Samsung To See First Ever Annual Decline in Smartphone Shipments

Samsung is set to see its first ever annual decline of smartphone shipments. The decline comes after seven straight quarters of declining sales and demand, all of which have led to this article.

According to a new report from the people at TrendForce, the Korean company expects a drop of 1 percent in sales from the last year. Given Samsung’s long run of sales records which go years back, the news can create upheaval in the smartphone industry.

Sales expectancy has dropped from as high as 60 million units earlier to just 40 million units now for the high-end S-series. The Note 5 is also expected to contribute 10 million in sales for a combined shipment of 323.5 million units this year. This enables it to cling to the top-spot among manufacturers by a huge margin.

Much of the competition has come from China, which shouldn’t be coming as a surprise. Huawei is set to become the first Chinese OEM with 100 million units in shipments, a jump of 40 percent over the previous four quarters to attain 8.4 percent market share. Its new flagship, the Mate S is expected to be successful thanks to a respectable feature set which includes a pressure-sensitive display similar to Apple’s 3D Touch.

Apple’s share will drop to 13.7 percent, down from 15.4 percent in the previous quarter. Overall, the industry is expected to rise by a substantial 9.3 percent this year, but the growth will slow to 7.7 percent in 2016 as the developed markets start to saturate and developed countries get turned into hot, new battlegrounds.

Samsung’s declining popularity in several segments, especially the higher-end market is by now not a secret. The sales of its Galaxy S6 line-up haven’t been as good as the company had hoped for, while its new S6 Edge+ and Note 5 aren’t exactly expected to break standards either. It was these factors which led to Samsung considering its pricing strategy for its phones.

Despite some revolutionary changes in the star line-up, it is back to the drawing board now for its brass again.

  • Its not that they are a bad company. They try too hard to be Apple… Over Priced phone and holding back features have gotten samsung to this point…. Shame

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