Google Photos Crosses 100 Million Monthly Users In Just 5 Months

Google Photos was separated from the Google Plus app in May and in a period of only 5 months, it has reached a major milestone with more than 100 million monthly active users. The service offers unlimited photo and video backup. The search giant announced the big achievement in a blog post while also revealing a list of unique stats about the people who started using the photo backup and gallery service.

The unlimited photo backup service has had its apps available on iOS and Android alongside the web interface for accessing the photo service while using a PC. Ever since its launch, the app has improved drastically and combined the features from its competitors into a plain and simple interface. Even as a standalone gallery app, Photos holds its own against the best galleries from OEMs and third parties.

Reaching 100 million users is no small feat. The milestone was achieved by Pinterest and Twitter in five years. Even Instagram took two and a half years to reach the benchmark despite having an explosive start. Comparing the app to social platforms might be similar to comparing oranges and apples but it just shows the scale of growth.

The most regularly photographed objects are cars and dogs while ‘selfie’ is among the most searched terms

Google does make it easy to sign up to the backup service by letting anyone with a Gmail account access the service by simply accepting to share their account details to Photos. Google Photos might have achieved a head start with many users migrating from the Google+ Photos app to the new one.

Goole has revealed a number of stats about the photo backup service. For one, Google revealed that they have freed up 3,720 Terabytes of storage space on users’ smartphones. Users backup their photos automatically and then easily delete the photos they don’t want from their devices while keeping the online copies on the Photos app.

Alongside this, Google has revealed a number of interesting tidbits like the most photographed animals are dogs, most photographed events are weddings and birthdays, food pictures are a regular feature, cars come second in most photographed things and that Paris is the most photographed location. Most searched terms are babies and selfies.

For more information on the stats and the complete list of stats head to the source link below.

via Google Blog

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  • Google Photos, for me is the best secondary backup for photos after Dropbox, I dump all my photos on Google Photos as it’s free storage for high quality pictures and never delete a single copy. On Dropbox I only keep the pictures that are good and goto my album. Best combination, for me.

  • Simplest and best photo/video backup option and I also use it as my primary gallery app. turn “Backup on wifi while charging” on and sleep while plugging your phone in overnight, everything will be backed up by morning and accessible on all of your devices.

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