Sony is Buying Toshiba’s Sensor Business

Sony may have questionable fortunes in several key categories but if there’s one domain where it is still the boss, that would be its sensor business. Now it is planning to expand upon it further by announcing to acquire Toshiba’s CMOS sensor business, to go along with its own line of sensors. It is still mum on the financial details, but it is reportedly being valued at $166 million.

The deal is said to cover Toshiba’s facilities, equipment and the 1,100 workers which work in its Oita plant in Japan. Sony plans to make a different subsidiary altogether of this flourishing business, called the Sony Semiconductor Corporation. The new Toshiba facilities will become a part of this new division.

The announcement marks a huge moment for the company as it continues to take strides, not only with its digital camera business, but thanks to a large role in the smartphone industry. Companies ranging from Apple and Samsung to Huawei and other Chinese firms have been known to have taken Sony’s side for their cameras. Nikon has a history of using them in its interchangeable lens cameras, too. Toshiba for its part will direct its efforts in overhauling other unproductive business, as it continues to tackle the aftermath of a major $1.2 billion accounting scandal.

Expecting further growth in the demand of these sensors, Sony aims to capture an even larger share of the profit in the sensor business as smartphone sales continue to rise in markets worldwide.

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