 3G services of Zong.

While PTA has banned such cordless phones and importers of such cordless phones are also raided and fined but seemingly the issue hasn’t been fully resolved as of yet.

Zong has requested PTA to either get its frequency freed up from any outside disruption or change its frequency altogether

A Zong Spokesperson confirmed ProPakistani that they have approached PTA and requested the regulator to either get their frequency freed up from any outside disruption including but not limited to the noise caused by cordless phones or change the frequency that was allocated to Zong; so that company is able to offer seamless 3G services to its customers.

Zong said that it wouldn’t be able to maintain quality of service for 3G users if situation is not dealt amicably by PTA. This will not only result into degraded 3G services for customers but will also cause loss to Zong’s revenues.

It won’t be out of place to mention that Ministry of IT has been tasked to auction remaining 3G spectrum with-in next few months. There is one remaining block of 10Mhz spectrum from 1800Mhz band that went unsold during last year’s spectrum auction.

It is yet to be seen if PTA will change frequency for Zong’s 3G spectrum or it will continue hunting down cordless phone sellers and users, which may take some time.

Update: An earlier version of this story had incorrectly mentioned that Zong isn’t happy with 4G spectrum.

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  • I guess the cordless phone idea might be more suitable as a change in frequency can affect consumers who’s phones support fewer LTE bands…

  • I guess changing the frequency is a bad move.. they should hunt the phones down.. changing the frequency is bad as customers will suffer alot then

    • I reported what Zong told me.

      Additionally, cordless phones in various regions work in different frequencies. For example DECT 6.0 cordless phone that are imported from Europe work in 1800Mhz Band. Same phone in different regions might work in different frequencies including 2100Mhz etc.

  • Warid has been chunk of spectrum from 1800Mhz since 2004 how Warid is managing it. Its some how failure of Zong as well. They have also worst telecom equipment (ZTE) it’s multiple things which resulted into back quality of Zong 4G

  • I personally think that Zong is just crying before they can be issued any notice or showcause from PTA. It won’t meant that there are no issues, but think that 4G is broadcasted from sites, where the common urban city tower heights are 20m-25m.

    Whereas cordeless phones (if operating on 1800MHz), does not have a giant 300kg base station. Even the Omni Antenna is not that powerful.

    How Zong can claim that there is noticable interference.

    Suggestion to Zong: Pls improve capacity on your backhaul. You have enough sites in cities and 10MHz bandwidth. In LTE Cat 3/4, 10MHz bandwidth can go upto 75Mbps (keeping in view the inter-site distances)

    Suggestion to PTA: Don’t listen to Zong, they have an eye on the 850MHz band, from which there will be a definite advantage. Lower the freq, lower be the cost on implementation (30% less sites)

  • what about 1700 and 1900 MHZ? The real problem is we have to also keep in mind what products are being sold internationally work on our bands or not. We are not like America where at&t can dictate a unique band which most of the world never uses.

  • this is pakistan babe’s and this is pakistani useless administration babe’s
    vanishing 6.0 duct from the market that will be dream like eliminating corruption or prosperity in pakistan
    think for another spectrum

  • 1800 mhz frequency is already allocated for GSM band and 2300 mhz for 3g it could be 2100 mhz there is something wrong in report

  • Where was ZONG when they
    were assigned this frequency, their technically department should warned them
    about the consequences .

  • They should use 700mhz low frequency, it penitrate walls so you can get very good reception in home and buildings or basements

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