We Need Leapfrogging in Exports Through Technology, not Commodities: Ahsan Iqbal

Federal Minister Planning, Development & Reform Ahsan Iqbal has said that Pakistan is on the path of becoming mini superpower by 2025 in information technology after government initiated ambitious technology plans. Without mentioning the details of such plans, Mr. Iqbail maintained that his government started cluster-based initiative in agriculture, mining and technology.

He stated this while chairing a meeting on “Technology as Industry”.

Ahsan Iqbal said, “Government is committed to put the country on path of technology because it is one of strong drivers of growth. The growth can’t be achieved through crawling in exports by relying on commodities. We need leapfrogging in exports to achieve the growth, which would be possible only with the advancement in technology. And value addition.

The Minister pointed out that Pakistan is at critical juncture of its history and now ready to takeoff. This takeoff would be made possible with the technological advancement in various sectors of economy. He felt that Pakistan possesses significant technological infrastructure, which provides a platform for takeoff.

About the economic dividends country offers for international companies to invest in Pakistan, minister said that leading IT companies have reported that offshore operational cost and productivity of information technology operations in Lahore are better than Bangalore in India.

IT companies have reported that offshore operational cost and productivity in Lahore is better than Bangalore, India: Ahsan Iqbal

Meanwhile, Federal Minister Planning, Development & Reform Ahsan Iqbal called upon youth of country to contribute in national development along with their personal and professional pursuits.

Minister pointed out that Pakistan has growing youth population and now it depends upon us whether we benefit from this great demographic dividend or we let this youth run in frustration and chaotic path. Youth has lot of energy. If it was not channelized properly it can be detrimental to stability and harmony of society.

Minister said,” Pakistan has transformed rapidly in the last two years. A country characterized internationally as most dangerous country in the world in 2013 has transformed into a country being seen as “next success story” globally in last two years.

The success stories around the globe tell that one generation is needed for big success. For Pakistan, the present youth generation passing out from universities can be instrumental to realize the dream of making country top ten economies by 2047.

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