Qualcomm Enters Server Market With Its First 24 Core CPU

Despite the fact that Qualcomm is the leading manufacturing of mobile chipsets and LTE modems, its market share is slowly dwindling thanks to the likes of MediaTek, forcing the firm to open other lucrative doors for itself, such as targeting the server market. Currently, Intel’s Xeon lineup has not been challenged, but all that might change thanks to Qualcomm’s first ever 24-core server socketed processor.

The chip was announced and in the act, the company will be branching out from mobile SoCs to a brand new market. The prototype chip will feature 24 ARM based cores that are compatible with the 64-bit architecture and surprisingly, they bear a striking resemblance to Intel’s processor lineup. At the event, Qualcomm showed off the chip and before you ask, it is 64-bit capable.

In the features segment, the 24-core processor will provide support for PCI-E, among other features, but the final iteration of the chip could feature more than 24 cores, according to the information provided by the company’s Senior Vice President Anand Chandrasekher.

The tech giant has reportedly been immersed in the server business for two years, and its upcoming processor is also going to support the Linux platform. It is also suspected to be manufactured on a larger lithographic process, which is an advantage for Qualcomm since chips made on such manufacturing processes are much cheaper, even though they consume slightly more power. While the dominance displayed by Intel’s Xeon chips are yet to be threatened by any entity, their ridiculous price tag is obviously not suited for small to medium scale enterprises, and that is a market that Qualcomm will be looking to tap.

Also, ARM designs are much more energy efficient compared to x86 chips and they do not use a ton of die space, which is the ideal requirement for parallel server workloads. Qualcomm has not provided any additional details regarding the pricing of its 24-core processor, but when the company inches closer to releasing it to the markets, we will have more information prepped for you.