Facebook Introduces Slideshow to Bring Video Ads to Dumbphones

Hate those autoplaying ads on Facebook that mess with your precious data on the go? Rest-assured, for your dumb-phone will be getting the privilege of their presence soon as well. With the announcement of a new and lightweight video ad format called Slideshow, the social network will make sure these video ads play over 2G with ease.

As the company notes, people in far-fetched locations like Nigeria are highly perceptive to video content, including ads. But the problem lies in the development of such marketing tools, due to limited resources, and in their delivery.

Welcome Slideshow, a new format made specifically for Symbian S40 phones consisting of between three to seven still images, taking one-fifth the space of a conventional ad. Its duration lies between five to fifteen seconds and in places where its run, attracted twice the expected audience. They get resized depending on the device they’re being viewed on.

Slideshows are also easy to create, so big brands like Coca Cola can easily convert their high-definition videos to them, while making sure every kind of audience, regardless of their location or technology views them.

The service is available globally on Facebook’s ad buying interface now, and will be hitting Instagram soon.

Facebook has rather busy in its efforts to get closer to the developing world. It recently introduced 2G Thursdays, a new initiative where its employees were made to work a portion of their day pulling their hair out, while Internet.org isn’t exactly just a secretive movement, either. Slideshow is another step towards turning those goals into reality.

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